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LRC:Emergence of Nightbringer

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29 May 2009 Game Notes

Who is King?

The party is made aware of the bidders to the empty throne.

Dac'Angelo has expressed no interest in being king again and is supporting Lady Lori Harpell's bid to rule. A large majority of the nobles have blocked this, due to her strong stance on the establishment of a House of Commons as well as her publicly supporting the death of Talen.

Currently the Nobles are backing J.J. Wyeth as the new king.

Queen Rebecca Harpell has announced that she is pregnant with the heir to the throne. She is backed by the Harpell family. She has pardoned those involved with the death of Talen due to the obvious intervention of Mystra.

Sir Valans returns from the grave

During the ceremony to bring Sir Valans back, Nyles Harpell began to bleed out of his nose and ears in the struggle to bring Valans back from the great beyond. Upon returning Sir Valans appears to be frightened. During the next several weeks, you see that Sir Valans and Grim are having long conversations.

Nessa's proposal and the work release program

Nessa proposes a Healing Circle for the garrison. She says that the Meadmakers have a artisan who would be able to make one for a reduced price if the Warriors side with them in their bid to become a principality of Lone Rock City, with Whoopi Broomuser as regent.

As a favor to Duncan, Wolfdale agreed to mentor a prisoner from the work release program. Delivered to the garrison's doorstep was Brick, who professed a desire to become a better person.

There is also a note delivered, ordering the Warriors of the Morning Breeze to action at the palace.

Reporting for duty

At the palace the party is directed to the large amphitheater in the Halls of the Even-handed. It seems that every active Iron Man and ranking Watch member is present. On stage is Queen Rebecca, Lord General Dac'Angelo, and Alicia Humphrey. Queen Rebecca motions for silence.

"Thank you all for being here. I would like to thank each of you for your service to Lone Rock City. I yield the floor to Lord General Dac'Angelo". Dac'Angelo bows slightly and strides forward.

"You have all been activated today because a great evil is going to be released into teh world. One year ago today a man by the name of Johnathan Nightbringer was trapped in a gem prison, where hopefully his sins will be washed away and he will lift praise to all that is good. If this is not the case, he will need to be put down quickly."

"There is also a possibility that Levisutus will try to kidnap him. If we cannot prevent that from happening, Johnathan Nightbringer must be put down. He cannot fall into the hands of our enemies."

Alicia strides forward, "We are splitting you up into groups. Each group is getting a gem and is going to a demiplane that has been created for this mission. May Mystra bless you all in this endeavor."

Cloud City

The party with a troop men were sent to the demiplane called cloud city where the encounter small devil swarm and are attacked by dishonest troops. Upon the opening of the gem, one of many of Talen clones appear and was dispatched post haste by Robhim.

Stone to Scales

Several days later, Alicia visits the party at the Garrison. Divinations have guided her to decide to investigate the giant statue that Wolfdale mentions in his report. She asks that the party go with her to retrieve it.

Alicia casts Stone to Flesh, and the statue begins to regain it's color and starts to move. Seeing itself surrounded by troops it staggers back, concentrating and WHOOSH! You see ethereal plate mail surround it's form and it begins to speak...

"My name is Asa, monkey-people, and we are not from your world...", it turns it's head and sees that is trapped. Sadness fills Asa's features as the gentle giant begins to speak again, "I am not from your world and mean you no harm. I only wish to return my people to where they belong."

Asa's story

Asa tells the party that he is a master of the Way and his people sent him out to seek items that may help them return to their proper world. There are millions of planes and just as each plane can have subplanes, each plane can also have parallel planes. Asa comes from such a parallel plane, as do the people of the Mularond/Thay area.

Divinations told him that there were powerful magics on this island that may help us in our quest. My companions and I were beginning to explore the island when we were beset by archers. The last thing that I remember was them coming out into the open and then nothing.

We came to the island and have confirmed that the material between planes is thin here. We discovered a series of caves and found a small library hidden inside one with tomes on the creation of a device known as the Box of the Arcane. Judging by the notes, it seems that this Box was only one of many.

In a nearby cave there was a pillar devoted to the monkey goddess of magic Mystra. In it is contained a powerful shard of her power, a hyper-condensed knot of the Weave, harnessed to fuel the creation of the Box of the Arcane.

After a while, Asa presents a pair of spectacles and a couple of tomes to the group. These should be returned to the library on the shore. I was in the process of returning them when I was besieged by a medusa.

Then the party made Asa a guest at the garrison.

Wes' son Jayne lives

Late one night at the Garrison, a guard taps on Wes' door. "You have a visitor." As Wes walks down the stairs he recognizes the frightened form of an elderly man he knew from Halthar named Travis. Nervously Travis says, "Wes, I had to see you. I heard from the rumors around Sea Town that you were here. I escaped, but not for long. I hate to tell you this, but Levistus has turned Jayne to his cause. To, to, to initiate him he had the boy... I can't, I can't tell you."

Guards yell from outside and an alarm begins to go off. Travis clutches his chest and falls slowly to the floor. "You must save your boy. Now I get to see the rest of my family..." and Travis expires.

Outside the window is a large devil that has bashed through the gates and onto the grounds. Guards are fighting it and it's hoard of little deviling (Lemures). The party dispatched the enemies.

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