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Event Details

  • Sat, 15 July 2017, 10am-6pm at Randy's Place
  • Players: Frank (Salamander), Chuck S. (Kitsune), Andy S. (Excalibur) , Dave P. (Mitosis)
  • Scenarios: V is for “Going Viral”; Demons in Cross End

City of Mist

We will be playing City of Mist's Starter pack. This game is a variation on Powered by the Apocalypse, popularized by Dungeon World and Apocalypse World. If you haven't played this kind of game before, fear not, as the rules are easy to explain.

Pregen Characters

An all around good guy and serious Heartthrob, Salamander was just a City Water Worker before he started having dreams about a burning lizardlike creature made of a substance which was both fire and water at the same time. He became capable of producing this substance as a Nimbus of Primordial Plasma and, having realized its potential, started his acitivity as an Up-and-Coming Crime Fighter.
Contrary to what many may think, there’s more to Excalibur than just a Rich Old Bitch. True, she was born to a Wealthy and Dysfunctional Family if there ever was one. But as a secret Activist for Social Change, she has her own plans for the City, plans that became possible when she found a silver bracelet which turned out to be the Ultimate Weapon in disguise.
An Ex-Boxer, Mitosis’ glamorous career and celebrity life came to a grinding halt when he became involved in a Biochemical Accident; driving while intoxicated, he hit a truck carrying vats of biohazardous substances. Mit’s body went into a rampage of Rapid Cell Growth, transforming him into a monster while increasing his Survivability in all conditions.
Post-Mortem doesn’t know who she was before she died. She woke up as a Walking Dead body in an abandoned Helix Labs facility, animated by an unknown force. With the help of special Helix Labs Gadgets found at the lab and her newly (re?)discovered training as an Assassin, she began hunting those who operate in the shadows as the City’s Angel of Vengence.
L’Estrange, a Dubious Antiques Dealer and Gunslinger, has Been Around long enough to know his way through the world. Always searching for the truth behind the veil, he is convinced the ancients knew something. When he finally found the key, an artifact that was later stolen from him, he began Living in a Dream, sensing limitless possibilities that sometimes manifest through him, though he hasn’t quite been able to control it.
All her life, Flicker was engrossed in her Hipster lifestyle and her Mad Hacker Skills: who to be, what music to listen to, how to crack the digital world. It wasn’t until she literally stumbled into a vision of the horrible future of the City, while walking down the street, that she realized she is part of something greater. She doesn’t know where her Expanding Senses and Time-Space Warping abilitites will take her next, but she intends to follow.
Dressed as something between a high-school student and a Ninja, After A Fashion, Kitsune seems to most people as a teenager going through a phase. That works fine for Kitsune, who is really a Trickster Fox Spirit sent by the gods as a Messenger of Good Fortune to help mankind. There’s only one thing in the mortal world that Kitsune cares about as much as their mission: a boy named Kaito.


The pre-generated characters leave a lot of details unexplained. You can add background details to your character as you please, starting with her or his real name. Other open questions such as “What was the artifact L’Estrange found?”, “Who was in the car with Mitosis when he crashed it?” and “What did Flicker see in her life-altering vision?” are up to you and the MC to decide.

Post-game Review

As a Powered by the Apocalypse game, the game flowed nicely as those games often do.

  • (Mistake) We correctly added tag values to a roll's power, however we did not apply the bonus/penalty against the power rating. This means that a couple of rolls had incorrect power ratings.
  • No one burned a tag. No photomontage move or Mythos moves used.
  • (Confusion) Statuses and Spectrums were a bit confusing. Reading the rules Statuses seemed to just be a way to take out PCs. Further reading and playing yielded that they could also be benefits. The fact that PC statuses were part of generic spectrums while villains had specific spectrums that took them out was confusing.
  • Kitsune's Bless with/Take away Good Fortune tags were used with nearly every roll.
  • Mitosis was incredible fun.
  • Salamander's "Memorable Face" weakness tag was used often to narrative purpose.

Player Quotes

"I just wanted to share my favorite moment from the game play. Listening to Rando talk in the birdboy voice was great, but his instant scream every time i juiced him makes me laugh! Thanks guys for a fun time, and Rando for being an excellent GM as always." -- Andy, https://m.facebook.com/events/1979081098977393/1990647124487457/

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