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Theme for the gameday

From Bill: Have an idea I wouldn't mind running. Using Shadowrun rule system. World is a fantasy/sci fi/ horror. Need test rats, I mean fun go loving gamers to try it out. If people are interested.

From Bill: Thank you to everyone that let me use your time to tweak the game. Hope you enjoyed yourselves.

I had a good time. Thanks. --Randy (Talk) 18:54, 18 May 2009 (UTC)


To determine availability, mark your name next to days that work for you. All days listed are Sundays.

  • 26 April Randy, Eric, Bill, Michael, Matt
  • 03 May Randy, Daryl, Eric, Joe, Michael, Matt
  • 10 May is the start of the Hawk and Shield
  • 17 May Randy, Eric, Joe, Bill, Michael, Matt
  • 17th of Maylooks to be the winner. Gives me time to fine tune some things and try to provide a variety of characters for people to choose from.


I'll gladly host unless Bill wants to. --Randy (Talk) 14:59, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Location will be my place. 32 Cherry street #B Etna PA. Start at noon over between 5 and 6.

More information about the gameday

  • I have 20 characters made up so far. Hope to add a few more. Using shadowrun rules currently, easiest to warp to my needs. Here is the very basic frame of history.
  • History- Earth past was a thriving planet that had reached into the stars. Various governments under United Nations purview had established bases in the outer rims of the solar system. Corporations had established satellite repairs “floats” surrounding the moon and the earth. New technology had allowed humans to mine for minerals and resources out in space. A new golden age was being experienced when the “Solarstorm” hit. A massive cosmic storm slammed into the solar system and quickly reduced the sun and its planets an energy whirlpool never before seen. There was a two year warning that allowed Earth Past to develop long range ships and retrofit existing floats and star bases to travel space. One of the saving graces of humanity was the discovery of a wormhole near Jupiter. The worm hole lead to a neighboring galaxy with four planets that could be terra formed for human compatibility. The four planets form the council of Elders to oversee the ruling of the four planets and existing floats and stations.
  • The wormhole that leads to this system was destroyed during the great Solarstorm. The corporations became governing bodies that claimed sovereign rights on the stations and floats that surrounded the planets. Guilds formed from the old unions that specialized in new technology and practices. Religion grew into many churches and beliefs that encompassed several ideas. It was during this time that humans developed new races to help them with this new galaxy.
  • The group will be a team of military recons searching out a direlict base. I will go into more detail later, would like to have at least five players if possible.

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