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After being thanked by Ren Tidebringer and told to forget the strange fiery-haired drow, life goes back to normal for the adventurers.


Each character wandered the city, doing their own thing the day after getting back to Lone Rock City.


Brennel sought out more information on the Church of Misadventure. While fishing for information he was told to seek out either Roscoe (whom he knows) or Gerald Hofflepuff, a rumored worshipper of Brandobaris. Going to the address provided, Brennel found both Gerald and Roscoe, with others, playing cards. Brennel was easily admitted into the Church of Misadventure, told that if you say you're a member, then you're a member. Brennel was also told of Brandobaris' Tithe, which occurs each new moon and the followers of Brandobaris steal something and hide it and leave it in his honor. Brennel had an idea but needed help with it...


While searching for a moneylender in the city, Robhim was approached by Jar Jar, a high-ranking cleric of Chauntea. Robhim and Jar Jar wandered the city, carving initials and such into trees throughout the city. All the while Jar Jar told Robhim that his friends (Ren Tidebringer, Janus, Ruha, etc) were translating a copy of a prophecy and that he believed that they were wrong in their interpertation. He tells Robhim that when his party opened the Boxes of Orden that something bad happened, though it wasn't as bad if Nightbringer had opened the Boxes.

Jar Jar eventually gets bored and leaves Robhim. Shortly thereafter Brennel approaches Robhim for some assistance...

Lukas and Wolfdale

Lukas and Wolfdale (who was reinstated as a Watchman) put in a shift with the Watch and while on duty Janus approaches them and asks Lukas to visit him later that evening.


Simon goes and takes the Oath of Citizenship, obtains a library card, and goes to the Harpell School of Wizardry to become a member. He finds the School to be like a medieval DMV. He is greeted in "rain man" fashion by a spectacled thin man named Shannon Harpell. After being filling out all of the paperwork properly, Simon's request to become a member of the School is filed to be reviewed.


Abendango goes to the library, to research about the goings on in Lone Rock City and finds that Wolfdale is already there doing the same thing. They both conduct their research separately.

Later that night

Brennel and Robhim go to steal the tithe to Brandobaris and the item they seek to steal is Janus' rose bush. In the middle of the night they very quietly sneak onto the grounds and Robhim cuts the rose bush down with a swipe of his sycthe. They take the bush to the nearest graveyard, adding roses to most of the graves.

The Return of Ruha

Late morning the next day a court courier delivers formal invitations to the party members to attend the sunrise ressurection of Ruha. Several members of the party politely tipped him.

  • Dear _______, you are formally invited to the True Resurrection of Ruha tomorrow at sunrise in the Pastoral Gardens. Sincerely, Ren Tidebringer
  • The courier also delivered the Headband of Intellect, lesser to Simon, with permit

The next morning the party attends the sunrise ressurection and find that the attendance is much smaller than the last service, probably due to the services being held so early. Several party members notice that Fyodor is amoung those gathered. This makes everyone suspicious, as it seems that Fyodor had something to do with the murder of Ruha. Before the party can follow him, he mingles with the crowd leaving and disappears.

The party approaches Duncan McBride with this information and Duncan thanks the party. Duncan has been placed in charge of finding those behind the murder of Ruha and Fyodor is high on the list of suspects. Duncan asks everyone to follow him to the Halls of the Even-Handed, he has an assignment for the members of the Watch and the others can help if they choose. On they way there Duncan reveals that Tidebringer and some others are reviewing a finally found propechy to make sure the end of the world isn't coming.

A Brick in the Ointment

Duncan has been questioning Brick personally since the party turned him into the Watch. Duncan has been unable to get Brick to divulge everything that he knows, but has been interrupted by the crown. Clan Meadmaker successfully petitioned Lord King Dac'Angelo for rights to question Brick and Dac'Angelo agreed to give them some time with the prisoner. The assignment that Duncan gives to Wolfdale, Lukas, Timmie, and Simon is to escort Brick to the Meadmaker mines for interrogation by the dwarves.

Wolfdale purchases manacles and makes certain that Brick is secured before allowing him to leave the cell. Once outside the city on Meadmaker Road, Brick begins to goad Wolfdale into a fight. Before Wolfdale and Brick get into a fight, four brigands attack the party trying to free Brick. Brick attempts to escape but is stopped by an Entangle spell and snake's venom. The brigands are defeated, with one of them dead and the others still alive. Timmie argues with the rest of the party to go back to the city and turn the live ones in, instead of just killing them.

As everyone approaches the Meadmaker mines, Wolfdale goad Brick in his weakened state. Brick tells Wolfdale that he has something to tell him and begin whispering. When Wolfdale leans in to hear, Brick headbutts Wolfdale into unconsciousness. The dwarves guarding the mines have a hearty laugh at Wolfdale's expense, but offer to buy him drinks when he regains consciousness.

Meadmaker Mines

Once inside the dwarves take Brick off for questioning and the PCs are introduced to their dwarven guide, Tam Hukar, of Clan Meadmaker and is a rough yet young-looking dwarf who carries two hammers. He asks the PCs if they would like to go on a tour of the mine.

Everyone is shown the rail cars, the gem veins, and told that the workers are fairly compensated. (1 silver per 8 hour day, 2 silver per 12 hour day; with a 5 day in 10 day in a row limit requiring 2 days rest.) The mix of workers is mostly dwarf, then human, with a smattering of gnomes and a couple of kobolds. While Tam is showing them the mithral veins, a loud crash is heard in one of the side tunnels. Shouts can be heard saying “go back to hell ye bastards!” As the party rushes down the tunnel creatures pop out of the walls and attack the party! It is later revealed that they were attacked by Skeroloth.

After the PCs take care of the critters, down the tunnel is a larger cave opening and the scene is carnage. Dead dwarves and humans line the walls and floor, though catching everyone's eyes are the pile of dead demon critters, some similar to the ones just fought. A cleric rushes up to the party, “if ye know how to bandage, get to work. Otherwise, start digging in the pile of vermin and see if anyone is left alive!”

After everyone is battlefield is stabilized, the Tam tells the party that it seems someone opened a Gate to the plane of Gehenna and unleashed a horde of Yugoloths on the mine workers.


The next afternoon Tam brings a sun elf with black hair and blue eyes, dressed in adventuring clothes, spell pouches, and pistol and introduces her as Alicia Humphrey. Alicia is from the Harpell School of Wizardry and is going into the Dark Wood to find Jones. Originally she had planned to go alone, but since the party is there just waiting for the the dwarves to finish with Brick she wanted to see if they wanted to escort her to go see Jones. The party agrees to go with her for 50gp each.

While wandering the Dark Wood, the party follows Alicia's lead. After a few hours of wandering the woods it becomes obvious that she doesn't know where she's going. Just as the party asks her about that she casts a spell (Locate Person) and she begins to track Jones. Once she's close enough, she triangulates his location and asks the party to stay put for a few short minutes. She casts another spell (Dimension Door) and walks through.


Just about as soon as Alicia disappears, the party is surrounded by red eyes in the darkness. Slowly a large group of kobolds, dressed in ninja garb surround the party. A large panther growls menacingly and leaps!

To be continued!

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