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The PDF and spreadsheet are at: http://www.timecatalyst.com/genuser/btn.zip

I'm going to hijack a conference room at Pitt where we will play. I need a final count for who wants to come. We will either get food delivered or make a group trip to Subway. Time-wise, I was looking at a 12:00/noon start.

I would like to have our next one-shot gaming day be on 01 June, a Sunday. This will not be connected to any ongoing campaigns and will be plot-light. I need to know if you are interested in playing, are available this day, and when on this day you would be available? If you know anyone else who would be interested, by all means, forward the message to them.

The theme for this one is the "Buy The Numbers" alternate character creation system. In this system, each particular class feature (including base attack, saves, hit dice and spells) has a scaling point value that are purchased with experience points. It allows you to buy whatever combination of class features you would like and without buying those that don't fit your concept or you don't think you would use. You can play a spellcaster with full base attack bonus, or a spellcaster with access to all the wizard/cleric/druid/bard lists. Exotic or high-powered combinations take more XP, though. Make the character you've always wanted to try out!

I have prepared an Excel spreadsheet to help with the (rather longhanded) math to ease the process. It currently has everything from the base classes in the PHB and most of the prestige class features from the DMG. If you want any features from other sources, I'll gladly calculate their costs and add them to the spreadsheet. I also have the PDF with the full descriptions to send to people. It's pretty short and simple. I will email them (or dump them on a website somewhere for you to download) for anyone who is going to be joining us.

Note that a future disposable gaming session will use the True20 system which has a similar as this. In it, any viable class feature or class feature package is a feat (and the feats are balanced to be of similar real values) and you get feats at every level.

The details:

  • Experience: 50,000 (roughly 10-1/2th level of power)
  • Gold: 50,000 (DMG standard for the ECL)
  • Items: DMG, Arms & Equip, Races of Stone/Destiny/Wild, Complete Warrior/Scoundrel/Arcane/Divine, Miniatures Handbook ONLY. (I will not even consider anything from Magic Item Compendium.)
  • Consumables: Consumables cost FOUR times normal price. In previous disposable game days, consumables (sadly) dominated play even at double cost. Something is a consumable if it is used a limited number of times before it is used up, and includes pets, minions and pre-cast spells.
  • Crafting: Crafting feats allowed, following normal rules (including XP consumption).
  • Spells: PHB and Spell Compendium ONLY
  • Class features and Feats: Any from the above. Beyond these may be permitted if asked.
  • Stats: 30 point buy. (Stat bumps can be bought with XP.)
  • Race: PHB-only. If people enjoy this and want to do another in the future, I will cook up a method to adjust starting XP for level adjustment.

BCC list: Randy Oest, Frank Huffman, Mike Mahoney, Remy Porter, Eric Simpson, Joe Dukovich, Ryan Schultz, Joe Toy, Eric Keifer, Josiah Odhner, Herman Cillo

Build Talk Here!

My basic "divine champion" build.

  • BAB 8, All saves base 4, 5 feats, 42 skill points, 2 Attribute boost
  • HD = 5d12+2d10+1d6+2d4
  • All simple weapons, light and medium armor, and shields
  • Alignment-Based Aura (good), Divine Grace, Lay on Hands (lvl 10), Fast Movement (Barbarian), Turn Undead (2/day, lvl 1), Spontanious Casting (Cure), Favored Enemy (Evil Outsiders +2), Sneak Attack (4d6), Evasion
  • Prepared Divine Caster (Charisma, CL 11, 4 domains; Glory, Purification, War, Force)
    • 3 1st, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 2 4th, and 2 5th level spells in each domain.

Thoughts and feelings anyone?--Askewnotion 16:30, 27 May 2008 (UTC)

Had similar idea called reach & smite;

  • BAB5, saves 3, 7 feats (whirlwind attack) +4 cha
  • Spiked chain & light armor
  • Divine grace, lay on hands, turn undead 1/day, smite 3/day, detect alignment
  • Prep arcane caster(cha, bard list, domain: glory & orc)

Also had a scout/sniper;

  • Offlist feats=Darkstalker[LoM}, Crossbow sniper[PHB2]
  • crossbow
  • 152 sill ranks
  • evasion, imp uncanny dodge, sneak attack +1d6, hide in plain sight, death attack dc 32, trapfinding

Can't find find files so I'm going off mem. --Arz 15:28, 30 May 2008 (UTC)

Remy's investigating building "something roguey". Joey has bard song. --Robhim 02:40, 31 May 2008 (UTC) PHB2 feats are allowed. I simply forgot to include that in the list. --Robhim 02:41, 31 May 2008 (UTC)

I'm building Captain America. --Wizardoest 03:54, 31 May 2008 (UTC)

Remy decided on nothing roguey, and instead is making a half-orc Barbarian.

  • BAB10, frost/flaming war mace, tower shield, adamantine full plate.
  • HD:13D12,1D6
  • Saves: 7/4/4
  • Between armor and class DRs, I've got a DR of 5/-. AC of 25. 143HP total.
  • 5 greater rages/day with tireless rage. Hi, I'm your tank.

If Wizardoest is Captain America, my guy is the Incredible Hulk. Oh, but I have no skills. NONE. So, um... point me at something to hit. One more thing: my mace is smarter than I am. I threw in the cash to make it intelligent and able to bless 3/day. --t3knomanser

OK, because everyone is making superheros I'm doing batman. I've got some hide in plain sight, some shuriken (batarangs), and all kinds of other fun stuff.--Askewnotion 04:06, 1 June 2008 (UTC)

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