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Vat:07 Investigation

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Starring: Steve.gif Steve, Koz.gif Koz, Muscle.gif Amiri, and Paulineicon.gif Pauline
Guest Starring: Rahl Dhamm (Prisoner), Paul Ripley, Lenka, Detective Glover, Officer Gibson
Challenge: Investigation
Location: Basement Studio Apartment (Prison), Paul Ripley's Condo
Date Played: 5 September 2012

Cop Killa

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: When we realized Lenka was at large, we rushed back to the safe-house. This probably wasn't the smartest thing we did, but it made sense at the time. Rahl was safe. As we were trying to decide our next move, the cops arrived. I'm the least threatening, so I went.

I open the door and the cop asks to come inside. That isn't about to happen, but I step outside. And he shoots me. Point blank. Blood is going everywhere, and I can see that he's got that glazed look in his eyes. Lenka tailed us.

The cop radios "officer down", and then turns the gun on himself. I do what I can to stop him, and the group runs up after the first gunshots. We manage to keep him from killing himself, but he's shocked.

Steve.gif Steve: Okay, so we're back at the safe-house and all of the sudden we hear the sirens of a pig car out front. So we figure that we can hide it out while Pauline answered the door. Then BANG. We all rush out to see Pauline bleeding all over the place and the pig with a gun to his head. Obviously being MIND CONTROLLED by a certain someone, I save the dude by knocking his gun away just as he's about to off himself.

Muscle.gif Amiri: Lenka is a hard girl to keep down. Evidently the ropes didn't hold her. This is not surprising, since we didn't know that she was able to move objects with her mind. We need to invest in better restraints for times like this. I wonder if they make things without locks and tumblers that we can use.

While checking on Rahl, we hear sirens from outside and see some flashing lights. Checking through the basement window, we confirm it is an officer of the law. Pauline, being the only one of us that has to combination of non-threatening and no rap sheet, is volunteered to open the door. She leaves her purse with the boys and goes up.

This was a pretty poor decision, as she ended up getting shot by the officer. We run upstairs to get to her aid and find the officer in what looked like a sedated state, slowly pointing the weapon to his head. We do all we can to prevent him from shooting himself. It is not totally successful, as he manages to graze himself.

I drag Pauline and the officer inside and shut the door. Steve and Koz leave the house with Rahl in tow. There is no way we can avoid more officers getting to the scene, and we need to make this look as innocent as possible. The only thing we had left to do at that point was to try to control the bleeding and wait for them to come.

Good Cop / Bad Cop

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: I go to the hospital, Amiri goes to jail, Steve, Koz and Rahm go out the back. I play tough with the cops, they play tough back. Amiri spills the facts, so I end up going along with him- up to a point. I'm not giving the cops everything.

Officer Gibson- the man who shot me- ends up holding up my end of the story. For a cop, he's a real class act. His wife brings the kids a big turkey dinner. I can tell he feels terrible about it, but it's not his fault. Stupid Lenka.

Steve.gif Steve: This place is gonna be swarming with pigs soon, so me and Koz high tail it out of there with Rahl. We take him to a K-Mart to get some clothes. I'm there watching him, and we make some small talk. Then he just decides to leave. Said he was going to Columbia(?), but promised to help get Lenka remotely. His escape might have been a problem, except that we got word from base that we were to let him go. Good timing on that. Later, he sent a post card saying that he had arrived safely.

Muscle.gif Amiri: I ended up getting locked up. I don't blame them. Big guy on the scene, covered in blood, with a pissed off look on his face. Yeah, it was probably for the best. Pauline is a caring person, and seeing something like this happen to her really gets the blood boiling.

While locked up, I have a visitor. I assume it is someone from VAT and agree to go and see who it is. As soon as I see it is Lenka, I turn tail. I know how much damage I can do in here if she messes with my mind. I turn tail, but don't alert any officer to the danger she possesses. There are far too many guns and innocents in here to gamble her capture.

I'm eventually let go once Officer Gibson agrees to our stories and I am cleared of any crimes.

Broken Entering

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: When I'm up and about, albeit with a little bit of a cane, we end up taking another crack at getting into Paul Ripley's place. With Amiri doing the heavy lifting, we eventually do confirm his apartment. It's hard to say what that's actually gained us, but I do think the boys spooked him.

Steve.gif Steve: So, now we're trying to figure out what to do when it occurred to us that we still had a lose end. We about found this Paul Ripley guys place, but got distracted before. Time to go back and find him for real. Amiri fakes being a courier and we get his apartment number. I set up some surveillance equipment to monitor him. At some point he leaves and Koz follows him.

Muscle.gif Amiri: I have no idea why this was so hard for the others. I ended up pretending to be a courier and I was able to get inside the building. I had a little run around with getting the apartment number, but after half a days work I am able to locate his apartment, get inside the building, and estimate a rough layout of the place. Not bad for a days work.


Paulineicon.gif Pauline: I'm not 100%, but the heavy work is done on my forge, and what better way to christen a gigantic coal-fired, blower-fed pit than a pig roast? Dirty grill some steaks, roast a pig, and pop back some brews. I even invited Officer Gibson and his family, even if it does mean that I've got to keep the pot locked up for the party.

Steve.gif Steve: I got one of these fancy guns, so I'm going to go down to the range and practice while trying not to stand out from the redneck crowd.