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Vat:06 Interrogation

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Starring: Joseph.gif Joseph, Steve.gif Steve, Koz.gif Koz, and Paulineicon.gif Pauline
Guest Starring: Rahl Dhamm (Prisoner), Paul Ripley, Linka
Challenge: Interrogating Prisoner; Linka kidnapping Koz
Location: Basement Studio Apartment (Prison)
Date Played: 06 Aug 2012

Who does Rahl Dhamm Work For

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: They tasked us with interrogating Rahl while the other teams were off having foreign adventures. As much as you might think that annoying, I'm glad to get to work and spend time around Pittsburgh. Sammy can look after things, but I like being around. I'm a homebody.

No, it's annoying for an entirely different reason. We're responsible for Rahl. We're obligated- we took him prisoner, and since our bosses have put the responsibility on us, we have to take care of him. Prisoner or not, he has to get the best hospitality we can give him.

The rest of the team is indifferent on the subject, so I take it upon myself to make sure he's comfortable. I do laundry, I take a (failed) stab at feeding him, and then come back with some kosher (or halal, I guess) food. I ask some questions, but I don't really lead the interrogation. Still, we get some useful info.

Joseph.gif Joseph: I reckon that the fine folks at the VAT have a good idea that we have no idea how to go 'bout interrogatin' a prisoner. I mean, I know how the marshalls mistreated the injuns when they wanted infermation and I really don't want ta be a part of that. Fortunately we don't go down that route.

Paul Who?

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: Info like: Paul Ripley was the guy who hired him. True or not, it gives us a lead to check up on. Unfortunately, that's not exactly the easiest lead to follow up on. It's not a unique name, and Rahl couldn't give us a lot of identifying details. I chat up a nice lady from Heinz Hall, who has him on a donor's list to get an address. We go to investigate.

Joseph.gif Joseph: Apparently this fella is so rich he has a stagecoach called a Furrarah. I think that I heard Koz whistle respectfully when he heard that. He tells us that his name is Mohammed Al-Sayid but then later that same name is used to identify his brother. I'm going to go out onna limb and reckon both of 'em are lies.


Joseph.gif Joseph: We do some background research inta this Paul Ripley fella and part of the trail leads us to a market. At the market, which the others call a plaza, there is a grocer, a moving picture cassette rental locale, a pill doctor, and an abandoned storefront. The grocer, called Giant Eagle, is owned by Paul and run by a gal by the name of Connie Lucy.

At the pharmacy there is a sweet thing by the name of Alice. She gives me a series of numbers to use to "call her up" on the telephone if I needed more information. Once I tell the fellas the story they tell me that she was interested in sexual relations with me.

Kissing Kozzins

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: Koz goes in first, checking the garage. And then he vanishes, chased on a motorcycle by some bimbo. Long story short: she's Rahl's agent's bagman, and she wants to use Koz as a hostage to get at Rahl.

Joseph.gif Joseph: Seems that Koz is following himself some tail. Usually I don't mind, but we really should be on task.

The Daring(ish) Rescue

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: Rahl has a hunch that she's someplace in the neighborhood of VAT, keeping an eye on our movements. He thinks Koz is someplace else, but he can't be sure. Since the teeny-bopping skank expects us to go back to the VAT, we go- if nothing else, we can check in. Steve does his Captain Crunch thing and helps us narrow down where she is. That reminds me, I picked up a box of old 2600s at a garage sale last week. Steve will probably love them.

Anyway, I try and lure bitchface into shooting me and hoping Brigid feels like protecting me, but the kidnapper doesn't bite. It's Joseph's magic eye trick that actually puts us onto Koz. We stage a daring rescue, and come off more like the Keystone Cops than like Gangbusters, but in the end- we've got the bitch, we've got Koz, and nobody's too much the worse for wear.

Joseph.gif Joseph: Usin' the invocations taught to me by my pa, I help us to find precisely where that woman and Koz are so that we might be rescuing Koz. A quick ruckus breaks out by comes to an end when I draw my pistol and take a dead aim on the skirt. She surrenders.

Team 4.1

Muscle.gif Amiri: I am pulled aside by Constance before leaving our last meeting where we talked about getting some information from the terrorist. Perhaps she could see I was a bit worked up and decided to give me a different mission. She sent Sophia and I to check in at the house of one of Team 2's members, Evgeni Konstantinov.

I was unable to find anything that gave us a good lead, though we both got an odd feeling breaking into his place. If felt like we were always being watched, though we saw no one and there were no essence trails to observe.

We reported back to Constance there was nothing there but the odd feeling of being watched. She reacted like that was enough information, so I'm not really sure to what end she really had us go there.