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LRC:Cavern of Deep Sashelas, part 2

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Attendance: Daryl, Joe, Herman, Ryan

Signposts and Footprints

Lukas:Hmmm. Interesting that the ancient elves would use the runes as a system of guideposts. It's also very interesting that there is another group down here, judging by the dead gargoyles and the footprints that Brennel found.

The First Exit

Lukas: Cargoyles and a shark AND scythe traps. It's getting more and more dangerous down here. No surprise there. I got to try out my new technique "Earthen Grasp" It's pretty handy, no pun intended. Now we're in a kelp field with an overgrown but manufactured path on it.

He Wasn't in a Sack!

Lukas: Well, I never expected to see Simon down here. Nor Lucan, Dete, Nan'lhach, or Blue. It would be good to see them, if it wasn't for the fact that they are working for Harlann. And they probably trust us less, thanks to Poon. I hope that Lucan and Dete Remember that I turned away from Velsharoon. Otherwise, It'll be back to the usual distrust I face.

Second Entrance, Better Guard


Lukas: Ow. Ouch. That Hurt. Painful. Those are all words that are understatements if you are talking about the wounds that a stone Golem can inflict. With a single blow. Even Blunted by the water, it still hit as hard as a greatsword, and it would hit harder in a normal environment. Hurts like a bitch is on the right track.

I'm glad that I was able to get it through to Lukan that the shield would help stop the Stone Golem. Brennel and Dookette also seemed to be working toward putting the Trident and Shield into place. Although Dookette was only able to help because Simon swapped her with Nan'Lhach to protect him.

A new puzzle

Lukas: Well, those ancient sea elves aren't fans of a logical answer. Stupid Visual Puzzles that require you to think in obscure numerical systems. Although I have to admit, "Ouch" and "That Hurt" are good words to describe a lightning bolt like that one.

Poon: Just so everyone knows, the total time used of our Water Breathing potions has been 21 hours, 55 minutes. This leaves us with the current potion lasting until the 30 hour mark, followed by 3 more potions lasting 10 hours each.

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