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LRC:Attacking the Darkness (Janus Raid)

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Attendance part 1: Joe, Ryan, Herman, Daryl
Attendance part 2: Herman, Daryl, Frank

Vurbag spills his guts


Once out a'da jail, me go and find Liberaters. Me am not having hard time, as am I orc and we gud for fightin'. An' me being a cleric of dark god help. Me am good in battle, so me quickly promoted into da group. One day me get told to meet sum very impurtant person at a metting and so me go early, so as not to be late.
In a'da window, me am seeing an elve talkin' to sum peeple, then place a cap on his head and whoosh, he turns inta Asper. Me told that me am to kill noble, work wit' some fellas to get 'er done. Me no given name of nuble yet.

Poon: I sold the loot. I really should start taking a fee for all the leg work that I do. Anyway, who took the three Potions labled Cure Light Wounds?

Robhim: WE sold the loot, as a group. Remember? I think Brennel and Lukas each took one. The third's in the air still.

Poon: All you did was carry. I talked the guy into buying the armor with the blood on it. :-)

Lukas: Yes, yes you talked him into buying that one piece of armor, good for you. And yes I'll take the potion, even if I already have a wand of the spell. Remind me to get that wand Identified so I know how many charges are left.

Brennel: Maybe we should have waited another week or so before contacting him. I'm kind of curious if this elf is the same elf that the others tracked down. That elusive bard...

Robhim: It feels like we should have. I say we just urge there to be an elven ghetto with fenced walls, no visitation passes, dwarven guards and poison sumac trees.

Poon: I object to your racisim and if you weren't paying me so well I'd refuse to heal you. But you are paying me well, so I don't care that you dislike elves.

Robhim: Poon, you're not an elf. You're a wood elf. When I say elf I mean asshole-elves like high/gray/moon [whatever they are in FR].

Reporting to Talen

Lukas: Finding out that Talen trusts Harlann is. . . interesting. I hope nothing bad comes of that trust. We've also been hired to retrieve a powerful magic item for him. We've been asked to allow him to cast a Geas on each of us to ensure the secrecy of the mission. I'd have taken the geas without extra pay but since he's offering I see no reason to refuse the extra money. Resources for a warlock are expensive. We're to report in after the Janus Raid.

Oh, and he got rid of the Velsharoonian Mark of Injustice. Now I don't need to wear a hat anymore. But since I have it, I might as well wear it.

I'm not completely sure of his motives, but he seems better than some of the people that we have met.

Robhim: I'm glad Talen has another job we can do for him. It makes me feel better about refusing the one from Harlann. I hope we've made the right decision (now that we've made one). And hey, he's willing to pay extra to keep our mouths sealed.

Reporting to Harlann

Lukas: Harlann is a still. . . irritating. He seems to have some major trust issues. Although I'd probably check to make sure that I had actually changed my faith if I were him. I might have been a little more discrete about the fact that I was doing so. Still strikes me as one of the guys to throw in with if everything falls to whit.

Robhim: He's a prick. He was quite surprised to find that Talen trusts him. I hope that doesn't backfire, though Talen is quite intelligent enough to see through Harlann, I'd hope.

A special message for Lukas

Lukas: A message? For me? Why, I'm so glad that the evil bastard has decided to give me a message, embare-ass-ing me in front of the watch! Although I suppose it's good news that the Explosive Runes and Sepia Snake Sigil were dispelled by Ruha. And that Janus tried to kill me with a letter. I must remember to thank her for dispelling those. It's a very clear message, even if it's a wordless one.

Brennel: It's too bad sending a package to another person, loaded with a Sepia Snake Sigil and Explosive Runes isn't an evil act. But I have a feeling we'll find something inside the house to nail him.

Robhim: I'd rather send a box of chocolate covered dire rat excrement. No magic or traps involved. Then again, I guess it's less lethal. It's definitely more entertaining, though.

Lukas: This was a direct result of Lukan Braying about me forsaking Velsharoon in the bar last night.

Creepy crawlies in the evil basement

Altar Room: Contained a large-sized sacrificial altar with blood and ichor on it. The bookshelves had books for necromatic lore. Bedroom: Had a chest that exploded when opened, destroying whatever books lay inside.

Lukas: Skeletons, Larger Skeletons and a skeleton that's not a normal skeleton, that casts spells. I'm glad we have a cleric along, Poon really helped in getting rid of the skeletons. Now we're left dealing with a decently potent caster who's trapped in a corner. That Poon can't turn.

It might come down to lightning bolting his ass or summoning a monster or three to pound on him. Or just soaking up the spells till he runs out.

Poor Poon, I know how he feels.

Poon: F#$% you! I got no legs!

Lukas: And I've had both my legs AND my arms withered like that! I'm sympathyzing with you not mocking you!

Poon: Was that part of your evil rituals to join this sick cult?

Lukas: No, it happened while fighting a Kocraken. A demon torturer from the abyss, or maybe a devil from the nine hells. And it happened nowhere near here. The spell wears off after a couple of minutes, no more than 20, as far as I know. We'll keep you alive till you get your legs back. (OOC: Lukas would know the duration, he did manage to spellcraft it when he got hit by it. As you probably remember.) Now shut up and keep shooting it!

Hunting the Darkness

Quick sketch of the bad guy by Randy.

Lukas: Hidden passageways, illusions and I'm the only one that can see the fucker! I haven't been given the runaround so badly since Rafe was 9 years old. In one passage, out the other, shrouded in darkness, around in circles, all while summoning undead with a wand. I thank Azuth he didn't run from the hallway when he could. Otherwise he would have been very hard to catch again. I also wonder why he became visible. He should have stayed invisible much longer.

Robhim: I lured him into attacking me, hoping to break whatever spell I was casting. My plot worked, and we slashed him into submission. [GJ Randy ;)]

Lukas: Wolfdale got the final blow and I can't say I'm gonna complain. That Boney Fucker finally died, Hallelujah!.

Dispel magic would have helped, as would expeditious retreat. I'll get a few scrolls or a wand of both. It also seems that I now have a coin that radiates darkness, a handy potion belt, and an easy access wand bandolier. That coin might come in handy. We also got a few wands, which we might not be able to keep.

I also got a chest to explode by blasting it open. I burned up a set of spellbooks in the process. I hope they weren't stolen or evidence of kidnappings.

Robhim: Sorry I torched the bookshelves, guys. They seemed so potently evil, it was too risky to let them out into the world. Besides, I just had the unbearable craving to torch something after poor Vine's death at the recieving end of a skeletal owlbear's claw claw bite routine. I'll bury him under the ivy.

Poon: You burned books that could have made us rich and able to retire becuase your poor little snake got killed?! It couldn't cost that much to replace your snake.

The Light Shines In

Lukas: After the Fucker finally fell, we came back out of the basement. The soldiers on the first floor managed to subdue the butler. Ruha, Duncan, Phil, Shad and the others that went after Janus came back out of the basement. They brought the bad news that Janus had escaped in a teleportation circle. Crap. I was hoping they'd just kill the evil bastard.

Then we got debriefed and told to be quiet about what had happened at the Janus estate. Duncan actually gave Brennel and me a backhanded compliment for marking the illusory doorways, among other pointed comments.

Poon: The loot was:

  • Scroll: Divine Interdiction (150gp)
    • Sell, useless to us, since we can't be turned. -Daryl
  • Scroll: Ray of Weakness (225gp)
  • Scroll: Ray of Weakness (225gp)
  • Scroll: Ray of Weakness (225gp)
    • Do we sell these or do we keep these? -Herman
  • Wand of Summon Undead II at 6th caster lvl
    (DM note: Lukas/Robhim made the spellcraft to figure this out after the battle)
    • We should probably sell it, despite its usefulness. -Daryl
  • Wand B
    • I think one of these is Inflict -Daryl
  • Wand C
  • Wand D
  • Potion
  • Headband, magical
    • Probably intellectual. -Daryl
    • Let's sell it if it is. -Herman
  • Scroll Bandolier
    • Probably best for Lukas. -Daryl
    • Lukas does claim this.
  • Potion Belt
    • Brennel or Wolfdale? -Daryl
  • Wand straps
    • I'd like this -Daryl
    • I'll buy my own. -Lukas
  • 500 gp gives everyone and slush fund +71.42 gp

A Trip to the Gardens

Robhim: It really sucks that I can't talk to my friends about what happened. Stupid secrets.

Lukas: It was necessary. But we could have gotten lunch after getting Wolfdale de-cursed. I'm interested in finding out more about this Albino. Wolfdale hasn't mentioned anything about his revenge issue in a long time. Seems he's as bad off as I am. I'll help him out if I can, even if I do nothing more than help look for the guy.

Robhim: Hopefully your solution to help him isn't "join an evil cult". *wink*.

Poon: Did anyone else notice that once he got in a tight spot Lukas turned on his evil cult? What does that mean when he gets into a tight spot with us?

Lukas: Has anyone else noticed that Poon goes where the money is? What does that mean when someone offers him a bunch of money to betray us? Betraying Janus was correcting a sizeable mistake. Sticking with the party is a personal choice, not an "I get paid" choice.

Oh, and I hope Robhim's solution to our problems isn't "kill all the elves". *Nudge Nudge*

Robhim: Killing all the elves would indeed be a viable solution to our problems, especially the Asper problem. Unfortunately, it is not environmentally sound. In the urban environment, elves are ecologically essential for at least the following:

  • the maintenance of narrow, winding, streets to confuse authority, which in turn keeps air moisture content high from more sweating during frequent mid-afternoon strolls,
  • creating indecypherable romantic poetry, fueling lengthy poetic discussions of air-warming dimensions,
  • ensuring an incoming supply of silk, thus feeding the moths,
  • sheddling long locks of beautiful golden hair all about, which many birds and rodents (including fey) find delectable for nestbuilding,
  • contributing their rose-smelling bodily excrements to the sewage system, effectively limiting the noxious odors,
  • and keeping the dwarves from turning every street corner into a pub.

So as you see, while killing all the elves might be a solution, in the long-term impact on the city could be devastating.

Lukas: You're AGAINST killing all the elves? I was worried that you were going to suggest it yourself, that's why I joked about it. I have nothing against elves myself. Except Harlann, he's an asshole. And Phil would probably fund a bar on every streetcorner if he didn't have that everfull mug.

DM/Player Comments

DM: The battle lasted 37 rounds.

Herman: Yeah, you really know how to make a battle last. I did have fun, despite the length.

Daryl: The good ones last. ESPECIALLY if they involve undead and casters in a specially-constructed stronghouse.

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