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Blingbling and Hans Aliza are offering massive discounts to the recent public spate of engagements. Simon manages to convince Ist’vaech that a marriage ceremony might be a good thing and a double ceremony with Rohbim and Peekaboo might be better. Ist’vaech still wants to eat the bridal family.
Warriors head first to Hans and hear disturbing rumors of his customers running out the doors with his wares. Wolfdale posts himself at the door for added security. Peekaboo and girlfriend Sunshine try on dresses and are strangely affected. Both of them run outside before they can be stopped and Peekaboo wildshapes into a pidgeon to get away. Yes, Hans can make a pidgeon shaped dress.
A thorough exam of Hans shop yielded other magical gowns that were strangely alive. Needing a lead and somewhat distraught Rohbim threw both a dress and a customer into a dressing room and waited for the screaming to stop. Using some handy invisibility and a rope the possessed customer leads us to a sewer where the dress loses us. Wolfdale covers the dazed woman and promises her a dress. Rohbim attempts to track the dress but his companion, Trunk the badger, was overwhelmed by the stench. Maps that Ist'vaech and Simone found revealed that in a few years they would be able to use the 'Clocus Maximus' depicted on these proposed plans.
Eventually we were able to find our way where our host implored us to "join the ranks of the ugly brides". Simone couldn't help decrying that he is a very pretty man. The kidnapper then began to rant on about her past as Lone Rock's top fashion designer until Hans and Trina stole her designs and set themselves up as competition. She went on to reveal that she was just taking back her designs to make her giant fashion monster. Bridezilla would destroy her rivals and stomp the fashions of the city into the sewers. Whereupon she would reveal her winter muck line and ....we began battle.
We battled the monster and its mistress over muck, beam, and floor. The mistress of garbage coutre was able to use her many magical mechanisms to keep us off balance. These included an assortment of wands, scrolls, and a rather aggressive golem. Although we tried not to hurt the assembled brides when it stepped into the muck it became a race against drowning a few of the dears.
Unfortunately we had to kill the crazy fashionista to retrieve a bracelet that could give orders to the monster of brides, Bridezilla! Grim was then able to order it to disassemble. Unfortunately for us Fantine Taylor was not one of the two brides to drown in this debacle.


  • Cloak of Charisma +2 (Wes)
  • Mask of Sweet Air (Simon)
  • Anklet of Translocation (Cadearo)
  • Lightning Gauntlets (Grim)
  • Headband of Conscious Effort (Confiscated by the city, given 1000gp [+125gp for Robhim, Ist, Wolfdale, Cadearo, Grim, Simon, and Wes])
  • Brooch of Shielding (57c) (Grim)
  • Wands
    • Magic Missle, 5th (15c) (Ist'Vaech)
    • Shocking Grasp (2c) (Simon)
    • Fireball (1c) (Ist'Vaech)
    • Lightning Bolt (5c) (Ist'Vaech)
  • Wand Bracer (Robhim)

Lone Rock City: Gaming Sessions

Welcome to the Island, Back Alleys, Into the Woods, Rumblings, Underground, Defeating the Kocraken, "Mining Accident", The King's Murder, Long Live the King?, Tangled Trees, Heading Home, At Sea, Back in the City, God Shopping, Attacking the Darkness (Janus Raid), Under the Sea, Cavern of Deep Sashelas, Cavern of Deep Sashelas, part 2, Realm of the Dolphions, Meadmaker Mashup, Shieldmeet, Tending to Business, Fantine Taylor vs the Party, The Rescue of Delicious Harpell, Hunting Harpells, Attack of the 50 foot Ooze, Champions of Good?, Down the Rabbit Hole, Three Strikes, The King's Men, Heist, Prologue, Heist, Save the Beast, Rescue from the Duergar, Devil Elves Infest the Dark Wood, Artifact Evacuation, Rods of Thinuan Discovered, We Three Kings, Ghost from the past, Father and Daughter, Visiting the Elin of Nomin, The View From Inside The Jail, Hunting the Darkness, The Servant's Last Dance, Amnesia (Alternate World), Wedding and the End of the World (Alternate World), In the Garden of Evil, Deal with the Devil, The Death of Janus, Social Obligations, Bugs in the Floor, Finding Glimwocket, Return of Brennel, Quest for the Birthday Present (part 1), Quest for the Birthday Present (part 2), Ist'Vaech Is Having A Baby!, Fighting the Blood Clan, Defending the Muir Hole, Garrison of the Gale Grand Gala, Regicide, Bridezilla, Emergence of Nightbringer, Death and Return of Ist'Vaech, Dwarf Ghost and Riddles, Returned the Soulstone (in the Mail), Snubbed by the Githyanki, The Darkness Inside, Trip to Waterdeep, Kobolds Killing Cattle, Liberator Terrorist Attack, Liberators Secret Complex (multi-session), Wes Escapes From The Underworld, The Guards Kill Lemures Without Dying, Lil' Robby, No One Trusts Talen, Battle Interactive, Harlann's Evacuation,

Alternate World Sessions: Amnesia (Alternate World), Wedding and the End of the World (Alternate World),

Party Members: Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Ist'Vaech, Wes Temple, Vaeriasa, Vaeriasa Spells, Vaeriasa Special Abilities, Dragonform, Brave Iron Man (Guy),

Warriors of the Morning Breeze: Brennel, Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Dookette, Nan'lhach, Dmitrii, Ist'Vaech, Grim Greycastle, Sir Valans, Vaeriasa,