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Wandering the city

Robhim helped to repair Stout's after sleeping in the gardens. Brennel stayed with Roscoe. Watchmembers stayed with the watch.

Wandering about the city for various purposes (largely, shopping), everyone met Delirium and Mairae at different times. Roscoe arranged a dinner meeting with Brennel for his upcoming assistance with a heist, while Lukas heard word of a wake for Ren Tidebringer at the Velvet Veil.

Ren Tidebringer's Wake

Outside of the usually expected attendants, there was a half-orc with his dauger (Keth Godsclub and Derianna Godsclub), who were there with Janus.

Lukas: It's a Damn shame that Tidebringer bought it agaist the Pit Fiend. I'd have pegged him as most likely to survive. Most of the people there were sincerely grieving, though even a fool could see that Janus was faking his grief. I'd bet Janus was cheering and laughing on the inside!

I know we were supposed to be celebrating his life but any kind of funeral is depressing. At least he's happy now, else he'd have come back. The best I could do for him was toast him a good man and a brave fighter.

On a side note, a Harpell girl seemed more interested in the illusory fire than the wake itself. Strange girl.


NPCs Present

  • Alicia Humphrey: She is wearing a beautiful, low-cut gown of white and blue
  • Shannon Harpell: He is wearing an elegantly cut, but oversized noble's outfit
  • Ruha: She is wearing a gorgeous burka, made of the finest black silk.
  • Shad noble's outfit and is without his usual longsword.
  • Jar Jar wearing clerical vestments with grass stains.
  • Layna and Phil Flannagan appear to be there together.
  • Janus is there, wearing a dark purple noble's outfit with a single red rose (from his NEW rose bush.)
  • Dark Tongue and Dark Blade and a few of their kobold companions. They sneer at Simon.
  • Yondbe the head of the Pastoral Gardens
  • Tam Hukar is with a group of well dressed dwarves, fraternizing with only themselves.
  • Ovenate is in a magically shimmering outfit that throws off glowing sparks periodicaly
  • Hans Aliza is finely dressed and is giving Ovenate an evil eye.


  • Duncan McBride is the Iron Man assigned to security for the gala. All watch members report to him.


  • Lord Harlann McInnis, General of the Armed Forces of Lone Rock City and Lady Cendrell, of the Iron Men Elite Force, Harlann is wearing a leaf patterned noble's outfit with elven chain underneath. He has a pistol and longsword. Cendrell is in a leaf pattern gown but has a special crafted spellcomponent handbag bearing the mark of Ovenate.
  • Lord Netsuo Nishi, head of the Dark Dog fraternity, he is wearing an all black noble's outfit that could easily be fought in.
  • Lady Lori Harpell, Archmage of the City of Lone Rock's daughters and Court Arcanists, Meriae and Delirium Harpell, Lori Harpell has apparently fogotten about the gala.
  • Lord King Dac'Angelo, Master of Lone Rock City from shore to shore. he is wearing an extremely expensive noble's oufit and has his trusty bastard sword strapped to his side.

Dac'Angelo himself will introduce his friend and prime minister...

  • And after traveling abroad and negioating with the nation of Sembia for the best trade agreement north of the Sea of Fallen Stars, it is my great duty as Lord King to introduce Lord Talen Pringles, Prime Minister of Lone Rock City and his wife, Lady Rebecca Harpell, Archwizardess of the Harpell School of Wizardry and Member of the Category:Order of the Breeze arcanists

Lukas: Great party!!!! I'll have to get some better clothes for the next one though. There were a few choice stage wispered comments about my clothes. The Dark Dogs looked rather comical in their gala outfits. And Duncan was surprised that I'd gotten an invite to the party (The look on his face was priceless.) It got very interesting as the party wore on. And I mean "May you live in interesting times" curse kinda interesting.

Phil Flannagan offered us (Directly to Lukas, with Robhim overhearing) a job -- a visit to a village somewhere overseas to the west (Cormanthyr, in the Cormanthor forest).


Brennel played his part in a heist in the palace during the Gala. His job was to watch a hallway, and to notify the accomplice wizard in the main ballroom. A drunken bum causing a disturbance at the entrance provided the perfect diversion to begin the job. Brennel concealed himself poorly, and was spotted by one of a pair of patrolling guards. Quaffing a sizable chunk of his payment, he became invisible and ran out to inform the wizard about the alerted guards. He hid in the restroom/men's lounge area, waiting for it to blow over, so he could enjoy the rest of the gala.

A visitor

Lukas: Well, I'd say that the bum trying to get in was pretty funny but Jones trying to get in wasn't. I thank the Gods that the gala hall was warded against Jones. I let Duncan Mcbride know that Jones showed up and He immediately chewed the guards out for not standing in Jones path (That thought is funny, in a morbid way). Duncan then went to pursue Jones. I should note that Simon was one of the first to move out of Jones' way and I don't blame him.

The King actually died

Lukas: Son of a BITCH. I'd kill Fyodor if he wasn't already dead!! That pile of shit shot the king right in front of me! I wish I could have killed him myself!

But then again, when you're defending your life against a group of sorcerers without your armor, it's not easy to take an extra potshot at one damn fucker. Especially when he has someone already covering him with some impressive spells.

I'm glad that I learned the "See the unseen" Invocation, it helped. Turning Invisible then attacking is a dangerous strategy. Robhim, Brennel and I ended up fighting alongside Delerium Harpell, a girl with a firey personality (And a garish dress) who wields a Whip Dagger. She didn't do a spectacular job in the fight but She looked like she'd been weakened by a spell though. I think she'd be a good addition to our group, even if she's a little flaky. I also think she has a crush on me, I'll have to find a way to rebuff her attraction to me wihtout hurting her. She's just a little young for me and there is another woman I'll be looking for when I'm done on this island.

How did that many people get in to the gala? How did Fyodor smuggle a weapon in? Where's the nearest member of the liberators? I've a bone to pick with them.

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Warriors of the Morning Breeze: Brennel, Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Dookette, Nan'lhach, Dmitrii, Ist'Vaech, Grim Greycastle, Sir Valans, Vaeriasa,