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LRC:Fantine Taylor vs the Party

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Attendance: Joe, Ryan, and Daryl
Guest DM: Joe

And He'll Get Gold For You!

While sitting around Stout's Inn the party discovered that Fantine Taylor, who previously was being represented by a shady, low-cost barrister, had somehow traded up to one of the best barristers in Lone Rock City—Edgar Synder!

Those who chose to represent themselves have fools for clients

The party decided that Dookette should represent the party, even though she lacked the requisite barristing knowledge she could be cute as a button when she wasn't reciting a long-winded poem about being "raped" as a dwarf-child.

The Prosecution calls to the stand...

Derianna Godsclub

Derianna attempted to claim that the party had interrupted a religious ceremony. While this was in fact true, Dookette brought to light that the religious ceremony was an evil religious ceremony to the dark god Velsharoon.

Tony Castigo

The prosecution attempted to use the fact that the party had initially attacked Tony at their first meeting, but had omitted testimony that Tony was in full makeup at the time as a chain devil.


During recess, a strange man decided to try and attack the party but he was quickly subdued.

Trial resumes

Whitney Pendragon

The party hired a witness through Roscoe. Whitney helped us to demonstrate the uncaring, abusive character of Fantine. He successfully conveyed that she was having a gay old time at the arena beating her kids and letting them play with rats.


Pigface testified that the party had disobeyed orders while serving in the LRC Navy and on a secret mission for the King. Unfortunately for Pigface, the creation of the royal navy had not yet occurred.

Fantine Taylor

Fantine went on the stand to attempt to make her dead husband look less like the thug scumbag that he was. Upon cross examination it was revealed that she had been married to him for less than a year and she actually knew very little about him, other than the fact that he was only the father of one of her many children.


In the end, the judge decided to throw the case out.

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