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Amon the Betrayer Darkvision, Fire Breath*, Ram Attack. DC 20. SR: Amon particularly despises four other vestiges: Chupoclops, Eurynome, Karsus, and Leraje. If you have hosted one of these spirits within the last 24 hours, Amon refuses to answer your call. Similarly, these spirits will not answer your call if you are already bound to Amon.Up to no good and makes me very evil
Aym the Furious Dwarven Step, Halo of Fire, Improved Sunder, Medium Armor Proficiency, Resistance to Fire, Ruinous Attack. DC 15.
Camille the Gardener Wild Empathy, Rebuke Plants*, Speak with Plants, Nature Minded, Tree Shape*. DC 15. SR: You must not have destroyed any plant life or harmed nature within 24 hours of binding Camille. HOMEBREW
Leraje the Marksman Hide Bonus, Low-Light Vision, Precise Shot, Ricochet, Weapon Proficiency. DC 15. SR: To summon Leraje, you must break an arrow crafted by an elf while calling out Leraje’s name and title. In addition, Leraje hates Amon due to his betrayel and will not answer your call if you are already bound to him.
Naberius the Beguiler Disguise Self, Faster Ability Healing, Naberius’s Skills, Persuasive Words*, Silver Tongue. DC 15.
Ronove the Ascetic Cold Iron and Magic Attacks, Far Hand*, Feather Fall, Ronove’s Fists, Sprint. DC 15. SR: Ronove’s seal must be drawn in the soil under the sky.


Dahlver-Nar the Fanged Mad Soul, Maddening Moan*, Natural Armor, Shield Self. DC 17.
Haagenti the Steadfast Confusing Touch*, Immunity to Transformation, Shield Proficiency, Weapon Proficiency. DC 17. It makes me fat...
Malphas the Falconer Bird’s Eye Viewing, Invisibility*, Poison Use, Sudden Strike. DC 15.
Prire the Vagabond Expert Sneak, Trap Master, Swift Getaway*, Evasion. DC 18. HOMEBREW
Savnok the Martyr Call Armor, Heavy Armor Proficiency, Move Ally*, Savnok’s Armor. DC 20. SR: You must have stolen something and made neither reparations nor apology for that act.


Andromalius the Repentant Rogue Jester’s Mirth*, Locate Item, See the Unseen, Sense Trickery, Sneak Attack. DC 20. SR: You must obtain two different nonmagical items similar to those that Andromalius holds in his hands when he manifests and place them within the confines of his seal when you summon him. These items vanish as soon as Andromalius appears. The items are: a belt purse, a silver key, a gold ring, a pair of dice, a copper coin, a dagger, an apple, an arm bone, a scroll, a comb, a whistle, a fish hook, a mirror, an egg, a potion, a dead spider, an oak leaf, a human skull, a lock, a closed black book, a bell, a dove, a set of lock picks, and a mouse.
Focalor, Prince of Tears Aura of Sadness, Focalor’s Breath*, Lightning Strike, Water Breathing. DC 20. SR: Focalor’s seal must be drawn with a liquid medium.
Karsus, Hubris in the Blood Heavy Magic, Karsus’s Senses, Karsus’s Touch*, Karsus’s Will. DC 25. SR: Karsus refuses to answer the call of a binder who attempts to summon him within the area of an active spell. In addition, he appears only to a summoner who has at least 5 ranks in either Knowledge (arcana) or Spellcraft. He also hates Amon for some unknown reason and will not answer your call if you are already bound to that vestige.
Nan the Ghostly Wanderer Ghost Touch, Phantom Hand*, Spectral Stride*, Wanderlust. DC 22. HOMEBREW
Paimon the Dancer Dance of Death*, Paimon’s Blade, Paimon’s Dexterity, Paimon’s Skills, Uncanny Dodge, Whirlwind Attack. DC 20.


Agares the Earthtalker Earth and Air Mastery, Earthshaking Step*, Elemental Companion, Fear Immunity, True Speech. DC 22. SR: You must draw Agares’s seal upon either the earth or an expanse of unworked stone.
Andras, Light of Justice Weapon Proficiency, Mount, Saddle Sure, Smite Good or Evil*, Sow Discord*, Sure Blows. DC 22.
Aramoth the Torrid Burning Soul*, Devil's Defenses, Devil's Sight, Immolation, Infernal Pact. DC 20. SR: Aramoth's seal must be made in ash. HOMEBREW
Arete the EndurerWotC Psionic Boon, Resistance, Damage Reduction, Repletion. DC 21. SR: Arete does not like abominations, and he does not answer your summons if you are already bound to Chupoclops or Eurynome.
Astaroth, Unjustly FallenWotC Angelic Lore, Asaroth's Breath, Honeyed Toungue, Master Craftsman, Word of Astaroth. DC 22.
Buer the Wilds Warden Buer’s Knowledge, Buer’s Purity, Delay Diseases and Poisons, Fast Healing, Healing Gift*, Track. DC 20. SR: Buer requires that her seal be drawn outdoors.
Eurynome the Water Dancer Animal Friend, Damage Reduction, Eurynome’s Maul, Poison Blood, Water Dancing. DC 21. SR: Eurynome hates Amon for some unknown reason and will not answer your call if you are already bound to him.
Tenebrous, Death's Shadow Deeper Darkness, See in Darkness, Touch of the Void*, Turn/ Rebuke Undead*, Vessel of Emptiness. DC 21. SR: You must draw Tenebrous’s seal at night or in an area of deep shadow with little or no daylight exposure.


Acererak, Death's Master Detect Undead, Hide from Undead, Lich's Energy Immunities, Paralyzing Touch*, Speak with Dead, Undead Healing. DC 25. SR: Must be summoned with a tooth sized gem.
Balam the Impious Balam's Cunning*, Icy Glare, Prescience, Weapon Finesse. DC 25. SR: Must deal 1 point of slashing damage to myself or another.
Dantalion the All Knowing Awe of Dantalion*, Dantalion Knows, Read Thoughts, Through Travel*. DC 25.
Geryon, the Deposed Lord Acidic Gaze, All-Around Vision, See in Darkness, Swift Flight*. DC 25
Otiax the Key Master Air Blast, Combat Reflexes, Concealing Mist, Open Portal, Unlock*. DC 25.
Pantouf the Master Tactician Brave any Front, Fall in Line*, Fill the Ranks, Rank and File. DC 24 HOMEBREW


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