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Newest Disposable Game

These are non-roleplaying fighting-only games.

Sunday 18 February 2007, noon at Daryl's home in Bloomfield (Pittsburgh, PA)


  • Theme A coven of wizards and their hired help.
  • Stats 30 point buy on yourself. 25 on cohort.
  • Race Any without a level adjustment
  • Class 9th level specialist wizard (and only wizard)
    • Spells that are in your spellbook:
      • 5th: 2
      • 4th: 4
      • 3rd: 4
      • 2nd: 4
      • 1st: 5+Int mod
      • 0th: all
    • Gold may NOT be spent to purchase extra spells for your spell book.
      • Since everyone is a wizard, extra spells shouldn't be necessary. This also makes bookkeeping easier.
  • Hit points 33 hit points plus modifiers.
    • Rolls of 4,4,3,4,4,3,4,4,3
  • Feats 6th level feat MUST be Leadership
    • Cohort only. There are no followers.
  • Cohort Calculated as the chart with the leadership feat. Assume modifiers are all 0. You do get -2 if you elect to have a familiar.
    • Cohort has hit points 75% of maximum hit points, truncated.
    • No more than half of its class levels can be spellcasting. (AKA, at least half of its class levels must be non-spellcasting).
    • Level adjustments up to half maximum for whichever level of cohort granted are allowed. (IE, if your cohort is 7th level, no more than a +3 level adjustment and of course maximum ECL of 7.)
  • Equipment 36,000 (DMG standard) gold shared between you and your cohort.
    • No single item worth more than 9000 (1/4 of total gold).
    • Consumable items (potions, scrolls, wands, staves, use-once wonderous) cost double gold.
      • This means that wands are capped at 2nd level spells.
    • No alchemicals (thunderstone, etc)/poisons/the like.
    • You can craft items at a cheaper cost (including for your cohort) with the standard XP -> GP conversion (5 GP per XP).
      • You still cannot exceed 9000 GP market value. Gold paying for XP does not increase market value.
  • Sources WotC books excluding those I deem bad (Tome of Magic, Book of the Sword...)
    • For ease-of-tracking, all spells must come from PHB and Spell Compendium.
    • Class substutions/variants from PHB2, Complete Mage and Unearthed Arcana (SRD) are allowed
    • Skill tricks from Complete Scoundrel are NOT allowed.


  • Your PC and your cohort will each be in initiative order separately.


Player PC Race Cohort Cohort Race
Randy Conjurer/Summoner Human Bard/Archer Drow
Joe Evoker Human Fighter/Rogue Drow
Ryan Abjurer/xXemozXx Human Ranged Fighter/Wrists Human (maybe)
Jeff Evoker Human Paladin Human

NPCs: Human Healer (Barbarian cohort) with vow of poverty, Transmuter with powerful blink dog familiar (spiked-chain Sohei cohort).


White Dragon

1@CR 14 - mature adult white dragon with max HP and a propensity to forget it has power attack.

Six Babau

6@CR 6 Who regularly forgot they had a claw/claw/bite routine.

Over-the-top Monk

1@CR 16 Paladin 3, Monk 13, Acetic Knight with Monk's Belt.

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