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Vat:18 Dragonzzzlayer

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Starring: Joseph.gif Joseph, Paulineicon.gif Pauline, Koz.gif Koz
Guest Starring: David the Viet-orc, Jake Petroski
Challenge: Male and female dragons
Location: Squirrel Hill, Frick Park
Date Played: 20 Mar 2013


Paulineicon.gif Pauline: So, we're Feebs now. Contractors, sure, but we've got badges. I fucking hate working for the man, just so that's on record.

Joseph.gif Joseph: The VAT has taken on some new investors, who purchased a 20% share. Dependin' on your reckonin' this could be a good thing, as the investors are Ember and Lee from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This makes us official FBI contractors. This could open some new doors fer us.

Once the sale is complete, I hit the motherload of documents from eastern Europe, provided by our FBI folk. They are intelligence reports from Soviet supernatural happenings from the 70s, well, 1970s that is, until the dissolution of the USSR.

David's Dragon

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: David, the Viet-Orc dropped into the VAT on a slow day. He laid it out, all pink and naked: he thought there was a dragon living in homestead. It was a slow day, so we went and checked it out.

Sure enough, in one of the old forges, there was a pile of eggs. I actually have been to that forge- production wasn't following the formul- oh, never mind. Eggs. Dragon eggs. Well shit. We called in some experts, but they weren't able to do much- I mean, what does a herpetologist know about dragons?

I also found one of the dragons' victims, who had dog tags. I used that to get some information, but I also tried to get the VA to help find his family, and let them know what happened.

Joseph.gif Joseph: I'm just over the moon about finding some dragon's eggs. I want to learn as much as I can FROM A SAFE DISTANCE. In preparation I dig and dig and dig until I exhaust my resources and my fella teammates patience. While I'm doin' my research they get in touch with Jake Petroski, a dinosaur expert from the Carnegie Museum.

While at the scene of the eggs, we find a dragon scale, red/black in color and tough as steel. We also find a dead man, Donald Dickson, burned to a crisp which is no surprise after finding a red dragon scale.

Jake estimates that based on the size of the eggs that gestation will be around two years. The body was three years dead.


Paulineicon.gif Pauline: After a few days of staking out, Koz called in a friend with access to a news chopper. We all go to bed, but Koz is there, keeping an eye on the scene. That's when everything goes to shit, and the dragon comes back- and starts slaughtering news copters and drawing all sorts of seriously bad attention.

The phone chain goes into effect, and we all make it out there eventually, but Joseph and I mostly missed the action. Koz put the daddy-dragon to sleep in the river. Mom, looking like a human, shows up and wants to clear out the nest and move the eggs. I give her a hand with that, but before I can remind her that humans are off limits in my town, she's gone.

Joseph.gif Joseph: I reckon that if the scene of one of our investigations is on the TV, the cause probably lies with Koz. By the time that I arrive, Koz tells me that he managed to use his art to put the dragon to sleep. Incredulous, I commune with the river where the dragon plummeted outta the sky, and lo and behold I get a strong paternal instinct from the sleeping creature.

This is much closer to a dragon that I'd like to be.

But then a woman, a beautiful creature of power and seduction, addresses me about the eggs. I know immediately to be careful, as I'm likely dealing with the mother dragon in human form. Her accent is from provincial Austria.

Gone, but not forgotten

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: Dragon-lady spends the next few days cleaning up after herself. She scares our herpetologist silly, he practically goes into hiding. She destroys all the evidence but the video stuff, which makes us wonder if she actually knows what video cameras are.

With what we can find out, we thing the dragons are from Eastern Europe and somehow related to Centralia.

Abyss: Issue 3

Muscle.gif Amiri: The FBI now owns a portion of us. I'm OK with that, as it is giving us a few more leads.

Paddy took me aside from the group with a sealed folder under his arm. He told me that he had a special mission for me that he didn't want the short fuses and odd temperments of the group to get in the way. He let me know that this would be a huge favor to the FBI and I should get on it immediately.

I open the folder to find that is a a stack of missing persons from the low income areas of Pittsburgh. What I quickly piece together, though, is that they are all very young girls. I'm not sure to what end this is being done, or if it is magic or mundane. All I know is that it needs to be addressed.

I doned my costume and took to the night. I patrolled Duquesne for a few days until I saw that there was a van with tinted windows that has been partolling the streets. I followed it until it reached two girls walking down the street and they rapidly pulled the girls inside. They had to have been professionals as I didn't even have time to respond.

I saw they were headed East, so I quickly made my way through the small patch of woods to intercept them on center street. I noticed the van was bounding agressivly on the cobbled road, so I took that opportunity to jump on the roof. I went unnoticed and waiting on top of the van for over an hour as they went to Linn Run State Park.

The van dropped off at an old cabin well into a forgotten area of the woods. From the looks of things, this was a temproary stop as there were little signs of this being occupied for more than a day or two. There were only dry goods, no electricity, and lots of tire tracks from various vehicles.

The men layed down for the night with the girls tied up in the corner. I snuck in grabbed up the girls. I was lucky that they were gagged, as the sight of me put some fright into them. I ran them to the van and drove away in it. Gotta love when the bad guys leave the keys on the table. I decided to leave them alone, though, as they will just assume the girls got away on their own and will not expect any outside play. I dropped them off near where they were picked up and yelled for them to hurry home.

Searching the van, I was able to find various narcotics, man catchers, dart guns, cuffs, rope; everything you need for human trafficing. While searching the van, I started to hear a ringing buzz. Seaching under the dash, I found a car phone. I picked it up and a man on the other end told me he was ready for a pickup of his product and was ready for something fresh. He left me with and adress, and I felt oblidged to see who this person was.

I saw him, a fat man in his late fourties that looked a little well to do, outside of a bus station joined by a girl that would have barely been 13. She looked out of it, having a glazed, vacant look in her eye. I quickly jumped out of the car and darted him. He went down like a sack of bricks and I pulled him into the back of the van. I used the phone in the van to call the police for them to pick up the girl at the bus station. This was in Mount Lebanon, so I was sure the police would be by quick enough that I could leave the scene.

I threw the offensive man into a cell in my basement and began questioning him. Despite my best wishes, he was hard to crack. All I got from him was his name, Henry Baker, and that he insist that the girl was willing, and he paid good money for his companion. I wasn't able to get very far, though, as I got a call from VAT saying that priorities have shifted. I have to go to Romania and deal with getting some bones to keep a dragon's wrath away from the 'Burgh. I give the man a few gallons of water and some dry rations. I give him the promise that I'll deal with him later. I can't let him go until I get some answers.