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LRC:The View From Inside The Jail

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Approaching the city of Ordulin

As you walk down the road to the gates of the city of Ordulin, you can't help but notice the number of caravans that are going into and out of the city, attempting to get one last trip out before the winter snows completely block the roads until the spring thaw.

The party, carrying the unconscious body of Angelina and dragging Sanjya in chains, are stopped by the city guard. As the party begins to explain what is going on, Sanjya blurts out that they are working for a drug dealer in the area and that he and Angelina were jumped by the party. Being just city watch, they summoned their captain.

Captain Branislaw

Flanked by a half score of watchmen, the captain on duty strides towards your group with a scowl on his face. Judging by how well worn it is, you would judge that it would be unknown for this man to smile. Clad in full plate and standing the nearly the size of an ogre, you hope that you are not on the wrong end of his maul.

The captain asks for everyone's story, and everyone in the group tells him a different version of the events. Obviously perturbed, he arrests everyone until such time as Angelina regains consciousness and she gain straighten out what actually happened.

  • The party asks if clerics can be used to heal her and Branislaw laughs, commenting that any caster worth a damn works for the guilds of Sembia.

Walk of Shame

Capt Branislaw's men take your weapons, shields, and spell component pouches away from you, they bind your hands, and begin escorting you through the city. Judging by the indirect route that you are taking through the city you get the feeling that Branislaw is taking you on a walk of shame through the city. During this roundabout trip, you see many of the sites of the city of Ordulin; the largest temple to Waukeen that you have every seen, where the first floor of the temple appears to be rented out to merchants; you see a rather large and successful trading house, the Six Coffers Market; you see children playing in the street in front of a two-story orphanage that appears to have a small garden in front of it during the warm seasons; and finally you see the high walls and armed guards of the prison. You are escorted inside and to a small building near the entrance. There, you are forced to surrender your belongings to the guards, who catalog it all. Many of the items that you possess draw strange looks from the guards, especially the six matching short swords with vampiric spiders carved into the handles. Branislaw looks at your group and says, "That doesn't help convince me that you're the good guys."

Rules for the Prison

  • Spellcasting results in death. The guards and watchmen have no way to counter spellcasters, so to try spellcasting while in prison is a death sentence.
  • No groups. Any large groups are broken apart.
  • Obey all the guards. Disobeying will result in being locked in solitude.

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