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Starring: James-icon.png James, Brick.gif Brick, Becca.png Becca
Guest Starring: Popeye, Medicine Slave Woman, Chang (unconscious), Dion, Servius, Apep
Challenge: Sneaking past demon guards; Six-breasted Whores of Orion IV; Three-legged Crow
Location: Egyptian Nevernever
Date Played: 07 Oct 2012

Cobra Commander (Apep)


Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! So we managed to take out the demon monsters & some lady from the village says she has a place to take Chang. We lay him down so we can rest in her hut. The village lady says she's got a guy we can talk to about getting inside the palace.

We follower her to a well & we feel a rumble as a HUGE cobra climbs out of it! He says he has a way for us to get in, but we'll need to drop off something in a place for him. We huddle as a group & decide why not? I mean, he looks like a nice snake as far as snakes go.

Becca.png Becca: I'm feel very bad about Chang. He was very brave, the demon hit him very hard, and he keep the demon from hitting me. I feel ... well looking at him I feel ... well like I did when we were sitting on the roof in Kokomo.

James-icon.png James: This is one weird fuckin' place, man. After the slave driving demons saw Popeye, we had to take 'em on. We did what we do and crushed them, but not before one of the big ones gored the SHIT outta Chang. One of the slaves offered to help take care of him so we could go off to the palace. As we went past a well, a huge damn snake popped up and started chatting with us. I shit you not. Name's "Apep" apparently. He offered us a deal - a way to get into the palace in exchange for a minor fed-ex mission. So yeah, we take his little statue and promise to place it i the palace, and he gives us the info.

Paw of Fire

Brick.gif Brick: The method he tells us to get in is through the statue of a bird-cat-girl-thing. We go in through the paw... It leads to a dingy passage which makes Becca complain, but really, what doesn't? The passage ends up leading to the palace. I hide the Apimp's doo-dad under a vase. It's... mostly hidden...

James-icon.png James: Secret Entrance = sphinx paw. We had to figure out a bit of a riddle first. As is often the case, Fire was the answer. I think Becca may be a pyromaniac.

Split the Party

Brick.gif Brick: While we're walking through the palace, I must get distracted, 'cuz next thing I know, the gangs all gone! I'm all by my lonesome. I'm worried about the others so I start trying to think smart. Where would Becca go? I follow the passage & end up at a door. It's the only door so I figure they had to go that way...

James-icon.png James: Sneaking through the palace. Well, trying. We ain't good at that shit, not by a long shot. I manage to whip up an alchemical array to allow me to see into the next room. Handy. Helped us avoid more of those demon things too. Brick "hid" Apep's statue. But as we moved further into the palace, some weird voodoo shit happened and we lost each other. I found myself in a winding passageway by myself.

Cream of Bacon Soup

Brick.gif Brick: ...and end up in a room full of half-naked chicks with 6-boobs. That's like 2 extra sets of boobs. Not only are there these frisky babes, but they have just cooked up some bacon! BACON! I try to think of my friends & helping them, but BOOBS & BACON, man! Boobs AND bacon!

Poolside Drunk


James-icon.png James: So I follow the hallway, and get to a room. With a pool in it. And a huge banquet set out. With some wine. Some very very good wine. And in the pool - an attractive man-thing. Named Dion. I'm not of the man-liking persuasion myself, but I still have to admit - he was pretty hot. We hung out and talked, he got me drunk, and I don't remember a whole lot after that.

Crow Staring Contest

Three-legged Crow.jpg

Becca.png Becca: Becca thinks - "What the Hell, this is the dumbest bird every, Ok now what should I do. This is very strange, I wander what I should do ... "

Television Repair ... and a Crocodile

1950s TV.jpg

Brick.gif Brick: Becca bursts through the door as I lay in the laps of the lovely ladies. She tells me that I need to help her fix a TV. I mean, I'm okay fixing stuff, but I have no idea how a TV would work out here.

When we get in we see that a crow is fighting with a metal crocodile. Weird, but I must getting used to weirdness 'cuz it doesn't even phase me. Becca's still harpin' on the TV so I go check it out. It seems fine, but then I look & see the generator's not workin'. Duh! I go & fix the solar generator. It's not too tough. Man, I never knew ancient Egypt was so advanced!

After taking down the crocodile, we head back home, but man, I think I ate too much brisket, 'cuz I gotta go something fierce. It sucks but I can't make it to the boys room. I leave a present for the custodian under the fossil of the wooly mammoth...

Becca.png Becca: Now I see what the Boys in this group dream about. And I don't know if I am more concerned with Brick's out look on girls, or I don't know what is going on with James, the sissy boy.

James-icon.png James: Now I don't recall very much of how the palace stuff turned out. I was feelin' the wine from Dion's buffet. But there was something about a tv and a generator and a crododile. And me desperately trying not to shit my pants. or in other words, a typical Friday night.


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