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Disposable:Holidays in the Black

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The crew of the Constitution returns from the edge of the black to find work just in time for the old Earth holidays.

Set in the Firefly 'verse.


Date: Sun, 12 Dec at 10am

Pancake breakfast at 9am for those who would like to show up early.

Has to be determined. Please let Randy know which of the following days work for you. Bold indicates the best day for a person and italics represents maybe.

  • Sat, 11 Dec: Randy, Eric, Eric M, Pat, Frank, Remy, Doug, Lon
  • Sun, 12 Dec: Randy, Eric, Eric M, Pat, Frank, Remy, Doug, Lon, Allen
  • Sat, 18 Dec: Randy, Eric M, Pat, Frank, Remy, Andy
  • Sun, 19 Dec: Randy, Eric, Eric M, Pat, Frank, Dave Allen


Randy's apartment in Lawrenceville. Map: http://tinyurl.com/3yktmpd


The game will be run using the True20 gaming system, which is similar to d20. Rules will be taught at the start of the gameday, so experience with isn't required.


Players who attended Edge of the Sky will reprise their roles as listed below. New players will be randomly assigned a PC. (The previous gameday also had randomly assigned PCs.)

  • Skill Monkey - could be a mechanic, criminal, acrobat, etc. - played by Eric
  • Ancient Weapons Expert - could be historian, collector, fencer, SCA reenactor, etc. - played by Bert, captain role
  • Grappler - could be a wrestler, boxer, war vet, etc. - played by Lon, prostitute role
  • Caster - could be a psychic, wizened old man, insane little sister of the doctor... - played by Remy, passenger criminal role
  • Sniper - played by Pat, computer expert role
  • Medic/Healer - could be a doctor, shaman, chiropractor, faith healer, etc. - Played by Doug, pilot role
  • Hacker - could be IT guy, boy genius, normal guy with tech implants, etc. - not played


Swearing in foreign languages is encouraged.


  • All enemies had one point of Conviction. This gave them an extra round of battling, which made combats run longer.
  • Using markers on figurines was immensely helpful as a reminder of conditions (stunned, shaken, etc.)
  • Ship was renamed the Nadir after nearly killing a group of Alliance feds.
  • Dr Laos experimented on and released a man after removing his eye.
  • The ship's dolphin was named Daryl.


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