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Duncan suggests a barbeque

Four things that need to be taken care of.

  • The Boxes of Orden are tied to the Great War between Good and Evil and a copy of the prophecy of Mondar must be found;
  • The soul of Lord King Dac'Angelo has been stolen and needs to be found;
  • The daughter of Dac'Angelo is missing;
  • and there are still Rings of Power that need to be found.

Duncan suggests that everyone, plus some others meet in a week at Ruha's place to meet and discuss possible plans.

Discussed during dinner, it was mentioned that Talen used to have the Ring of the Planes, but that he lost it. (The party later dug into the story and found that it had been bitten off by Aes Dreco, the bronze? dragon.)

Awards of Valor

Once the party is in the lobby of Scarletstone, they are met with a crowd of Harpells and cheers from the crowd. Rebecca Harpell, the queen herself rushes up the party and gives everyone a heartfelt hug. She says that the King is prepared to honor you outside.

Outside of Scarletstone the glacier has only slightly begun to melt in the midday sun, and judging by the little bit that has melted you would guess that it is going to take weeks until it's gone. The queen leads you to an orante marble stage that must have been magically created and on the stage is a podium. Next to the podium is King Talen, dressed in the finest courtly clothing and he waves for you to stand next to him.

"Huzzah for the heroes! These adventurers bravely fought and defended the ancestral home of the Queen of Lone Rock City. For that, they have earned the King's Medal of Valor. May they wear it with pride." Talen then pins the medal on each of the heroes. "Now I am certain that these brave heroes will join their King for a feast in their honor."

Dinner, with a side of War

Immediately following the award ceremony, the party is guided into carriages and taken directly to the palace. Guided through the palace by an armed escort they are led to the Master Dining Hall, a room that is easily larger than Stout's entire restaurant. King Talen sits on one side of an enormous dark wood table and Queen Rebecca sits on the other side, while the party is spaced out in the middle.

During dinner, Talen asks the party if they would like to become formally sponsored by him as it seems that sponsoring adventuring parties seems to all the rage in the Dalelands and Sembia. The party politely refuses, though Talen seems not to notice.

A courtier enters the dining hall and approaches King Talen, waiting patiently until the King addresses him. The courtier informs King Talen that Cora Alya from Elena'Talant is here to see him and it's urgent.

Cora Alya and his contingent are escorted into the dining hall by LRC Guards. Cora informs Talen that the attack on the three sea elves will be considered an act of war unless the captain of the Pearl of the Ocean is surrendered to Elena'Talant for trial. While Talen is considering this, Robhim begins to argue about how the island shouldn't go to war over one person. After not listening to the King telling him to be silent, Talen turns his royal wraith on Robhim, promising that if he spoke out of turn again that he would suffer! Turning calmly back to Cora Ayla, Talen tells him that he will require some time to consider the appeal.

Drafted into service

The party was informed via messenger that they were to undertake a exploration mission for the King in the Meadmaker Mines and that they will get their mission from General Hegan Armorcarver. When the party reports to Hegan, he tells them what happened after Lord King Dac'Angelo cleared out the "mining accident".

At first Alicia Humphrey was called in to investigate the room that was beyond the adamantine doors. She had three score of dwarves clearing out the debris in that room for weeks. Once all the debris was gone she began to translate some of the runes that were in the little room with the pedestal. When Dac'Angelo died and Talen was made King, Talen reassigned Alicia and had six quiet cloaked women come in and investigate. These women spoke only as needed, though it seems that they could communicate with each other without words. The only thing close to a name that we were given was that they were the Six Sisters.

What the Six Sisters found out, according to the report Hegan was given, was that the entire room was carved to focus magical energy into the smaller room. Specifically, a gem that would sit in the middle of the pedestal at it's center. Whether this was to power it or destroy it is unknown.

The new area that was discovered lies in the opposite direction of the Focusing Room. The debris has been cleared out and the recon team hasn't returned. The party's job is to map out this new area and return. If they can rescue or find out what happened to the recon team, that is a bonus.

Exploring the dungeon

Creatures fought in the dungeon: Hellcat, Barghest, Bearded Devil, and Lemures

The place is decorated in very old Elven styles, with hints of evil Elven styles. Also in the dungeon is a tunnel that leads off the in distance, with many passageways collapsed. The only exit from the tunnel is one that leads to the surface near a gorgeous waterfall. While exploring this virgin area of the island, the party comes across a large statue of a humanoid with a shell and horns on it's head and appears to be some sort of spellcaster turned to stone. Nearby the bones of an avian humanoid is found.


  • Ring of Water Walking (15,000 gp)
  • Crown of thorns, nonmagical
  • 800 gp

Overly Dramatic Angel

In the last room of the dungeon is a sits a giant winged angel, who stands up from his game of solitare to draw his greatsword from it's sheathe when the party enters. He announces that "Only those who champion for Good may pass". The boring, overly-dramatic solar is named Azrael. Typical.

Robhim, telling the story at some point in the future, "...and as we meet a solar and asked if we're good, we respond 'yeah. we're less not good than not evil. Let us through. Shush, you're annoying us. we just want to move on. Don't care about your stories. So, TECHNICALLY, you can let us through. but don't quote us on it'"

We went through, largely because he saw Glory with us.

Lone Rock City: Gaming Sessions

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