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RPM:40 Killing the Astrologer of Condrol

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Starring: 👁️ Avaline, 🧰 Caisse, 🗡️ Sioban
Guest Starring: Astrologer Jean-Louis Marchand, Valeryevich, Tomaz
Challenge: Finding and killing Marchand
Location: Beyond the High Horn Pass
Date Played: 24 Apr 2019

Sneaking into the Condrol Army Camp

🗡️ Sioban
We have disguises, thanks to Avaline's magic. I don't need them, however, as they're not watching beneath their feet. It's slow going, but it's safe. There's some in-and-out as we get a feel for where our target actually is, each of us tries to find the key points of interest and challenges.
I… I find a target of opportunity, and drop some bodies during this scouting. It's a mistake, tactically, but it is extremely satisfying. The camp is on alert, but not so alert that we can't come back.

Marchand's Encampment

🗡️ Sioban
Target identified, and he's well guarded. Well guarded, but guarded against an all out assault by a large unit. Working under cover, we're able to get close and start the attack. Our primary objective is to get the key, but, well… there's no reason not to get it off the Astrologer's dead body.
It's a pretty fraught escape. I honestly wasn't planning to make it- at a number of points in the chase, I suggested that I stay behind and delay the enemy. Why the fuck not, right? But no- we stay together, and start trying to get lost in the wilderness.