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RPM:31 What Do You Mean We Have To Stop At Every House

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Interrogation of Bukir Sokolov

🎲 DM: What Bukir shared:

  • It is no secret that Condrol is not a fan of Arkstone since the Gunpowder Revolution
    • The nobles and royal family especially
  • Queen Constance Vaillancourt has focused her efforts on expanding her reign into the wildlands of Fjarora, with great success
  • Last year a new Astrologer was elected by the Holy Coven, Astrologer Jean-Louis Marchand.
    • He is a man obsessed with justice for what has been done against what he views as "his kind", the astrologers.
  • The people of Condrol have started to see the success of representation in Arkstone and the nobles are not fond of it. As a result it is no surprise that the Holy Coven voted in an Astrologer who is keen for war.
  • The bigger surprise is that Condrol is being permitted to go to war
    • Condrol has been a vassal state of Erthil for generations, since the Sorcier slew Aedhossion the dragon.
    • Erthil has, until Astrologer Marchand, been firm about staying out of the affairs of Arkstone
    • Much like Kirkush, Erthil's dragons are involved in the year-to-year politics. They won't admit it, but they fear Arkstone for killing the dragons Aedhossion and Yaalon
  • I like the people here and the industry.
    • I even the like Republican ideals
  • I think that everything changed after Hernaut's Earthquake. I heard some rumors and passed them on. I think that Erthil may have gotten over its fear of Arkstone.

🐘 One-Tusk: I'm, admittedly, not a subtle interrogator. It's good that we have others who are more prone to be gentle, I think. Bukir was looking for a chance to talk. Ehsan would likely have been even less gentle.

🏹 Ehsan: Having to play messenger while the interrogation takes place is nothing less than infuriating. I will be having words with Captain Bloom about myself and Sameen being used as errand boy next I see him. This is unacceptable.

Before Leaving Lisway

🏹 Ehsan: Captain Bloom tells us of a new assignment to investigate the town of Suffimer in regards to information gathered a few weeks ago. Propaganda has been sourced back to this town and we are to investigate. A man name Gerry will be accompanying us on our trip. I am unfamiliar though he seems incompetent in all the infuriating ways and was the one who nearly killed OneTusk. We also meet a woman by the name of Pons Morency. She is to be the new captain of the Pride and will likely take her position while we are on our new task.

Before we head out of the office, I make my displeasure of my sudden assignment as messenger known to Captain Bloom. It was only orders given to him, but understands the complaint. I suggest a new crop of recruits be taken to train as messengers. Orphans and youths would serve well as they know the streets better than near anyone else in a city, but it would appear my suggestion would not be taken as I later learn he assigns the task the the damn Ratfolk. I cannot wait to see how that assignment will come back to bite the city in the ass.

🐘 One-Tusk: Gerry is fully defected. I wouldn't trust him farther than I could throw him, but he's scrawny and I could throw him rather far, all things considered. There are strange goings afoot in Suffimer, which as it turns out, links somehow to Ildefons.

On the Road

🏹 Ehsan: On our way to Suffimer we take a break from travel to stretch our legs for a while and run into a cousin of Ildefons named Zerefino. The man had the audacity to assume that Irene and I were in some form of harem with Ildefons. I by no means mind a polyamorous relationship between consenting persons (the practice is quite common back home) but to go and just assume this was the case (and made only at the women!) is just too much. I hold myself from correcting the man violently and he apologies for his assumptions, but the damage is already done. He bears some bad news for Ildefons. His sister died in a rather bad fire a while back. No doubt this fire is related to the one Irene was involved with when she came to Suffimer as the timing matches up, though she has nothing to add about why she might have gotten caught up in it.

🐘 One-Tusk: It's not surprising that Ildefons's family is a bit of an odd pile. Zerefino gets Ehsan's dander up. There was a fire, there was a death, there's going to be a funeral. With the propaganda, this all is suspicious.

Arriving in Suffimer

🏹 Ehsan: According to Ildefons it is customary to visit every single household when you make your way into this town and also have a drink. Thankfully, and somewhat disappointingly, the drink is shared and barely had as it is more symbolic than anything. Ermin, Ildefon's sister, and Zakaria's house is our first stop. They seem like a nice enough couple. Zakaria is quite blunt, but it is to the point and a bit refreshing all things considered.