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Needing to hide after your last job went south, the shady crew of the Constellation head for the edge of the sky, just beyond the outer planets where there is nothing but quiet and darkness. So the crew is surprised when they receive a distress call from an unseen vessel...

Think Firefly.

Details - 23 Oct 2010

Breakfast 9am

Gameday 10am and run until 5-7pm.

Attending: Randy, Eric, Remy, Dave, Lon, Frank, BarbEric

NOTE: The gameday will be Bring Your Own Chair. So if you have a folding chair (or two), it would be appreciated if you would bring that along.

Location: Randy's new apartment in Lawrenceville. Map: http://tinyurl.com/3yktmpd

Breakfast attendance

Randy, Eric, Lon, Frank


The game will be run using the True20 gaming system, which is similar to d20. Rules will be taught at the start of the gameday, so experience with isn't required.


The character archetypes are designed to be generic so that each player can impose their own story and personality on the character. Once you have a character, you'll be assigning skill points.

  • Medic/Healer - could be a doctor, shaman, chiropractor, faith healer, etc. - Not played
  • Skill Monkey - could be a mechanic, criminal, acrobat, etc. - played by Eric, ship pilot role
  • Ancient Weapons Expert - could be historian, collector, fencer, SCA reenactor, etc. - played by Ric (Barberic), captain role
  • Hacker - could be IT guy, boy genius, normal guy with tech implants, etc. - played by Dave, alcoholic passenger role
  • Grappler - could be a wrestler, boxer, war vet, etc. - played by Lon, prostitute role
  • Caster - could be a psychic, wizened old man, insane little sister of the doctor... - played by Remy, ship computer expert role
  • Sniper - played by Frank, criminal passenger role


Swearing in foreign languages is encouraged.

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