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RPM:32 Queen Dragon

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Wine and Dancing with Pasqual and Hortensia

🐘 One-Tusk: I am, I admit, a poor guest. I'm not much for the social niceties. But Pasqual and Hortensia are gentle hosts. I cannot, however, help but talk business. Pasqual is heavily involved in shipping, and that means tight ties to the Trade Federation. I can't help but probe the relationship- even if it doesn't quite fit my cover as "Rosario".

🏹 Ehsan: This couple seems quite charming, thankfully. They remind me a bit of my older sister Sahar and her husband Latif, both cunning and shrewd individuals which make them well suited for their positions in court...though with Sahar being a Queen now I do wonder what her official duties are now. Regardless, our visit with Pasqual and Hortensia, while nice, wasn't the most productive in my personal opinion.

Urruarte Homestead and the "Queen Dragon"

🐘 One-Tusk: Ildefons's family is, strangely, everything I expected. Solid, but I couldn't live with them, and I understand why Ildefons is making his way in the City.

🏹 Ehsan: Ildefons's family is interesting to say the least. Luziano, the one husband and I believe Ildefons's father, cannot seem to help but regale everyone with a story on how he lost his hand to an alligator in Kirkush. Quite curious since alligators aren't necessarily native to the area, though I could think of a few things that do look like the creatures that might have done that (or he could have had a very entertaining run in with a menagerie in one of the cities). I do wonder where the truth in his story is... Ildefons tears me away from the story to help a bit in the kitchen, but before long even that is too much considering his mother's...grating disposition. I take "Mona" with me and we steal ourselves away to examine the clocktower.


🐘 One-Tusk: We're here on a mission to catch a floriagraphy handoff, but we can't resist poking our noses into other problems. Ildefons's sister (deceased) stands accused of torching the clocktower and dying in the fire she started. But there are signs of a conflict there. All in all, it seems unlikely. It's a longshot that this connects to our mission, but clearing the family name seems like a good use of our time.

Ehsan and Irène check out the clock tower

🏹 Ehsan: I knew there would be more to the story with the clock tower than Irène was willing to admit. She was very apprehensive about coming, and even more so about just going to the clock tower. I know inside that keeping Irène here is not right, but her information and presence here is too useful to just let her run away...for now at least. She tried to push me to run away with her. She should know well enough that I would refuse, and yet she asked anyways.

I did my own investigation of the clock tower, finding some information nearly confirming a suspicion I had about the fire in the clock tower. After pressing Irène on it, she tells me the full story. In haste to not be found out, she killed two women inspecting the clock tower, an inspection unrelated to her being there. The one woman was Ildefons's sister. Keeping this information from the group was understandable on her part, and now she is even more adamant about leaving. There are still too many holes in this situation for me to be comfortable with that, but I agree to keep her secret on the condition that she remain with us for now and assist as necessary.

Ildefons talks with Tirgranes

Mandrot learns about the two Urruarte Shipping Companies

Mandrot and One-Tusk make and set off fireworks

🐘 One-Tusk: And I have a direct approach to solving the crime. Flush the conspirators out by blowing up the clock-tower again. Anyone operating under cover in the town will know that someone is onto them, and hopefully will be startled into action- action that we can catch them at.