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Disposable:The Hunting of the Crimson Lord

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Theme for the Gameday

The variation for this gameday is testing the mettle of a nonspellcasting group against a powerful spellcaster and their minions.

  • Date: 30 Nov
  • Time: 10:30 am until 7 p.m. Dinner after.
  • Location: Randy's apartment in Bellevue

Character Level: 15

Races: PH core races

Classes and class variants permitted (No Prestige Classes will be permitted)

  • Barbarian
    • Spell Sense Variant (Complete Mage)
    • Beserker Strength Variant (PH2)
    • Totem Variant (UA)
    • Divine Barbarian Variants (Complete Champion)
  • Fighter
    • Elusive Attack, Counterattack, and Overpowering Attack Variants (PH2)
    • Divine Fighter Variants (Complete Champion)
  • Monk
    • Soulwarp Strike Variant (Complete Mage)
    • Spell Reflection Variant (Complete Mage)
    • Decisive Strike Variant (PH2)
    • Fighting Styles Variant (UA)
    • Divine Monk Variants (Complete Champion)
  • Paladin
    • A paladin may cast spells
    • Nonspellcasting Variant (Complete Warrior)
    • Curse Breaker Variant (Complete Mage)
    • Divine Counterspell Variant (Complete Mage)
    • Charging Smite Variant (PH2)
    • Holy Warrior Variant (Complete Champion)
  • Ranger
    • A ranger may cast spells
    • Nonspellcasting Variant (Complete Warrior)
    • Favored Enemy list is expanded to include Arcane Casters, Divine Casters, & Psionic Manifesters
    • Spell Reflection Variant (Complete Mage)
    • Distracting Attack Variant (PH2)
    • Divine Ranger Variants (Complete Champion)
  • Rogue
    • Spell Reflection Variant (Complete Mage)
    • Spell Sense Variant (Complete Mage)
    • Disruptive Attack Variant (PH2)
    • Divine Rogue Variants (Complete Champion)
  • Soulknife
  • Artificer (Eberron)
  • Dragon Shaman (PH2)
  • Dragonfire Adept (Dragon Magic)
  • Factotum (Dungeonscape)
    • A factotum may cast spells
  • Knight (PH2)
  • Hexblade (CAdv)
    • Dark Companion Variant (PH2)
  • Marshal (MH)
    • Adrenaline Boost Variant (PH2)
  • Ninja (CS)
  • Samurai (CW)
  • Scout (CAdv)
    • The scout will not have trapfinding.
    • Spell Reflection Variant (Complete Mage)
    • Dungeon Specialist Variant (PH2)
  • Spellthief
    • A spellthief may cast spells.
  • Swashbuckler (CW)
    • Shield of Blades Variant (PH2)
  • Warlock (CA)

Special Classes Available

  • Shadowcaster (Tome of Magic)
  • Truenamer (Tome of Magic)


List of Feats Permitted. Leadership is not permitted.


  • To tone down lethality, spells of the "save or die" variety will not be used at all. This would also include spells such as Charm Person, Suggestion, and etc.
  • The polymorph spells (Polymorph, Alter Self, etc.) will require that you use only monsters (no templates) from the Monster Manual and your forms must be approved in advance.

Spells from sources other than the Player's Handbook and Spell Compendium are encouraged but will have to be reviewed and approved.

Equipment (Mundane and Magic Items)

  • 120,000 gp to spend on anything.
  • An additional 40,000 gp can be spent on consumables only. Consumables cost four times the normal price.
    • Consumables are typically single use items, such as but not limited to, potions, scrolls, oils, wands, etc.

All magic items outside of the DMG must be reviewed and approved.


  • Eric: Shadowcaster Counterspeller and dispeller. Gives bonues to saves (and a hardy one to Ref). The "anti-magic" gnome. OR Mace-Man In case the group wants a frontline damage dealer.
  • Daryl: Warlock, perhaps?
  • Frank: Hexblade Debuffer and frontline with high saves
  • Michael: ??? Turning paladin or buff artificer(will cause equip probs)? Prolly do both & discard.
  • Carrie: Ninja
  • Lon: Rogue
  • DMPC: Healer (with the heroes)

Bad Guys

Doug and Randy.

Disposable Gamedays

  • Upcoming
    • Have an idea? Suggest one!