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Interrogating the Thug

Determined to get some information out of the thug that the party captured, Dmitrii and another watchmen bring the thug to a holding cell. The watchmen tells Dmitrii that violence is not permitted against prisoners and that two watchmen need to be with a prisoner at one time to ensure that the prisoner is not harmed. The watchmen then excuses himself to go use the facilities.

Dmitrii promptly begins to beat on the thug, producing information that is only marginally helpful. He says that he was hired via a third party to rough up the party and that he has no way of getting ahold of whomever hired him. He didn't know that the group was watch members or he would've passed on the gig.


Determined to put an end to being jumped in the streets, Dmitrii leads the party to a central location for the low-lives of Lone Rock City—Hammonds Inn. Entering in full sight with his Iron Men medallion gleaming on the chest plate of his armor, the bar quiets and an orc bars his way. After a few terse moments, Dmitrii explains that he is there to put an end to him and his friends being jumped. A roguish human approaches and has Dmitrii follow him into a back room.

While this is happening the rest of the party attempts to hide themselves among the crowd, so as be handy if Dmitrii needs backup.

In the back room Dmitrii meets with a man who is obscured in shadows. This man tells Dmitrii that he will help him out, provided that the terms are accepted—500 gp and a promise to look the other way when asked to. Dmitrii balked at the last request but the shadowed man assured him that nothing dark and sinister would occur when that happened and then continued onto a rant, saying that the city belonged to the people of the city, not the nobles who happened to be born into their positions. Each person in the city should matter. Despite the fact that Dmitrii was speaking with an obviously high-ranking guildmaster, he found himself agreeing with the man's arguments.

Escorting Evan to the Sea Elves

Having been assigned the task by the great and honorable King Talen, the party gathered the prisoner at the Halls of the Even-Handed. Wanting to make certain that Stormhandle was removed from the city in shame, he was placed into a prisoner cart and taken in the least direct route out of the city. Many of the common folk saw this and displayed their patriotism by throwing vegetables and small rocks at the seemingly unbothered prisoner.

Right before leaving the city one of the troupe of watchmen who were assigned to go with the party can be seen signaling someone unseen. Robhim immediately tells that man that he is dismissed and the man balks, saying that he was signally to his son to not follow out of the city. His son is growing and will soon be a man and wishes to join the guard. After some arguing where some of the other guards pitch in against the man being dismissed, a rider is sent to get the boys son to prove the truth of his words. When the rider comes back with the son, Robhim and the others apologize and agree to not dismiss the man.

Reaching the docks, surprisingly without incident, the prisoner was taken to the small official building in Sea Town. There Stormhandle was transferred into the custody of Cora Ayla and the sea elven nation of Elena'Talant. The only stipulation to the prisoner transfer is that the anti-magic manacles that shackled him must be returned within the month, as they are a rare and valuable item.

Releasing Dookette in the wild

Before leaving the air world, Cora Ayla began speaking to Dookette in the sea elven dialect. Surprised that she understood it, she listened carefully to what Cora said to her. After a few moments of quiet reflection Dookette turns to the party, "I feel that I have to go with Cora to Elena'Talant. It is obvious to me that I am not well here on the island, and perhaps I can learn more about what I have become. I shall enter the welcoming bosom of the sea and find myself more comfortable there than I would on that phallic mountain. Best of luck to you all."

With that, Dookette returned to the sea and seemed more calm that you had ever known the angsty emo dwarf to be.

Warriors of the Morning Breeze

While roaming around the city, the party sees little Twinkle Harpell walking a massive mastiff around the city, with absolutely no supervision. Greeting the little girl, she is asked why she is walking the massive dog by herself. Twinkle giggles and says that it's not a dog silly, it's aunt Peek-A-Boo. If dogs could smile, it would have smiled at Robhim.

The mastiff sits up and transforms back into the familiar form of Peek-A-Boo Harpell, who promptly gives Robhim a BIG hug. Among the small talk she mentions that Queen Becky, under the advisement of Nyles, has taken control of Lone Rock City's officially sponsored adventuring party. She has also named the group—Warriors of the Morning Breeze. She has plans to have decorative sashes for everyone to wear as soon as she hires a tailor.

A bright light goes off above Brennell's head!

Dreena Blingblingstone, Queen of Fashion

Brennel and Dmitrii head off to shop at Sharper Edge. There we run across M. Blingblingstone who brags about her recent marriage to a wealthy gnomish jeweler. She seems to have come from Brennel’s village and stopped by to be friendly. There was some argument about fashion which was mutually decided to be settled at a later date.

More importantly, Dmitrii’s peacock cloak came in and fittings were done for sets of silk robes for the summer. Brennel was happy to receive more cedar storage chests for his precious wardrobe. After that Brennel talked to Hans about helping to get new customers by uniforming the Warriors of the Morning Breeze.

Gifts for the party

Champions belt and gold from the dwarves

When Wolfdale checks in at the one of the Watch stations, he is informed that he has a package waiting for him. The package contains a belt that is adored with the symbol of Dumathoin the silent keeper, a gemstone inside a mountain. (Belt of Dwarvenkind, with permit) for Wolfdale, and 2,000 gp each of the other members of the King's new adventuring party.

Poetry and cloaks from the elves

As a gift from the elves of Lone Rock City, Cendrell will give a poetry recital in honor of the party and give each of the party a Cloak of Elvenkind that has a silhouette of a bird within a cloud as the clasp. This is the symbol of Aerdrie Faenya, the winged mother.

Into the Dark Wood, never (?) to return...

With the leaving of Yondbé, the pastoral gardeners have to decide upon a new Master Gardener for the Lone Rock City Gardens. (This decision has been left up to them by Talen.) To decide this, the Chaunteans have been guided by the goddess to go to the other side of the Dark Wood and there one of them will find the blessing of the Earth Mother.

Many of the gardeners have decided to pass on traveling into the Dark Wood, though Robhim's presence has given a couple of them the courage to go. On the day of the full moon, the gardeners are preparing for their journey. A group of gardeners will be going, including Peek-A-Boo Harpell, Jar Jar, Del Collins, as well as Robhim and Nan'lhach.

Butterhouse Boom!

Brennel and Dmitrii went over to this tavern to meet the thieves. Dmitrii was clear that he was doing this to get a favor - Dissuade thugs and assassins from further bloodying his flail trying to kill him in the city streets. There we were introduced to Leonid Starfucker, Roscoe, and Sweetwater Tenderfoot who were to help us retrieve a certain gem.

Unfortunately right after introductions a competitor of Roscoe’s decided to ‘delayed blast fireball’ the gathering. Few escaped the blast and the subsequent battle was a mess of limp blistered bodies. Roscoe could see the disaster and took all to the lady who smiles temple and taproom to await disguises provided by Hans’ lover, Tony. Naturally, many availed themselves of more than just healing.

Consumed resources

  • Huklin: Lightning Bolt, Fear, and Invisibility, Greater
  • Roscoe: Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x2

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Party Members: Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Ist'Vaech, Wes Temple, Vaeriasa, Vaeriasa Spells, Vaeriasa Special Abilities, Dragonform, Brave Iron Man (Guy),

Warriors of the Morning Breeze: Brennel, Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Dookette, Nan'lhach, Dmitrii, Ist'Vaech, Grim Greycastle, Sir Valans, Vaeriasa,