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Starring: Robhim, Vaeriasa, Wes Temple, Wolfdale, and Tam Hukar and Guy continued to survive.
Guest Starring: Simon, Captain Jack Baringer, Hu'Lito, Thiefman Estes, Stealher Estes, Robhim Estes Sr
Challenge: Scyllan
Location: Sea of Fallen Stars, Elena'Talant, Chessenta, Cimbar
Date Played: 16 Feb 2009

On the sea, visited by sea elves

A wizened sea elf, Hu'Lito, had a vision that he wanted to share with the heroes of Elena'Talant. "I have a message for your side, however the vision was not specific so I cannot say to whom it is destined for. I see a valiant struggle, with mankind against unhuman monsters, fire reigns down from the heavens and two hold the line of monsters. One bathed in the pure light of life, the other bathed in blood and gore. Both will be blessed in the afterlife and will not return to the mortal coil."

Wes: I wonder if this has something to do with me...?

Battle on the high sea with the Scyllan

Wes: The lesson of the day is to be careful when accepting a spell from Simon when he ask, but I'll get to that later.

The sea elves that were following us earlier mentioned that we were being followed by some sort of creature, but they couldn't tell what it was. Even with Robhim and Wolfdale on board, the creature could not be seen.

The spell that was cast to put us under the water to follow the water elemental was coming to an end so we came to the surface for the night. The night went without event, though the morning gave us musch to worry about.

As we were going about preperations to resummon the elemental and follow it beneath the waves once again, a mass of tenticles swarmed upon the ship, grabbing one of the crew and swallowing him whole. Though the water below concealed the creature, it was identified as a Scyllan.

The creature soon turned it's eyes to the party, bashing the group with it's tenticles and drawing Vaeriasa into it's maw.

Simon, wanting to group to get a better view of the creature and draw it up to the surface to save Vaeriasa, decided to cast one of his transportation spells. Not bothering to identify what he was casting, I soon found myself in the water and the Scyllan in my place. I know that Simon did this becasue I was unlaiden and I don't need to breathe, though he failed to account for the fact that I am an exceptionally poor swimmer. I have to have a talk with him in that one of the crew would have been a better choice, as I'm sure they are more accustom to the sea than I am.

The battle raged upon the deck as I tried my best to get back on board. By the time the fight was over, I made my way back on board. I'm just glad that only one crew member got killed in this fight, thanks to the quick thinking of Guy.

Cimbar, or Lil' Robby

Wes: Our supplies were running low so Captain Baringer decided to make port at Cimbar. When Robhim heard this, he quickly sequestered himself to a room below deck and wouldn't exit. After port was made, we eventually were able to convince him to leave, though he decided to rely on the ring of invisibility he had to not be seen around town.

While walking around town to get supplies, we found a wanted poster for Robhim. Wolfdale, always (usually) concerned for the wellbeing of those he travels with, took down the poster. Upon doing so, he was soon approached by a man that revealed himself as Thiefman Estes, Robhim's tempermental cousin.

It appears that Robhim abandoned his duties, putting his family in debt and leaving his existance and fate unknown. I agreed to try to heal Robhim's ailing father to the best of my ability as well as help how I can.

When we got to his father, he appeared very ill. If took a good bit of magic to bring him to full strength. Once we helped him recover, we learned a some more about "Lil' Robbie" and his past. It appears he also left a debt with the family of 500 gold. Not much, I offered to pay out though it was apparent by the type of people they are that they would not accept it. As a final boon to the family, I told them that I could find a way to get them to talk with their son.

Thiefman, Stealher, and Robhim Sr. followed Wolfdale and I to the ship, where we then took them inside to talk to Robhim. Thiefman quickly threw insults at his cousin and Wolfdale quickly came to Robhim's defense. Tempers rose as a fight almost broke out between the two. I did my best to diffuse the situation, and quite well I'd say since no one took a swing at the other.

Robhim and his family made amends, and Robhim promised to give them aid and bring them to LRC. He also talked about his upcoming marriage and how he is a landowner. Even Wolfdale pipped in with how Peek-a-boo was, "The cutest girl you've ever seen on all fours."

Once arrangements were finished being made and supplies were brought onboard we set off yet again to follow the water elemental.


From the innards of the Scyllan...

  • 9000 gp
  • Crystal Mask of Visual Insight, MIC pg92

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