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Disposable:Dream Away the Time (Monster of the Week)

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Event Details

  • Mon, 05 Feb 2018 at Four Kitchens retreat in Sunrise Springs in Santa Fe
  • Players: Randy (GM), Mike M, Chris R, Allan, James
  • Audience: Luke, Peter, Joel


We played Monster of the week with the following modifications:

  • Each PC had only two luck
  • Each audience member had one point of luck they could spend to help out the PCs.

Game notes

Adventure: Dream Away the Time from the corebook.


Bobby Bricks
The Mundane
Kid from the bronx
Played by Allan
The Flake
Portable dark web
Played by Mike M
The Professional
Grenade launcher and lab coat
Played by Chris R. and was his first RPG
The Expert
3' tall person of unknown gender
Played by James


  • Bypassing a glamour only to be covered in glowing sparkles on the other side
  • Firing a grenade launcher at a changeling and accidentally dropping a tree on their car.
  • Beating a red cap up with a baseball bat

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