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Corruption in the Monarchy -by Shelby Tucker

Recent events have shown that there is indeed corruption with the royalty in Lone Rock City.

During the unveiling of the Garrison of the Gale the estranged woodsman Jones made an appearance, though it was not a pleasant one. He attacked King Talon and his guards upon his appearance. A vision of Mystra also appeared, announcing that King Talon became a user of the shadow weave and abused her gifts.

Combat ensued, in which most of the nobility evacuated the garrison. King Talon summoned a demon as well as one of his Six Sisters to assist him against Jonas. Although sides began to be split, most of the Knights of the Morning Breeze turned to help Jones.

Casualties were kept to a minimum due to the efforts of Queen Rebecca Harpell’s Warriors of the Morning Breeze. Listed among the major casualties were King Talon himself as well as Sir Valans and one of the Six Sisters.

Queen Rebecca Harpell came to her knights after the fight was over and teleported them away with the assumption that there was another immediate threat that needed to be dealt with in concerns to King Talon.

Though we are not sure of the exact details, rumor is that a powerful magic item was recovered during the ensuing fight. A follow-up story will follow once more is discovered.

In this investigators opinion, this proves exactly why power can not be based solely upon the monarchy. This recent turn of events shows that they will grasp to power in any way they can and are not afraid to dive into the evils that may entail. One would hope that a House of Commons gets established as to give you or I a common ground to stand on.


  • +470gp to Robhim, Wolfdale, Ist'Veach, Wes, Cadearo, Grim, and Slush Fund.
  • Oil of Magic Weapon +3 > Cad
  • Mask of Mastery (MIC p193)
    +5 Competence bonus to Intimidate; Command as the spell but not language dependent, standard action 1/day, Will DC 20. > Wolfdale
  • Gloves of Dexterity +4 > Cad (passes +2 dex gloves to Robhim)
  • Amulet of Health +4 > Ist (Cad gets +2 amulet from Ist)
  • Cloak of Charisma +6
    Confiscated by the Iron Men. Each Warrior was given 3,000 gp and nonWarrior was given 3,000 gp in credit towards magic item creation with the Harpell School. (The credit applies to the final cost of the item, not the crafting cost.)
  • Ring of Time
    Confiscated by the Defenders of the Ring.
  • Flying Carpet, 5x5 > Slush

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