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Disposable:Grumpy Bear (Monster of the Week)

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Event Details

  • Mon, 25 Feb 2019 at Four Kitchens retreat in Sunrise Springs in Santa Fe
  • Players: Randy (GM), Allan, James, Chris M., Mike G.
  • Audience: Luke, Rebeca, Nicole


We played Monster of the week with the following modifications:

  • Each PC had only one luck
  • Each audience member had one point of luck they could spend to help out the PCs.

Game notes

Adventure: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/231715/Grumpy-Bear


Transgender monster-hunting wizard with an heirloom sword.
Played by James
Miles Thames
Made a Deal with the Devil
Played by Mike G.
Thor Justice
Giant hammer; can't die; dog named Scrappy that he found in a motel
Played by Chris M.
Billy Bob Dump
Wife left him; Seeks revenge because he was the one who was supposed to kill her.
Played by Allan


  • The Devil kept trying to make deals (and was actually Loki, Thor's brother)
  • Driving a truck into a guarded, closed construction site
  • A lot of poor dice rolls.
  • "Billy Bob's truck has more character than any of our characters do."

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