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  • Fri, 29 Dec 2017 at Daryl's Place
  • Players: Daryl (GM), Randy, Remy, Bert, Linda, Lindsay, Eric


We used Fate Accelerated rules and replaced the approaches with Command, Conn/Ops, Engineering, Security, Science, and Medicine

Not really used, but ships had scale rankings of Armaments, Engineering/Power, Sick Bay/Life Support, Sensors/Science, Warp and Size (similar to approaches, but for ships. Size gives extra stress like Fate Core. These would apply as modifiers atop a character's approach result when using the ship (comparable to "scale" changes).

Game notes


USS Huffman.png

Ship: USS Huffman the Safest Ship in the Fleet (Shuttlecraft are the USS Henrysson and USS Wolfdale)

Jonas Salk Soong (Randy)
Xeno-Opthamologist, Obsessed with the Eugenics War, Formerly Licensed Surgeon, Manufactures Artifical Limbs, and Related to the Captain
Vilas (Linda)
For SCIENCE!, Inconceivable!, Ground-breaking, Still Controversial, Volcanology Research
Commander Nalah Tausun (Lindsay)
Post-symbiont Trill First Officier, Flashbacks to Previous Hosts, Quickly Promoted, There's a Form Letter for This
Ensign Stone (Bert)
Horta Engineer, Hands Would Be Nice, I Can Eat Anything, Pet Cat (Meat Bag III), Proud of My Work
Lt. Commander Mora (Eric)
Chief Security Officier, Female in a Ferengi World, Bested A Klingon in Hand-to-hand Combat, I Know The Rules of Acquisition As Well As Any Ferengi, Not Taken Seriously
Iliana Reia (Remy)
Empathic Merchant, Notorious Scoundrel, "Borrowed" a Romulan Ship, Painfully Attractive, Fast-fingered.


Just as we are celebrating the end of our fourth year of our five-year mission, we get an immediate call from Starfleet saying that small bursts of warp signatures have been detected in a nearby system that borders the Romulan neutral zone. We have to leave immediately, which leaves our captain stranded.

We arrive and discover that there are twin worlds, Asinox and Adustus, that both have intelligent life and one of them, Adustus, has developed warp. They are using it to shoot small coffin-sized vessels into space, aimed at Asinox ships to "help slow them down, we don't know how to stop them".

Asinox is home to the Hirinx, a feline people who have a conqueror or be conquered stance, while Adustus is home to the Dolids, a lizard-like dog people who love "to pile up on each other and cuddle".

We negotiate a peace between the two peoples—represented by Cuddles and Las-sie—but sadly it is too late, as the Romulans have already struck a deal with the Hirinx to join the Star Empire. Fortunately, the Dolids have already signed on with the Federation.

Two Hirinx ships attack the USS Huffman but are defeated by the hard work of the ship's crew.


Hyrrinx (s. and pl.)

  • Planet name: Acinonyx
  • Planet aspect: Enslave or be enslaved.
  • Ships: +3 Stealth, +2 Blast, +1 Jam
  • Ship aspect: Big and lumbering
  • Ship stunt: Play with food: +2 bonus on actions that disable another ship’s systems
  • Race: +3 Agility, +2 Duel, +1 Deceive
  • Race aspect: All dials set to “maximum” (11)
  • Race aspect: Pounce!
  • Race stunt: Surprising: When invoking aspects on attack, +3 instead of +2.


  • Planet name: Adustus
  • Planet aspect: “It’s just so.”/”Everything in its place.” (Ie, sectioned off into divisions, work time, play time…)
  • Ships: +3 Swarm, +2 Confound, +1 Endure
  • Ship aspect: Consists of small craft latched together
  • Ship stunt: Lingering threat: When succeeding with success on swarm gives a boost in addition to the additional shifts.
  • Race: +3 Brawl, +2 Rapport, +1 Athletics
  • Race aspect: Manual technology.
  • Race aspect: Clingy
  • Race stunt: Stubborn: 4 stress boxes


This was an unplanned twist.


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