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The PC’s start the day at Stout’s Inn. The only clue they have to the whereabouts of Ruha is that she was last seen going into Ovenate’s Enchantments. After asking Ovenate some questions it is discovered that she was last in the shop about 10 days prior to purchase a greater Cloak of Charisma made from Shou Lung silk. She was with Janus when she purchased the cloak. The party then decides to pay Janus a visit, as well as finding out the location of Ruha’s residence.

Janus informs the Lukas that he did go to Ovenate’s with Ruha and even had dinner with her that evening at Stout’s Inn. He recommends that Lukas try asking questions in the seedier establishments and gives him a red rose to wear while doing so. While Lukas is questioning Janus, the other members of the party investigate Ruha’s home. They find that in addition to the house being locked, it has some sort of warding on it. The PCs left a note: If you come home, let us know.

Holg District

Later the PCs ventured into the Holg District, the seedier side of Lone Rock City. Asking questions at the local bar, Hammond’s Inn, turned up a friend of Brennel’s named Roscoe. Roscoe is a halfling and a member of the Church of Misadventure and informed the PCs that a man named Fyodor may be able to help them as he has good contacts.

Traveling to the address of Fyodor, thieves attempt to steal purses but the attempt is foiled after a long and drawn out chase which resulted in the death of Wolfdale. After taking Wolfdale to the morgue the PCs found Fyodor’s residence and discovered that a huge man with a 4x4 would only allow Lukas inside. (It is assumed because of the red rose.) In the room with Fyodor was a noble named Asper, a chubby dwarf with one eye named Tio Meadmaker, and some seedy looking individuals. As Tio leaves Fyodor hands him a dagger and tells him “not to forget this”. Fyodor tells Lukas that he could help him if Lukas assists him in putting a burgular behind bars. The burgular’s name is Leonard Woodwind, an elven bard who had recently come to Lone Rock City. Fyodor also loaned Lukas the money to Raise Wolfdale, with the understanding that Fyodor was doing a favor for the Velsharoon followers.

The next day the PCs have the Chauntean clerics cast Raise Dead on Wolfdale and he chooses to come back.

Tracking Woodwind

The next evening the party attends the performance of Woodwind at the Gilded Blade and hint that they will be at Ruha’s residence later that night. While the PCs stakeout Ruha’s home, Woodwind comes up to the house drunk. He tells the PCs that he was just going to leave a note and hands the note to Abendago, who is pretending to be the doorman for Ruha. Woodwind leaves. As soon as he turns the corner Abendago reads the note and finds that it is blank. Wolfdale and Lukas see that as soon as Woodwind turned the corner he was running and obviously not drunk. The party goes to Stout’s for a good night’s rest.

In the morning the party finds that Woodwind has left for Seatown and is leaving the island due to a family emergency. The party races down to Seatown and find that Woodwind has booked passage on Seluné’s Light to Procampur. The PCs stakeout the ship. Woodwind shows up hours later in a disguise and books passage under a false name. Once Woodwind is in his quarters, Abendago and Wolfdale begin beating down the door in an attempt to capture him. Capt. Jack rushes down with guards and forces the PCs to stop what they are doing and lock them in the room across the hall. Lone Rock City watchmen show up and ream the PCs about the incident. Wolfdale is on probation for 30 days and everyone, Woodwind included is thrown in jail. The next day Woodwind and the PCs are set free, with the understanding that Woodwind is free to go.

As the PCs wander the city a young boy delivers a note to the PCs. It reads: Dear Adventurers, Thank you for your public service. –Fyodor. On the back of the parchment is the address that the adventurers had met Fyodor at previously. The PCs go to the address and find that no one answers the door at the abandoned building.

The body

Having run out of options, the PCs begin to research the homes of Ruha’s friends. The homes of Phil Flannagan, Jar Jar, and Duncan McBride are discovered. The PCs venture to the home of Duncan. Duncan’s home appears to be a run down building that is actually a fortress inside that is armed to the teeth with about any weapon you could imagine. When told that the PCs didn’t enter the home, Duncan goes into the cellar and brings out a battering ram.

After knocking politely with the battering ram, the PCs cautiously enter the house finding only a single crate remains. Inside the crate is a bloody mess with a black burka. Ruha’s body is found.

Once reporting this to Tidebringer, he pays the PCs the 50gp he promised them and invited them to attend a True Ressurection. The PCs attend the ceremony and at the end it is discovered the Ruha’s soul has been trapped! Tidebringer asks Janus if the cleric has a Commune memorized and Janus does. Janus and the PCs go to Lone Rock City’s court cemetary for the Commune. The questions asked were:

           1 Is she dead? Yes.
           2 Was she murdered? Yes.
           3 Is there a price to free her soul? Undeclared.
           4 Is it possible to bring her back? Yes.
           5 Is the murderer in the city? No.
           6 Was Janus involved?  (refused by Janus)
           7 Was the Thieve's Guild involved in her death? Yes.
           8 Are there clues in her house No.
           9 Are the kobolds involved? No.
           10 Was Tio's weapon used? Yes.
           11 Is her soul in the knife? Yes.
           Following asked by Janus: 
           12 Is Tio still on the island? Yes.
           13 Is Tio headed towards Seatown? No.
           14 Has he taken the road into the woods? Yes.
           15 Will those blessed by Velsharoon continue to grow in his power? Yes. 

Janus recommends that the PCs leave immediately to pursue. The PCs decide to stock up on a few things first.

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