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Disposable:Duncan's Revenge (Special Gameday)

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Duncan's Revenge is a special gameday on Sat, 23 Feb. Start time in noon and the game will last until at least 5 p.m.


  • Attending: Randy (DM), Joe, Daryl, Mike, Eric, Remy, Frank, Ryan, Lon
  • Unable to attend: Kim, James, Doug, Bert


To make sure there is a well-rounded party, please list what kind of character you'll be playing here:

  • Randy (DM): JarJar, secondary cleric and idiot
  • Frank: Duncan, frontline with sword
  • Eric: Naumovich Pokhis, Gold dwarf druid/elemental summoner "In LRC, you mine ore... In Great Rift, ore mines you."
  • Remy: Boffin Haberdasher, sorceror/arcane trickster
  • Ruha: Fire sorceress
  • Mike: Marshall/Bard, buffmeister
  • Joe: undeclared
  • Ryan: undeclared
    • Daryl and JR: Bad guys! ::evil grin::
    • APL: 15.7

Character Creation

  • Ability Scores: 32 points
  • Race: Any race listed as playable in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, except for Underdark races. Thus no deep dwarves, drow, or half-drow.
  • Permitted and Denied Classes. Most prestige classes are permitted, but run them by me first.
  • Level: Character level is 12. If you have played in the Quest for Ten Rings or Borderlands your character level is 14 if you play your old character.
  • Hit Points: d4=3, d6=4, d8=5, d10=7, and d12=8 with max at first level
  • Feats: Access is fairly open, but run anything nonstandard by me.
  • House Rules: Please take a moment to read some of the House Rules
  • Gold:
    • 12th level characters have 52,800 gold to spend on anything and 17,600 that can only be spent on consumables (potions, wands, etc.)
    • 14th level characters have 90,000 gold to spend on anything and 30,000 that can only be spent on consumables (potions, wands, etc.)
      • Wands may be purchased at half price with 25 charges.
  • Spell: Spells may be selected from the Players Handbook and the Spell Compendium only.

Disposable Gamedays

  • Upcoming
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