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LRC:Meadmaker Mashup

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Attendance: Daryl, Frank, Ryan, and Joe

Additional Cast: Nan'lhach, Simon, Blue, Poon, Alicia, Athos, Shannon, Lukas, Althea, Dmitrii, Johnny Whiskey, Roscoe, Layna, Meridian, Tony, Meriae

Leaving the forests of Myth Drannor

The morning the party planned on returning to Lone Rock City, Poon wandered off, saying that he was going to pray for spells and didn't return. With an hour and a half delay and a blocked scrying attempt, the party was whisked back to Lone Rock City by Alicia, Athos, and Shannon.

Arriving in Lone Rock City

The party arrived in Alicia's office in the Harpell School of Wizardry, and were recommended that they hide from the eyes of Talen until the ceremony that announces the new king. The party asked for a wagon, were granted use of one, to go to the Meadmaker Mines. Blue knelt and apologized to Robhim for assuming that Robhim wasn't being true to Anhur's master plan and asked to be forgiven and resume a position at his side. Robhim forgave Blue and accepted him back into the party. Nan'lhach bid party goodbye, with a promise of spreading good word with the Woodsmen. Donning dark hooded cloaks, they made their way a couple blocks over to the waiting wagon.

Along the way, the allure of the festival games lured Dookette and Brennell into stopping and playing some, despite Wolfdale strongly recommending that everyone get to the mines as quick as they could.

Dookette won a wooden nutcracker at a ball toss stand, on which Robhim carved a phallus. Brennel won a nutcracker as well.

In the crowd Lukas saw his long-awaiting love, Althea, and grabbed her in his arms, allowing his cloak to fall back and reveal his identity. Behind her was her traveling companion, a watch tower made of metal and greatsword named Dmitrii. Dmitrii had saved Althea's life in Procampur and continued to travel together.

On the way to the Meadmaker Mines

While traveling by covered wagon to the Meadmaker Mines, out of the blue Dmitrii draws his greatsword and takes a lunge at Lukas that misses and cleaves a small canyon in the fine dwarven road. Pissed that trouble seems to follow Lukas, Wolfdale punches him. Dookette tells the greatest joke that Dmitrii has ever heard, about midgets and cucumbers, and he falls to the ground under the influence of Hideous Laughter.

Removed of his weapons, Dmitrii explains that he was Geas'd by a sorceror in Sembia to kill Lukas. He tried to ignore the spell, but it only resulted in hurting himself. The party informed him that there was a cure, that the rest of the party had a similar issue, and that made Dmitrii agreed not to kill Lukas ... for the time being.

At the Meadmaker Mines

More festival games were to found at the Meadmaker Mines, where Brennel won a plush kobold doll and Dmitri won a masterwork dwarven tower shield.

The party asked Dmitrii more questions about the sorceror who enchanted him, getting a description of a man that resembled Janus, even the fact that he had a red rose.

Wrestling Match

Wolfdale, known to the dwarves as "Headbutt", was signed up to be one of the wrestlers in the competition. After winning several matches, Headbutt faced off against Johnny Whiskey, a half-orc brute. The match entertained the crowd, with Dookette bribing the wizard to look the other way while spells were cast, Whiskey's corner slut got knocked out by a rock from Brennell, but unfortunately Wolfdale lost honorably, despite having the party chanting "mindblade, mindblade".

Roscoe was encountered at the wrestling match and he asked Brennell if he would be interested in a job that unfortunately was timed to go off at the same time that the party was busy. He also said that he was able to sell the "evil" loot from Janus' lair. After his cut, the party would receive 2,550 gp.

Lukas and Althea go off on their own for a chance to catch up in private.

Shannon disguises the party

Shannon met the party near the exit of the mines and cast Veil on them, with the following disguises:

  • Robhim appears to be an elderly man with a cane and spell pouches, Victor Harpell.
  • Brennell appears to be an formorian worker, Victor's familiar
  • Dookette appears to be a halfling cleric of Mystra, name unknown to Meriae
  • Wolfdale appears to be a knight with a decorative sash that has the Harpell family crest on it, Vincent Harpell.

Once again traveling by covered wagon, the party started back to the city to make their show. On the road, Layna asks for a lift to the city. The party was nervous as she asked them casual questions, however the fact that they were all disguised as Harpells covered for their confusing responses.

Dac'Angelo: Warrior, Wizard, Wonderful

The party showed up at the palace, ready for their bit parts and they find Meridian crying in a corner. His Dac'Angelo had broken a leg and their were problems with the entire cast. As soon as the party said they would help, Meridian immediately cheered up and recast the whole play on the spot.

Dac'Angelo: Wizard, Warrior, Wonderful

After the play

On the way to the wagon, they heard some commotion in the alleyway. Closer inspection revealed that Meriae Harpell was being assaulted by five rogues. Battle ensues. Two thugs were left alive and questioned. The thugs were hired to kidnap one of Lori Harpell's daughters. They chose Meriae because they felt that Delirium would be a bit too crazy to keep. They have a dropbox at the Wayfarer's Union where they exchange messages for jobs.

Meriae agrees to lie low so that the party can do a sting operation. They agree to meet her the day following Shieldmeet at Stout's for breakfast.

Afterwards, Meriae is able to explain which Harpell members the party is disguised as.

Daryl's raw notes

-poon left, waited 1.5 hours for him.
-shannon appeared to help with teleporting
-midsummers festival today, shieldmeet tomorrow.
-blue kneels and apologizes to robhim, asks to join party
-'n'a'n'l'a'c'h' bids adieu and will give good word of us to the woodsmen
-the burial of the king dacangelo and forman announcement of the heir will be on shieldmeet
-but only if the hand of kalemvar (only high-level priest who hasn't tried to divine him) finds no info.
-got a covered wagon arranged for by athos to go from scarlet stone to meadmaker mine.
-had to walk a few blocks to covered wagon.
-shannon promised to fetch us from the mine and magically disguise us to attend the play
-dookette and brennel played games.  won nutcrackers.  brennel told to go away after robhim used bless weapon on a sandbag
-althea + dmitri appeared just before the wagon, joined up the entourage
-dmitri attacked on way to meadmaker mine
-convinced him to stop doing it on grounds we know a way to fix his sicknesses
-apparengly geased by someone presumably similar to janus
-meadmaker mines have games too.  brennel and dookette ring people in to a throwing contest.
-brennel wins a kobold doll.
-also a contest of strength, grand prize a masterwork dwarven tower shield
-debriefing dmitri more.  descriptions of janus very well match his geaser, including the roses.
-the "janus" was seen in sembia
-wrestling contest was lost.
-robhim gave 25gp to dookette to bribe the wizard judge
-slut knockout
-wolfdale lost, honorably not using his mind blade
-roscoe seen.  has a job during shieldmeet, when we are to gift ring to harlan.
-roscoe sold our stuff for 3000 gp.  we have 2550 of it coming.
-althea and lukas get a room in the mines to stay.
-shannon disguises us as harpells with a viel spell which will last well until the morrow
-leyna hitchhikes back with us on our cart to lrc.  small talk.  discovery apparently thwarted by some deft "almost lies"
-the play.  lead actors gone; backups took another role in another play and is unavailable
-thugs attacking meriae
-hired to kidknapp one of the archmages daughters
-delerium assumed to give more of a trouble.
-anonymously got the job by a wayfarer's dropbox.  we got key to it and which it is.
-meriae will find delerium and lay low for a couple days.
-she'll help us to find the kidnappers by posing as a kidnapped girl.  meet the day after shieldmeet @ stouts for brekky.
-we remembered we have shark skins to sell from 2 of the sharks we killed.

Lone Rock City: Gaming Sessions

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Alternate World Sessions: Amnesia (Alternate World), Wedding and the End of the World (Alternate World),

Party Members: Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Ist'Vaech, Wes Temple, Vaeriasa, Vaeriasa Spells, Vaeriasa Special Abilities, Dragonform, Brave Iron Man (Guy),

Warriors of the Morning Breeze: Brennel, Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Dookette, Nan'lhach, Dmitrii, Ist'Vaech, Grim Greycastle, Sir Valans, Vaeriasa,