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Vat:15 O No

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Starring: Koz.gif Koz, Muscle.gif Amiri, Paulineicon.gif Pauline, Joseph.gif Joseph
Guest Starring: Template:Jorgen, Carl Dimple, Jimmy & Chuck, the Exorcist Father Dowling
Challenge: The Spirit of the O
Location: Oakland
Date Played: 30-Jan-2013

Further Investigation

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: Having Joseph back is good for getting to the bottom of things. We manage to put things together by being nebshits. The O is inhabited by some kind of evil spirit, something that enslaves people through gluttony.

Of course, no investigation can go smoothly, so there's a colorful moment when the O tries to trap people inside. Koz gets creamed, Amiri drags folks out, I bash in the door. Pretty standard day, really.

Joseph.gif Joseph: I'm told by the fellers that evil spirits or such seem to be infectin' a tavern on the university's campus. Pauline and I go ta figger this out a bit more. I commune wit the area, and while I feel a might bit dirtier and oilier for having done so, everythang seems to be on the up and up.

Pauline is wantin' to do some leg work and we head over ta an occult shop. They have quite a collection of thangs real and make believe. They tell us that they were paid a handsome sum to move outta these parts fer a while.

Muscle.gif Amiri: I decided to spend my time by still working here and trying to find out exactly what is going on. I notice that the majority of the essence is still going into the fryer, so I am guessing it is some sort of... well... I really don't know what it is. Ghost-robot? I really can't do much but make sure that nothing weird(er) happens and to keep tabs on everybody. At least I have a short shift today.

Pauline loves authority

Joseph.gif Joseph: As we're waitin' on the fellers, we are approached by a couple of folks actin' like the law. I'm doubtful at first but then Pauline treats 'em like the shit that fell out of a horse, so I reckon they are the real deal. However as I said Pauline done pissed 'em off and we scoot off.

When we meet up with Koz and the other feller, I commune again, just to be sure and this time I gots a bite! I sense a spirit in the air. Lookin' into tha building we don't see anything, which makes me declare that it's a spook of some sort. Or a damn invisible leprechaun.

Muscle.gif Amiri: After my shoft is over I meet up with Joseph, Koz, and Pauline. Pauline is muttering something about pigs. Joseph informs me that she blew up at some federal officers. That's... super not helpful.

Koz and I let the other two know that there is a lot of essence being poured into the fry cooker. Joseph gets a plan. I know one way or another, this fryer is going to stop working.

The "best" plan

Joseph.gif Joseph: We want to git inside the store early and check things out, so with little time we decide that I'm going to be a repairman. Pauline goes over how to use this fire putter outter about a dozen times until I nearly turn the damn thing on her by accident.

Once inside, the whole thing heads south. I'm wardin' the fryer but as I'm working the spirit is causin' a grease fire. I get my work done in time to lock the beast, I think, but I have a hell of a time getting out from behind the counter. And as soon as I do my reward is a possessed fry cook swinging fer my head! Fortunately he don't connect and I spray him down like he was on fire.

The rest of what happens is a bit of blur. Besides being a raging brawler, I've gotten myself some of the Chinese medicine fer my head by way of Pauline. The world is a bit more normal, mostly, but it has its moments when things go wild inna different way.

Muscle.gif Amiri: Joseph makes a convincing repair man. Grumpy, underpaid, and no idea what he is doing.

Everything seemed to be going fine, that is, until the fryer decided to go nuts and spit out gysers of hot oil. I didn't see him pour a glass of water inside, so this was most likely magic.

The two worker became glazy eyed, pulling Joseph away from the fryer and started attacking him. At the same time, things started to fly around at random in The O. Koz ran in, as the spirit REALLY dislikes him. This distracted the spirit long enough for me to come in through a window and pull everyone out. No one got hurt, at least too badly.

With this plan failing so badly, we knew we needed to try something new. For that, Koz said he probably knew just the guy.

Of Spirits

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: We need some spiritual guidance, so Koz rounds us up an Exorcist. We prep a ritual, or this guy does, anyway. We help. Carl tries to disrupt it, and I set him down with a cane to the face. It goes off without a hitch… sort of.

The building comes crashing down, and the spirit escapes. It was much bigger and more powerful than anyone expected. I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing from it again.

Joseph.gif Joseph: Koz and the Amiri go an fetch a preacher to exorcise this demon spirit bastard, which as it turns out like to go by Esse. Amiri starts talkin' fer it and I'm about to lay him low wit magic when I realize that it's just talkin'.

The effort to exorcise it is successful, technically, as it is no longer bound to the tavern, however it is now free into da world. I'm fer reckonin' that is gonna be a problem that we're gonna have to deal wit sooner or later.

Now I'm off with Pauline to git some more o' dat Chinese medicine....

Muscle.gif Amiri: I go with Koz to pick up this preacher. It turns out, though, that he has the gift and specialized in exorcisms. He was quite the lucky grab for us, and he seemed to know just what he was doing.

To communicate with the spirit, it needed a better host than just the building. Since the spirit was used to me being around and I haven't done anything agressive to it yet, I entered the building and let it talk through me. We were told it could be called Esse and it was collecting thrulls. I assume they started doing something outside, as the spirit let me go and started shaking the building around it.

I knew from earlier that there was someone living upstair. With the building weakening, I pooled some essence and burst through the floor below. I found a woman in a state of undress. She promptly fainted, which made me getting her out of the building that much easier. I was able to get her out just in time. My flight didn't break the circle, which let the ritual continue. Sadly, something did hickup in the ritual, as the spirit was only driven away and not destroyed. I have a feeling it will be back.