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RPM:23 S'Mother

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Starring: 🏹 Ehsan, 🐺 Ildefons, 🐘 One-Tusk, Renard
Guest Starring: Nabila Mahakala, Sabah Qarout, Sima Patil, Qamar Mahakala, Mahakala’as’saroud
Challenge: Prison break; Dialogue with Mahakala’as’saroud
Location: Mahakala (City), Wurud Palace, Mahakala’as’saroud's Caverns
Date Played: 07 Mar 2018

Attempted Murder in the Queen Consort's Chambers

🏹 Ehsan: My own mother attempting to take my life? I would say I was shocked but truly (and sadly) I am not. I knew she never liked me...but to find that she holds no love for me? Well....I'm not quite sure. I suppose I would say I'm sad but I killed off the hopes of a relationship with her a long time ago. Ildefons saved my life. I should be thankful for that at least....

White Collar Prison and Escape by Mob

🐘 One-Tusk: I'm not surprised about getting arrested, and I'm happy to say I gave as good as I got. I've been rabble rousing, because by the Fates, the rabble should rightfully rule! They shouldn't be collateral damage in pointless wars between violent noble houses, nor should they exist to serve the dragons, and I'm happy to say so.

But that's not why I got arrested. The whole team is fucked. Ehsan is suicidal and willing to sacrifice it all to save her sister, but we're deep in the bowels of the castle with no real escape routes and an execution planned for the next day. But that's when inspiration strikes. Sima reveals that the mark of the dragon which is placed on the heir is a fraud. It's tattooed on, magically, while the child is an infant, and is used to grant mystical legitimacy to the heir.

Because all nobility is a fraud. And one fraud deserves another. We hatch a plan to tattoo Ehsan with the mark, claim that she's the rightful heir as they march us up to the guillotine, and escape in the ensuing chaos. Ehsan absolutely hates this plan, and I can't say I think it's particularly great, but it's the best we can do on short notice.

It largely works, though we get separated, and I spend my time fighting in the streets while Ehsan and Qamar go to confront Maahkala'as'saroud.

🏹 Ehsan: When I come to consciousness we are all in a cell. A very nice cell, but a prison is still a prison and for the time being we are trapped. The guards are...sympathetic enough and take a message to Qamar for me. I did not want to believe it, but this entire situation truly is my fault. If I could go back in time to almost three years ago and stop myself from ever leaving I would do it in a second. Sadly there are still some things even magic cannot do and so I must live with my choices, not matter how hard they may be.

Nabila visits and tells us out fates. We are to be publicly executed as traitors of the crown who seek to depose the royal family and for insighting revolution (damn One Tusk). My sister is also to be executed and will be tried and executed similarly.

My beloved Aunt also brings the world crashing around me. My whole life has been a lie. Everything is a lie. My heritage a lie, my family a lie, even my fucking birthmark is a fucking lie. Wallowing in myself would be infinitely easier right now...but my sister. My sister is innocent. I refuse to see her fall because of my folly. My companions come up with an insane plan that will likely get us killed. Truthfully I hate it. I would much rather fight my way out of this prison but in doing so they might die as well. I agree to it on the terms that they save my sister over myself if any opportunity to choose presents itself. She would at least be safe (for the most part) in Arkstone.

The next day as we are walked out to the plaza for our beheading I tell Qamar to trust the people I am with no matter what happens. As they pull me to the platform I start the plan and a mob erupts over my claims. I manage to pull the people to my side but the guards are split. It matters not as even just a few royal guard with me will make this much easier. I send a few to find my companions to have them meet me at the castle.

Bells ring out across the city announcing the death of my father and I arrive to his chambers too late. He is already gone and last we spoke I was just a disappointment.... I must make whatever comes next a better life for my sisters.

Showdown with Mahakala’as’saroud

Qamar: Mahkala'as'saroud questions my legitimacy because I was willing to lend an ear to the masses. I still believe in the rightness of that, but I must serve, and thus offer a compromise to save myself, my sister, and her strange friends: I shall split my power with all of my other sisters… save Ehsan, who must be exiled and stripped of all titles and ranks. This price is heavy, but it is a price that must be paid, but I fear that I may be giving up more than I rightfully can…

🐘 One-Tusk: Freed, and with the blessing of the co-queens, we are given our liberty of the city. Despite myself, I find myself sharing a drink with the same cop who arrested me, who confronted me after our escape, and generally is the sort of asshole who deserves the guillotine. We shared a lot of drinks, and after a few, he's not too bad for a pig. Besides, how can he be just when the society surrounding him is corrupt?

I'm worried about Ehsan. Once we board the ship, I plan to offer her some support. I know we… are often at loggerheads, but I know what it's like to sacrifice literally everything, down to your very identity.

🏹 Ehsan: Qamar negotiates with that ass of a giant magical lizard beautifully. I wish I could deny it but seeing Mahakala'as'saroud knocked the words from me. He was immense and powerful but knowing now how petty and vain the creature is does give me a bit of pleasure. My sisters will continue to live in the city, their positions safe a secure. All 12 of them shall now be queens, but as part of the deal I must leave and never return. I relinquish my bow and am eager to be gone after I am done with my letters. Once we get back to Lisway....truthfully I do not know what the future has in store for me but right now I don't quite care.