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RPM:25 Shot

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Starring: 🏹 Ehsan, 🐺 Ildefons, 🔥Mandrot, 🔫Alexis
Guest Starring: Captain Bloom, Milady Rosalie, Isabeau Paradis, Odilon Paradis, Irène Darche, Bluespeak, Noé Tigre, Lemuel
Challenge: Ehsan's marksmanship test; Rosalie's retirement party
Location: RPM HQ
Date Played: 18 Apr 2018

Heroes Welcome at the Pride

🏹 Ehsan: Progress seems to have stagnated a bit in Lisway even with our absence. The Pride still stands without an officially appointed Captain and it looks like word of my lineage has gotten out among the people. This will be...complicated to deal with no doubt. I can only hope it's mostly rumors going around in just the ranks, but this is wishful thinking and I've stopped believing in such things.

Debrief with Interim Captain Bloom

🎲 DM: Generally everything was shared. Specifically, the island of Abundance was not talked about but is in the report, in the hopes of obscuring it. Events in Kirkush were generally shared but the specifics were skipped over so that Ehsan can maintain her privacy. Lastly, the Ratfolk were mentioned and Ehsan asked that the dock workers aggressively ensure that they don't infest the city.

🏹 Ehsan: The interim Captain Bloom informs us that that girl Alexis and the dragonkin Mandarot will be pushed into our team. What with Rosalie retiring and Renard choosing to move along elsewhere, our team will be a bit thin. The placement makes sense; a sharpshooter to keep an eye on me and a botanist to keep an eye on Ildefons. I shouldn't try and think about the irony too much but I will be keeping aware of them as we move forward.

🔫Alexis: Ildefons and the others have finally returned from their 'exile'! I can understand why even while agreeing that it was thoroughly undeserved. I couldn't help but show off a little bit with my marksmanship practice. Ehsan seemed a little grumpier than usual, for what little that means. Captain Bloom received their debriefing but I'm sure the full details of what occured during the trip will be wheedled out given a little time.

🔥Mandrot I was paired with yet another newish recruit, Alexis. This is the 3rd one, but hey. She seems to have the skills I need to finally get in with some of the higher ranking ledgends around here. Luckly we we got word that Eshan and Ildefons were coming back and we were going to be teamed with them. It was finally a chance to give Lemuel more grief. How do I love watching him squirm. As for the talk with Captain Bloom, I was asked to leave and the walls are thick in these parts. I couldn't catch a lot of the details.

Ehsan Passes Her Marksmanship Test

🏹 Ehsan: Really? They wished for me to do this now.... No matter. This test will be done, even if they whole Pride has means to watch it.

I pass my test with flying colors, as they say. No doubt that target practice on the salt golem helped. The pressure to perform exceedingly well was a bit more overwhelming than I would have hoped to admit, unfortunately.

🔫Alexis: I really missed an opportunity to make some coin here by taking a bet on Ehsan passing her marksmanship test. Everyone knows of her bad luck with the pistols--Fools! I know what it is to have the eye. I don't know if what I said helped but despite her earlier harsh words I could not help but notice the use of the same small flourish by as Ehsan made the shot.

🔥Mandrot: This was my chance to get in Ehsan's good graces. She's already suspect of my intentions it seems. Maybe she just looks down on everyone, however, I think putting that picture up on the target and watching the cheif of scroll chastise me as I ripped the pages out of that tome was more than enough pleasure to make it worth it! She made it too... showing off all her brilliance!

Rosalie's Retirement Gala

Guild of Forgotten Guards pay a visit to Mandrot

🔥Mandrot: This was expected. It doesn't matter where I go, there is always someone there to collect. Even in a standard taylor's shot. It's a good thing I keep myself well informed of the goings on and make myself irreplacable as an informant. These brutes will want to pay me after this is all over.

At the Gala

🎲 DM: Summary:

  • Isabeau and Odilon Paradis were there. Yes, Odilon is out of jail.
  • Iréne Darche continued the trend of being out of jail.
  • Bluespeak told Mandrot that he was learning more about Sillages
  • Noé Tigre danced with Alexis
  • Orion Pandis told Ildefons that Lae’ela’e is being held in contempt of court after being arrested for breaking into the Salters HQ.

🏹 Ehsan: While I despise these functions, an excuse to wear the dress uniform of the Order will not go unappreciated. New vestments were provided by the Pride for the event, but they can't really expect me to wear something so disgustingly blue and bland can they? Sure there are the fancy embossed gold buttons and something they put on the shoulders they call "epaulets", but if I'm going to be a foreign princess in this city I may as well play some of the part.

Try as I might to stay keep out of the centers of attention, Iréne Darche manages to catch me while I idle at the fringes. Her presence out of cell is an atrocity, but it does not surprise me. No doubt she talked her way out of it (much like how she managed to talk me out of my clothes, infuriating as that was). She says that she is serving as a double agent and that war is on the horizon.

🔫Alexis: The retirement party for Milady Rosalie was as delightful as one would imagine. I quickly found my way to the dance floor, finding an excellent partner in the debonair Noé Tigre. He makes mention of my father and for a foolish moment, I let myself think that perhaps I have found someone new who knew him. I quickly realize my error and offer to show off Chole and Isabel, who as always love the attention lavished on them. We dance and speak of rumors of Condrol.

🔥Mandrot: This party was a little of a bore. Socializing in crowds are not my thing. Sure I can get by, but I would much rather have a night alone, or a round of cards. People's tounges wag much more when money is on the line. I got side lined by a talking bird! what was his name again... Bluespeak? ADD SOME STUFF ABOUT Orion Pandis HERE