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LRC:No One Trusts Talen

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Starring: Robhim, Vaeriasa, Wes Temple, Wolfdale, and Tam Hukar and Guy continued to survive.
Guest Starring: Simon, Captain Jack Baringer, the three remaining Six Sisters, and Talen
Challenge: Six sisters, HauntMM5
Location: Sea of Fallen Stars, Mondar's ancient home
Date Played: 26 Feb 2009

Approached at Sea

Wes: The past few days at sea went pretty peacefully, though when you are around the Warriors of the Morning Breeze, this calm atmosphere does not last for long.

A storm was spotted in the distance that appeared to be magically created and was not the doing of Robhim. Soon after, the Talen that I have heard so much about appeared with what I was told was remaining three of his guard, the Six sisters.

Talen told us that he commended us on our dedication to Lone Rock City and that he respected us. He also stated that he brought word from Lone Rock City that our services were no longer needed and that we were to teleport back to the island with him. He also offered us 100,000 gold to come with him, which immediately made us not believe his story. I was tempted to come with him, though, when he said that he could help me reclaim my son. When he refused to answer my question about him working with Levistus, though, all bets were off.

When Talen teleported away with none of us on tow, his guard attacked with a flurry of magic. Acid fogs and fireballs barraged the ship while the sisters flew around the ship, teleporting and becoming invisible to fool our senses. After a tough battle and a magic jar that suffered serious lag, the battle was over with "minimal" damage to the ship. Surprisingly, Captain Baringer was thankful.

Ancient Temple

Wes: We were eventually led to the temple in which we were seeking. It appears to have been looted many times, including a trip from Duncan and company.

During the journey through the great halls we came to a well with inscriptions on the well and walls. It appears that some were left by a trickster as Wolfdale found some inscriptions that read "I prepared explosive runes this morning" and took a healthy blast to the chin.

We eventually found the well was the key and I entered the well. I appeared that the well has an illusionary bottom that hid a heavy pool of acid and a portal to extradimensional space. We decided to wait until the next morning to properly prepare ourselves for the upcoming descent into the well and to the beyond.

Ghostly Grove and the Book

Wes: Once we passed though the portal we appeared in some sort of druid's grove (or so I would assume) that had book shelves and a desk strewn about it's place. Before we had any time to look around, though, we were beset by an ghostly tree known as a haunt. It was not a difficult foe, though, as a single flurry of my fist were able to fell the creature.

Unfortunately, this create appeared to be a load-bearing creature and the extradimensional space began to collapse around us. We quickly searched the books for ones that would be useful. As the walls creeped closer and closer the group came to the conclusion that the read Book of the Dragon was here and we headed out as soon as we found it.

When back on the surface, we were confronted with the need for a password. Some quick thinking on behalf of Robhim with a casting of Scry Wiki, we were able to discover the password before the book took ahold of Wolfdale with it's transmutation magic.

Using the blindfold of blindsight, we were able to read the pages, confirming that the book was in fact the one we have been seeking.


  • No GP
  • Cloak of Charisma +6 (×2); Ring of Protection +2 (×2); Amulet of Natural Armor +2 (×2)

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