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LRC:The Death of Janus

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Death in 7 Parts


Rohbim and four thugs from the city militia of Ordulin were sent to us from contacts of the King. Wolfdale’s suspicious nature sniffed out the falsity of Rohbim but he just couldn’t prove it to the more logical members of the party (Grim, Ist'Vaech, Cadearo, Simon). Eventually we were ambushed and we let the false Rohbim run-off having found good evidence that they were agents of the Liberators.


The real Rohbim came back with reinforcements on a flying rug. Sir Valans was last seen in discussions with the King and had not contacted the large party of vacationers of the Ironmen. Seems a number of Ironmen like to vacation in cold, wet places centrally located near necromancers. These vacationers numbered the dudes’ Ren, Jar-Jar, Phil, and Ruha. They shook out her carpet after teleporting to Jar-Jar’s village and flew all night to join us in Ordulin.


Arriving at the orphanage we found the upper rooms destroyed and all the undead turned to dust. This continued on into the lair below where even fresher signs of battle were revealed. We could hear the sound of arms past Janus’ sitting room, which was still foggy. Carefully scouting ahead Ruha spotted two “ice biscuits”. She promised to take care of the devils while we went aside to find Janus and get the gem. She asked us to take Jar-Jar with us.


Janus and the last of his undead were holding off two devil elves and a horde of lemur. Careful skirting of the battle got us to Janus just as one of the elves stole the nightbringer gem. Janus enchanted him to hand it back intent on keeping it. Wolfdale and Grim stepped in and killed both of the devil elves letting the gem fall to the hard stone floor. The gem didn’t crack and Istvaech was able to snatch it up before Janus could recover it. Janus started a running battle trying to pin our hasted party down so he could catch up the gem. Eventually he was surrounded and hacked up in a doorway.


The beheaded body of Janus was placed in the bag of holding and we started to organize ourselves to help in the ongoing battle against the devils. Then Janus climbed back out of the bag silently cursing us in a zone of silence. Still pinned in the door this Janus was very short lived. Dying right after dispelling the silence. Once again he was beheaded and shoved into the bag.


Mummified Janus pulled himself out of the bag in a wave of fear and revulsion. Escaping us by slipping ethereally away he found himself some space to engage us in. Rohbim cast another silence on Cadearo before things became too dangerous. Janus was still able to escape the silence long enough to turn Rohbim into a pile of dust. The charge of Wolfdale and Cadearo guided by Tyre ended the mummy of Janus(ii?). The whole party commenced to a thorough dismemberment of the Janii bodies. Phil, Ruha, and Ren found us in this frenzy of thoroughness.


Phil was able to sweep up Rohbim before Jar-Jar and his puppy did something unfortunate in their grief over him. The rest of us stood shocked. Also somewhat amazed that the high priest of death hadn't taken more victims.


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