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LRC:Dwarf Ghost and Riddles

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Starring: Robhim, Ist'Vaech, Wolfdale, and Wes Temple.
Guest Starring: Drusila Moonwhisper, Simon, Asa, and giving a name to the dwarven ghost under the garrison, Kasimir Valhig

Ist'Vaech's Baby is Surviving

Nyles Harpell and the rest of the family is doing their best to keep Ist'vaech's baby alive. It's proving draining, but they are thus far successful.

Returning to the Ethereal Plane

Asa insists that they find another location to go ethereal, in case that the devils attempt to jump them. He leads them out of the city and to the fiendish oak tree. There he was able to transfer them to the ethereal.

As they emerge in the ethereal, the party finds that Drusila is there to greet them. She asks them why they have come. She knows that there are more riders, a few Ice Devils, and an assortment of other devils. Most of them have gone, but a few remain and they seem to be seeking for something.

Drusila will tell the party that she is willing to help them, but she needs their assistance first. There is a new ghost that she has discovered and she wants to put it to rest. She has been unable to subdue it by herself, so she'll need the party's help.

As the party and Drusila are traveling through the city they hear the sounds of someone being tortured up ahead...

When the party investigates, they discover that it's a Narzugon who is being tortured! There are other riders and lemures about, and one of the riders notice the party and combat ensues! During the battle it is discovered that the narzugon being tortured is the one who killed Ist'Vaech (and Brick) and failed to overpower the party the previous day.

The party will have to subdue the dwarf to get him to talk. And then he will only talk to Drusilia, because the others are alive.

Kasimir Vallig, ghost of the Garrison's basement

Kasimir Valhig is the son of Dwrim Valhig, a powerful dwarven runecaster from the great rift who was offered untold riches to assist a mysterious agency in creating a containment circle around something that had the potential to destroy Abeir-Toril. He was gone for nearly a century and sent no word.

Divinations told Kasimir that his father was in trouble, so he began traveling and seeking out his father. The trail led to this island, filled with Devil elves. Kasimir assembled a team to infiltrate and free his father. Alas, they failed.

Kasimir never found his father but did find his father's spellbooks and the family's soulstone. In what was his final battle he was in a room with strange floating orbs. He used the power of the soulstone to help him cast a epic spell that was beyond his ken and he lost control. The ground ripped open and acid rose up, killing all that were unable to escape it's path. The ground shook and most of the complex sounded like it was falling around him.

"I need to have the soulstone returned to my next of kin in the great rift. Return it to the Vallig family."

Kasimir tells the party that once per century the soulstone allows a clansmen to be granted a wish. That wish can be the party's if they recover the stone.

The stone is lost somewhere in the area that is flooded with acid. Kasimir knows not where it is.

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