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LRC:Defeating the Kocraken

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Shannon is ready for the mines

While Lukas and Abendigo sleep, and Robhim is in the woods, Brennel, Timmy and Simon are taken to the Scarlet Stone keep, the Harpel residence in LRC for "Hero's Feast" dinner (which isn't actually Hero's feast). The home was moved from elsewhere to within the city with very powerful magics, and is itself dimensionally weird -- Shabby and small on the outside while neat and large on the inside. The gate was protected by a dispelling screen. The only thing of note that happened while inside was the meeting of a feisty 14 year old girl with daggers, named Meriae Harpell, one of a pair of twins who are peculiar within the family.

Robhim animal companion

Robhim almost misses the train to the mines while he communes with nature.

Lukas: Grass, Vine, what'll be next, Root, Weed, Kudzu or Bush?

Brennel scalping tickets

After informing the Harpell School of Wizardry of the assistance needed by the dwarves, Simon and Brennel headed back to Stout's Inn. Not long after leaving Scarletstone, a messenger delivered a note from Roscoe to Brennel, asking if Brennel could see him.

Roscoe offered Brennel a chance to scalp some phony invitations to the upcoming gala. Brennel thought a moment before accepting 10 invitations.

He spent time scalping 4 invitations: one at Stout's Inn, two at the Gilded Blade, and one to the owner of the Sharp Edge. With the remaining invitations, he contructed a fake advertisement sign at a local inn offering the patrons to "Please Take One". Returning to the inn the next day, the invitations were all gone. Brennel pondered if he should have saved a couple invitations for the party. (The scalping isn't common party knowledge.)

Lukas does something. We don't know what.

At the Mines

After defeating the cokraken the party discovers that the "doors" seem to have no hinges, or even a hint of an opening. It is as though they are false doors (not confirmed) carved from a solid wall of adamantine. The dwarves intend to either breach the wall or dig under it. Ruha believes this to be the entrance to a maze encountered adventurers on earlier quests invoving the rings of power. The magic mouth spoke the words, "You are the walking dead. The fey'ri will defeat all who oppose them."

DM note: The Magic Mouth that spoke at the door was in Abyssal.

Back in the city

The dwarves don't want to have any more assistance with the matter, which disappoints the Harpel family. Robhim spends time dulling the cokraken's scalpel on some mean carving binge.

Watch members have to guard the gala

Lukas Turns out I've been given an invitation to the upcoming Gala. I'm glad I was issued clothes worthy of the event. I've got a bad feeling though. Just a nagging little gut feeling that something will happen there, for good or ill.

Simon: Ahh... High Society. I look forward to ze affair even though I shall be working. I must acquire some new attire, and zis "uniform"... blech!...it fits like a burlap sack! (Simon shudders at the irony) I must get it tailored. If any of you plan on crashing ze event, I shall certainly look ze other way. However, I am not so sure Timmie will be so savvy. Disguises may be in order. Besides it would be kind of you to provide me with plausible deniability.

Brennel and Roscoe's conversation

At Stout's Inn, Roscoe took Brennel aside and had a conversation in Halfling. Afterwards, Brennel informed the party that Roscoe heard of a halfling accompanied by an orc, who were looking for Simon and claiming to be friends of his. He also said they claimed to be looking for him for over a week. Simon claimed not to know either of these people.

Talking with Ruha

The party visits Ruha, finally. She finally tells us some information, and is grateful for our help. She can't visit Zakara again: she's listed as dead there, and apparently that can never change. She takes us to a pocket dimension, since she's not allowed to talk about the devil elves on Faerun. The devil elves are a mixed breed of sun elves and devils called the fey-ri. (They'd be subtype Native Outsider.) Robhim shows her a fire spell, and she goes on a binge of showing us some of hers. She has Jinn blood and hopes eventually to return to her elemental roots.

Lukas: Finally! Some actual information on the devil elves. They sound like tough SOBs if you don't know much about them. At least we know something more than we did before. Unfortunately it is very disconcerting to find out that devil elves can alter their appearance to "blend in". So there very well could be devil elves among the watch and the nobility. Crap. At least Ruha likes us. I wouldn't want to be on her bad side.

Brennel: I don't think Ruha likes us. I think she's just merely repaying us for setting her soul free. But I like her. She really knows how to show some flair (flare).

Simon: Oui, it is bon to finally get some good information, mon ami. Although aside from ze history of zis island, she told us little we had not already surmised. It frightens me to know zat Ruha's sorcerous powers come from an ancestry of djinn. It is my theory zat ze devil elves wanted to use her soul as either a component for a spell or to power some other great magic. Any soul would be a powerful component, but to require such a potent genealogy... surely we are dealing with powers far beyond our own. Alas, one step at a time, oui?

Simon Says, er, has friends looking for him

After some rest, the party decided to go investigate (quite bluntly and tactlessly) the strange pair of an orc and halfling who are seeking Simon. After interviewing and Simon nearly killing-by-heart attack an old lady, we discovered them in an abandoned house: conveniently the same abandoned house everyone seems to use.

Robhim, just shouting out for them, goes up stairs with Lukas not far behind, while Simon stays outside with his as-of-yet-unnamed Raven spying through the window, and Brennel keeps an eye on the windows to prevent them sneaking out the back. After some brief talking and diploming by Robhim, the orc agrees to go to the window to see Simon out there and believe the story. Unfortunately, due to some gross lack of communications, Brennel thinks he's readying to climb out the window and releases his bolt, creating a bloody mess.

Brennel: Sneak Attack!

Lukas: The raven familiar is named Lenore. I hope nobody dies in this fight.

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