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ShotC:Cast/Agent Joykill

Roles: Leader, Brawler, Saboteur

Trust Me (Leader)
When you use your action to tell another PC to do something dangerous, and they do it, they get +2 to their roll.
Tell 'em I'm Comin' (Brawler)
Once per session, when a mook or lieutenant NPC concedes or you take them out, you can choose to have them flee back to their associates and spread the word about you. The next scene in which you have dealings with them or their associates, you have Armor:2 against their physical attacks until you take a hit from one of their physical attacks. you can ignore the first physical attack you take from them.
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Send More Mooks (Brawler)
Mooks organized into mobs don't get the usual teamwork bonus when they attack you (but they still get it to defend against you)

ShotC:Cast/Bigby Wolf

Roles: Detective, Spy, Cop

A Thousand Faces (Spy)
You have mastered the art of disguise. At any time, you can choose to drop out of a scene, as long as there's a plausible exit route and you aren't being directly observed. In a later scene, you can spend a fate point to reveal yourself as an extra or mook, like a bespectacled scientist, a rank-and-file henchman, or a hooded cultist.
Officer in Pursuit (Cop)
When chasing someone on foot in a contest, you start with one victory.
Keen Observer (Detective)
When meeting someone for the first time, you can immediately attempt to discover one of their aspects using either Awareness or Insight (your choice) as a free action. The GM gets to choose which aspect to reveal, but it must be related to the their manner of dress, demeanor, posture, or something else similarly visible.
Eye for Detail (Detective)
When examining the scene of a crime for clues or evidence, you automatically succeed with your overcome action if the difficulty of the Awareness check is equal to or less than your Awareness skill rating.
In Their Head (Detective)
When cracking down or trying to find someone you've met before, you can use Insight instead of whatever other skill may be applicable.

ShotC:Cast/Captain John Starr

Roles: Soldier, Cop, Wheelman

This One is Mine (Soldier)
You have a special firearm that you value above all others. Give it a high concept aspect and a trouble aspect. Once per scene, you can invoke one of those aspects for free.
One Hand on the Wheel (Wheelman)
When operating a vehicle, if you're also wielding a firearm, on your turn you can spend a fate point to take a free action with Shoot.
Gearhead (Wheelman)
When repairing or modifying a vehicle, you can use Drive instead of Gadgetry
To Serve and Protect (Cop)
When a nearby ally is hit by a physical attack, you can check one of your own physical stress boxes to help reduce the hit.
Thousand Yard Stare (Soldier)
When subject to a fear- or intimidation-based mental attack, you can defend with Fight instead of Will.

ShotC:Cast/Dr Dare

Roles: Brain, Inventor, Hacker

Encyclopedia Perambula (Brain)
At the beginning of an episode, make a Knowledge roll against a difficulty of Mediocre (+0). For every 2 shifts you get on the roll, put a boost in to play. Name each boost after a field of study, like Biology, Forensic Science, or Psychology. These boosts stick around until the episode ends or until you use them, whichever comes first. You can invoke one of these boots to automatically succeed on an overcome action with any skill if the matter at hand is related to the boost's field of study.
Weird Science (Inventor)
Once per episode, you can use Gadgetry to create an invention, which takes the form of two aspects and one or more temporary stunts. Make an overcome roll with Gadgetry against a difficulty of equal to twice the number of stunts you want the invention to have. On a success or better, you make what you intended to, no problem. On a tie or failure, you still make what you intended to, but the GM gets an aspect with one (on a tie) or two (on a failure) free invocations. Give you invention a high concept aspect. The GM will give it a trouble aspect.
Practiced...In Theory! (Inventor)
Pick one of your aspects when you take this stunt.
When you fail a Computers, Gadgetry, or Knowledge roll and invoke that aspect to reroll, you also get +2 to your roll.
Now it has wings! (Inventor)
Given time and the tools, you can take an overcome action using Gadgetry to give a vehicle a new mode of locomotion. You might turn a car into a flying car, or an airplane into a submarine. Give the vehicle a high concept aspect, which you can invoke to switch from one mode of transport to another. The GM will give it a trouble aspect.
Creative Accounting (Hacker)
Once per episode, you can spend a Fate point to use Computers instead of Resources to create an advantage related to finanaces.

ShotC:Cast/Vic Savage

Roles: Ninja, Brawler, Warrior

Send More Mooks (Brawler)
Mooks organized into mobs don't get the usual teamwork bonus when they attack you (but they still get it to defend against you)
Suddenly Ninja (Ninja)
Once per scene, you can choose to disappear from the scene, as long as there's a plausible exit route and you aren't being directly observed. If doing so would avoid danger, like skipping out in the middle of a fight, it'll cost you a fate point. You can show back up in a later scene. If you do so in a way that provides you with a tactical advantage, like suddenly appearing from the shadows to ambush someone, that will cost you a fate point, too.
Sophisticated Swordplay (Warrior)
When wielding a lightweight blade, like a rapier or a saber, get +1 to create advantage with Fight. When you invoke a situation aspect you've created using this stunt for a bonus, it grants +3 instead of +2.
From the Shadows (Ninja)
Once per exchange, when you attack an extra or mook who isn't aware of you, you automatically take them out, no roll required.