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LRC:Quest for the Birthday Present (part 1)

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From the writings of Muireachadh:

So here we are, getting ready to take some teleportation circle, when the Warriors of the Morning Breeze decide to call in some debt with this Achille the Shady. Robhim and Simon got there fancy scroll cases that hold, like, a bazillion scrolls or something like that and Ist’Vaech got this ring that turns her into a dragon. She really has a thing about dragons. I’m half tempted to let her know the only thing draconic about Simon is the scales he got from the local brothel, but watching this show unfold is a bit too much fun to end.

I eventually got drug with the rest of the group to see Shannon Harpell where we got taken to where we were to get teleported. Joining us there were White and Snowball Harpell.

Honestly, what ever happen to ol’ fashion sea travel?

Finally we make it to Neverwinter

After some trial and error on Shannon’s part we found out way into Neverwinter to get the gift for Victor Harpell’s 99th birthday. Evidently what we need can be found in a graveyard filled with infernal creatures. Yeah, sounds like a walk in the park.

We met up with Rhymin' Simon Harpell who gave us the details of where we need to go and how to go about getting what we need. Evidently the creepy quintuplet outside was Multiple Harpell. It would be Multiple’s job to start up the animated mausoleum to provide a distraction to the devils so we could get what we need unmolested. Ready to place your bets on the chances of that happening? At least we were given the name of the gravestone marker we needed; Faux Harpell.

Before we headed out I went with Robhim to a local cave where he went to bond with some strange Harpell-bred creatures. He ended up having a Cave Ankylosaurus that shrinks things with its tail take a liking to him. This is one of the main reasons why magic users should not be in charge, especially those of the Harpell family.

We eventually made out way with White to the graveyard. Our resident group of eagle eyes failed to notice the small ambush that wait for us there as three imps and an assassin devil waited for us.

Devils are so charming

They charmed White and Wolfdale into attacking the party, and tried to do the same to me. Honestly, I was half tempted to do it anyway, just because it would be a good excuse to smack around that whiny Simon for shits and giggles, but the situation seemed a bit too dire at that point. Note that the dire point being a devil that stabbed me in the back.

The fight was going well, at least until I lost myself in battle. Ist’Vaech put her new ring to use and picked me up for a dive attack, myself equipped with a two hundred pound headstone. Needless to say, her being a Harpell, things didn’t go as they should, one thing led to another and I died.

The great beyond has no beer

Now, I’m going to take this moment to say a little something about the afterlife and some after sight that probably doesn’t hit land dwellers that worship Deep Sashelas. There is no alcohol there. Lots of water and a dolphin or two, but no real celebratory marks. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was nice and all. I’m just a bit concerned that the afterlife is full of, well, eternity. I’m just having second guesses on how I would fare in that kind of eternity. When I had the chance to come back to life, I took it. Anyway, I’ve been hearing great things about Lliira, and one of her clerics said I’d be a natural at being one of her worshippers. I’m not going to forsake Deep Sashelas, but perhaps now that I’m on land I should maybe evolve my faith as my environment evolves.

I don’t know how the rest of the fight exactly went, but I know we won in the end. I am also not sure what went wrong with bringing me back to life but I now have wings. I also have a hawk like war mace waiting for me back at Lone Rock City. Is this some sort of divine retribution, turning me from an aqua man to some sort of hawk man?

I have a feeling that I’m not the only one who feels this irony...

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