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RPM:41 Let's Get Some Fucking Cake

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Hernaut Dies on the Road

Cake Knife.jpeg

Ushered into an Emergency Senate Vote

🐘 One-Tusk
The Bullfire is coming, and no matter what happens next, Lisway is in the shit. The good news: the Senate understands this. The bad news: their fucking solution is to wake up the fucking dragon we've had nicely fucking secured who happens to be fucking waking up because Hernaut fucking died. Fuck.
So, we need to delay that vote, and thankfully, Armand is sympathetic. We need Rosalie and we need Archibald because we've gotta figure out how the fuck to a) strengthen the spell, b) repeat the process on Zustarad.

A Visit to Sweet Cakes to Find Rosalie

🐘 One-Tusk
Rosalie's house is a bit of a dead end, and mercenaries she "hired" have gone above and beyond their duty and probably aren't even working for her at this point. Certainly not working for her interests. Eshan and I go to Sweet Cakes. There… a misunderstanding, but we find Rosalie there. Safe, for now, but insensate and dying.

Assassination Attempt on Armand

🐘 One-Tusk
Back to the Ivory Elephant, and a covert meeting with Armand and warn him that there are assassins from Condrol looking for him. The vote to wake up the dragon is moving forward. Fortunately, at that moment, assassins choose to strike at Armand. Excellent timing.
We capture one, the other escapes. Armand is ready to veto the vote to buy us more time, but not much.

Ritual Book in the Salter's Basilica

🐘 One-Tusk
Back to Rosalie's, with a fuckoff warrant to get the mercs out of our way. Using the cake knife, we find a secret hiding place where there's a key. A key marked with Zodiac symbols, which leads us to the Salter's Basilica. And there we find a lockbox with a ritual manual laying out exactly how to put the dragon to sleep.