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LRC:"Mining Accident"

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Simon's New "Friends"

We left off with combat beginning, albeit accidentally. Brennel started things off with two well-placed bolts in the orc's jugular. Being too late for words, the party, with some difficulty, subdued the halfling, and the orc surrendered. With permission, the orc healed the halfling, who tried to escape. Abendago, in a frenzy of evil, claimed the halfling's soul with the thinuan dagger, which triggered the orc's flight. Lukas and Simon followed in hot pursuit, managing to catch him.

Abendago was apprehended, and the dagger was confiscated. Conflict ensued, and the party decided to mask up the real happenings leading up to this battle, shifting blame onto the evil clerics. Timmie was outright offended by Abendago's action, and left the party. Brennel cast detect magic, locating some particularly useful equipment, and stripped the halfling of his valuables before leaving the scene.

The party discovered these two were clerics of Velsharoon sent by their unnamed master for Simon, a very curious fact which may be enough to form the opinions of the party members as to the reason Simon was being hunted down.

Abendago left town.

The 2 castings of Identify revealed an Amulet of Natural Armor +1 and Bracers of Dexterity +2.

The thinuin dagger came up missing.

Casting Asper, Hidden Fyodor

Having dinner, we noticed Asper and Fyodor also in Stout's. Ruha and Ren were there as well. On noticing them, Robhim informed Ruha their presence and asked her not to fireball the place. Fyodor noticed we noticed and went to the back, where he became invisible and escaped Robhim and Brennel's prying eyes. Vine tracked him for a while, but a scentbreaker bag was used.


We had one week of downtime while the dwarves did their dwarving.

  • Wolfdale researched.
  • Lukas somethinged.
  • Brennel somethinged.
  • Simon somethinged.
  • Robhim made a few spare coins crafting, trained Vine and met people throughout the city.

The Breached Wall/Ready to Evacuate

Everyone went to the dwarven mine. Brennel and Robhim sat upstairs while everyone else (watchmembers) went into the abyss. There was a simple decayed room on the other side of the 'door', in which there was another room that had an untrapped pedistal. On a secret panel attached to the pedistal were symbols. Shannon conferred via a linked notebook about the symbols and Alicia, acting as head of the Harpell School, issued an evacuation order. A pit fiend became visible, and did damage, including killing Timmie and Ren, and plenty of others. Robhim and Brennel went back to town (and slipped word to the underside of the city about the pit fiend). The watch members were made to wait for a while.

Within an hour of the discovery the mines have been shut down and everyone is milling about in the large main hall of the mines. Down the middle of the hall a contingent of Iron Men clear a path straight towards the mine. After a few moments of silence the powerful group is felt before they are even seen. A wave of people dropping to their knees goes through the crowd as Lord King Dac'Angelo, dressed in full plate, bastard sword and shield, with bandoliers of potions, scrolls, wands, and components. He has an angry look upon his face. Following in formation with him are a gorgeous woman with reddish skin and fiery red hair with a staff, Harlann McInnis the General of the LRC Armed Forces, Duncan McBride who seems to be in his element, and thin black man dressed in the fashion of the ninja kobolds with katana and wakazasi, who winks at you as he passes. Closely following behind them are the elite Iron Men, warriors and wizards both. This group is met by the matriarch of the Meadmaker clan, Whoopi Broomuser-Meadmaker and Yeoul Mison. They all head down into the mines. After they pass, the PC watch members are ordered to go back to the city and that it is treason to mention any of the events that happened in the mines.

So a Man Walked Into a Bar and. . .

... brandished a wand threateningly, demanding money of the owner of Stout's Inn. To demonstrate the gravity of the situation, he fireballed a collection of wee folk in the wee folk's dining area. When the party decided to act, the thief recognized us, and wanded them with a fireball. After seeing that the adventurers weathered the fireball well, he dropped the wand and gave up, sobbing and reflecting on how he has turned wrongly to a life of crime. The party's watch members reported him, and jailed him.

This man, Neral Taylor?, was one of the men that was hired to intercept the party when they were on their way from Sea Town to LRC.

Lone Rock City: Gaming Sessions

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Warriors of the Morning Breeze: Brennel, Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Dookette, Nan'lhach, Dmitrii, Ist'Vaech, Grim Greycastle, Sir Valans, Vaeriasa,