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19 Jan 2006—Session 15
Attendance: Daryl, Herman, Joe

Back at Stout's inn

Lukas: Y'know, you'd think kidnappers would have the sense not to kidnap someone right outside of an inn. Especially when the victim is a screamer like Simon.

On the plus side, I got a wand out of the conflict and we got to arrest the Derianna Godsclub and kill her father Keth Godsclub. And kill a human who was helping them. Well, okay, those really aren't pluses. I did get a new wand out of it. I also got blinded.

We also met an apparently demented dwarven bard that helped us to protect Simon. She seems to have become an ally. I shall heretofore refer to the man hating bitch as Angsty McEmoDwarf.

Poon: So what we removed from the bodies was:

Unfortunately the Watch arrived too soon for us to start removing armor ... dammit.

Robhim: After saving Simon from the half-orc family and thug (thanksfully Stout's wasn't damaged), we made dinner arrangements to catch up tomorrow evening. Dookette proved her worth during the combat. Sort of. Let's see how long we can keep her following us without taking another share out of the loot. I enjoy Poon's healing allowing me to cast my spells offensively.

Politics with the Chaunteans

Lukas Jar Jar can't remove my blindness until tomorrow. Crap. Remind me to ask Robhim about the Chauntean political meeting.

Robhim: I borrowed a Chauntean holy symbol from Jar Jar to get into tonight's meeting. Jar Jar, as benevolent as he is, also loaned Lukas a walking cane until he can cure him tomorrow. That's so nice of him, although I bet he hurt Jar Jar's feelings when he didn't even say thank you!

During the meeting, Yondbe discussed with everyone the political state of the city. He recounted the story of creation and the coming of the eternal battle between Light and Darkness. I interjected a few statements, but not many. Yondbe is planning to Commune to ask about the king's missing soul.

I got some names of some fellow Gardeners who'd like to join the guild. I must find time to draft some documents.

Thanks Jar Jar and the Performers Guildhall


Lukas Can you guess why we visited Jar Jar today? After my eyes were cured, we went to the performers guildhall. Did you know that the costumers there can make an excellent Chain Devil costume? It's actually good enough to fool experienced adventurers who have fought a chain devil.

I should know. I'm the guy that put a morningstar shaped wound in the poor actor's shoulder. Thankfully, he's forgiven me now. Though it took a little to talk him down from his anger. Turns out Tony, who made such a good costume, is involved with Hans Aliza. I knew Hans had to have sugar in his shoes. It was so obvious that very few could miss it.

Robhim: I collected 500 gp of the 1,000 gp stipend for the guild creation from Meridian Owen, guildmaster of the Council of Musicians and Performers. Dookette and I also took small combat roles (in the rear of the stage) for the upcoming play, Dac'Angelo: Warrior, Wizard, Wonderful. She was quite disappointed she couldn't get a speaking part.

Ellison Park Poetry Reading

Lukas: I heard Dookette got kicked out of the Poetry reading. By General McInnis. There may be hope for him yet. Dookette though, seems hopeless. But at least she's useful. Maybe I've got that backwards, at least Dookette did something to piss off Harlann.

Robhim: In the snotty elven district is Ellison Park. I should have known better than to go there, but Dookette insisted on the city tour. Well, lo and behold, elves (the plague that they are) were there. This included his high-and-mighty Harlann and his ever so lovely wife Cendrell. Dookette volunteered one poem, which the crowd deemed inappropriate for the crowd. Her second poem, about some pretty-but-not girl (I didn't get all the innuendo that was in it to be sure) seemed really to piss off Harlann. I hope she didn't take my joke and actually make something up about Cendrell. I thought the poem on the surface was pretty good though.


Lukas: Angsty Mcemodwarf (AKA Dookette) and Robhim went to their poetry reading in the park. You'll have to ask them about it.

Blue and I went to the Halls of the Evenhanded and were referenced to the Harpell School. Shannon identified the sword at it turns out his sword is worth more than 30,000 gold!! (32,375 gp —Randy) I bought a permit for the wands I have and found out that the wand I got off of the cleric (Keth Godsclub) is a cure light wounds wand.

I don't know how many charges it has left though.

Robhim: The falchion, Anhur's gift to me (with nasty packing that just wouldn't die) turns out to be a +1 merciful holy falchion, Lukas tells me. What a shame I couldn't afford the permit for it. I wonder if I buy a permit while I'm a watchmember and then leave -- do I have to make up the difference? That'd be rediculous.

Poon: Note that if the falchion is yours, then it's party loot and I get my share of the 32,375 gp. (It's 4,625 gp each if you want the math.)

Blue: I hope that no one minds, but I sold the masterwork longsword and bought a falchion. The longsword just felt very awkward in my hands. Considering that I need both hands to use the falchion, I donated the light shield to the Watch. I have a feeling that it will be a long time before I can afford a permit to get my sword back. If I leave the island, they will give it back, correct?


Lukas: I sent Blue back to Stout's while I kept a prior appointment. I'll explain what happened later. There are certain things that I need to prepare ahead of time. And I need to buy a hat.

The political intrigue has also gotten deeper than I feared it would. It's gonna take one hell of a shovel to muck this stable out. I really really hate the morass that is this island's political structure.

I'm now no longer sure of who to trust. Oh, wait. Harlann is the only one that hasn't done anything that is blatantly untrustworthy. I really don't count us getting clapped in irons that bad. I'd have done the same thing in his position. I wonder if Mystra would let me stay a warlock?

Robhim: Catching up on stories with Simon was nice. I also wish Lukas would reveal to us what goes on with him and Sauron. Everyone on the island seems to want him caught doing something. I think that should be a constant side project of ours -- but only if Lukas agrees to help and be open with us.

Lukas Oh don't you worry, I have plans for "Sauron". I just have some preparation to do. I've also got to decide on a course of action, one option I have might work well enough to get what we want done. The other action almost definitely would but entails a lot more risk. So what's Anhur like, I've heard only a little about him?

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