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Disposable:Weekend at Strahd's (4K)

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Event Details

  • Mon, 25 Feb 2020 at Four Kitchens retreat in Austin
  • Players: Randy (GM), Allan, James, Chris M., Mike G.


Weekend at Strahds.png

We played D&D 5e, Weekend at Strahd's.

  • Each PC was 7th level


Kah Pow, half-elf Rogue/Bard
Mike G.
Other than the 80s references, I think my favorite moments were the dash into the cathedral and trying to get information out of piddlwink
Zengil (Zen) Denkar, Dirty Brass Dragonborn Sorcerer
Mine was the dance contest, Obv.
Siggin Browntank dwarf ranger.
Smashalot flailing straud around making him exercise using the stake in his chest and making it pass exercise
Smash-A-Lot, barbarian beserker
Chris M.

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