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Crack team of Harpells Assemble

Behind the locked and barred doors of Fort Duncan, the adventure opens with Dmitrii, Wolfdale, and Nan'lhach discussing the events of the last few days with their trusted allies Nyles Harpell, Duncan, and Ruha. Nyles agrees that there should be a Harpell presence in the Rabbit Hole as quickly as possible and leaves to assemble a crack team of Harpells. Once the door is shut behind him, laughing ensues.

Nyles returns with three Harpells. The first is a frost-haired, wild-eyed man who can barely contain his enthusiasm for breaking things, and he is introduced as Snowball Harpell. Behind Snowball is a towering man with a gigantic sharpened slab of steel across his back, who has white scales for skin, and a row of sharp teeth that fill is strangely comforting smile. Nyles introduces him as White Harpell. The third and final member of this triumvirate of talent is the Harpell whom the party will never recognize, Anonymous Harpell.

Dmitrii attempts humor at Anonymous' condition by saying that he "forgets" Anonymous, but to this Anonymous replies that he is not like, what's-his-name-Harpell, the one who everyone forgets.

Now that they are assembled, Anonymous leads the team through the streets of Lone Rock City towards the Meadmaker Mines...

Fight in the Rabbit Hole

Patting water on Dookette's head helps to cool her fever, but only for a moment. It has been several days now that Dookette has been unconscious due to the strange ailment that has come over her. Robhim gets up to get some more water and he sees behind Brennell several floating disembodied eye balls. He alerts Brennell to their presence, and the pair of them easily small all of the eyes.

Before moving to investigate Robhim channels divine energy into Razorweed, hoping that his call to Anhur was not too loud. Brennell sneaks ahead and sees that the eyes originated with the Harpells (White, Snowball, Anonymous) and the rest of their party. As conversations start up, Robhim, and then Brennell, feel the tingle of magic but resist it with the power of their will.

After the spell(s) failed, the Harpells fade away and Nan'lhach and Wolfdale begin attacking! Razorweed is reluctant at first to attack the faux Wolfdale, but heeds the call of his master to rip his former companion apart!

From the distance an invisible woman speaks, offering peace if they turn over the Ring of the Waves to her. The offer is rejected, and she wanders into the fray finding Brennell is not the easy prey she thought him to be.

At this point the real party enters the Rabbit Hole, White leading the way with his devastating greatsword and attacking Razorweed until he discovers the ape to be a friend and not a summoned adversary.

Jumped in the Streets

While walking the streets of Lone Rock City, Dmitrii turns to Anonymous and asks, "Why don't we just teleport to the mines?" Ironically, this same moment is chosen by street thugs to attack the party! Feeling tingles from spells unknown, the party soon discovers that two of the thugs have transformed themselves into replicas of Wolfdale and Nan'lhach, only to a moment later vanish from sight!

Nan'lhach proves his distaste for humans by killing two of them with as many arrows, leaving one to run into the hands of the Watch, and another to escape custody. The group gathers around Anonymous quickly and they teleport to the mines, the most likely place the shapechangers are going.

With a POP! everyone is in the mines and Anonymous, having a previously unstated allergy to teleporting, passes out cold. Considering him safe in the mine, everyone bolts for the Rabbit Hole, rejoining Robhim and Brennell with their battle in progress.

Box of the Void Instructions

Once it was determined that White and Snowball would stay and man the Rabbit Hole, Anonymous teleported the party back to Duncan's house, or rather ROOF. Anonymous nearly passed out and fell off the roof, saved from the fall by Wolfdale's quick hands. Once safely back inside the fort, Duncan informs the party that he is to escort them back to the palace to debrief the King. He says that he would like to take a short detour.

Robhim hands Duncan the Box of the Void Creation Instructions, knowing that Duncan will keep them safe.

Moving through the Holg district, vagabonds attempt to jump the party until Duncan glares at them and points back into the alley they came from. Slowly, they slink back into the alley. With only a block remaining to leave the Holg, Duncan is approached by one of the many beggars and strangely he begins reaching for his purse, waving the party to continue walking. Looking over their shoulders, Wolfdale, Nan'lhach, and Robhim notices Duncan sliding the Void instructions into the beggar girl's money cup. Robhim glares at Duncan for the rest of the trip to palace.

Debriefing the King

Duncan leads the party to the palace and upon entering with unconscious body of Dookette, the courtiers go to get the cleric on duty who is a Doomguide.

Everyone is shown into a library where the party is provided finger foods and wine while they wait for the King. The King thanks the party and listens intently to the tale the party tells. The only omission is that the party doesn't mention the Box of the Void instructions. The King awards the party 1,000 gp each for their efforts.

And since Robhim was so keenly interested in the fate of Evan Stormhandle, the King assigns the party to escort him to Sea Town and into custody of the sea elves.

Checking on Dookette

The party goes to check on Dookette and as they suspected her condition is related to her not being immersed in water. Since the party will be soon headed to sea town, they leave her in the custody of the Doomguide.

Dmitrii is requested

While the party is checking on Dookette, a courier comes and asks for Dmitrii to follow him. Where Dmitrii had gone and with whom he met is a mystery ...

Stout's Inn

Stout is happy to see the adventurers again, alive and whole. He will tell them that there are some messages.

  • Brennell: Dearest Brennell, Congratulations on your newfound position in the Iron Men. We'll have to have a proper celebration if you return in time for Brandobaris' new moon. This, of course, would follow some freelance work. If your giant-friend is game, we could use his strong back unloading goods. Regards, Roscoe.
  • Robhim: Brother Robhim Estes, your presence is requested for a meeting of the Pastoral Gardeners, where the selection of the new master gardener will take place.
  • Wolfdale: You are requested to serve guard duty for the next five nights in the palace.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Lukas approaches the party, looking frazzled and nervous. He explains to the party that he received a red rose from an unknown source, and expects the worst (Janis). He asks to join the party at least for a while, until the threat of Janis is put in check. The vote is an immediate and unanimous no.


Simon approaches the party. Hearing of their recent promotion, he sought them out to offer his services in exchange for a cut of the loot. In need of a heavy arcane caster, the party accepts his offer almost as quickly as they refused Lukas.

On The Sidewalk, On The Sidewalk, Yeah!

Robhim tries on his new coral armor. Brennell refuses to talk to him. Dmitri's peacock feather cloak is ready to pick up.

Lone Rock City: Gaming Sessions

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Alternate World Sessions: Amnesia (Alternate World), Wedding and the End of the World (Alternate World),

Party Members: Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Ist'Vaech, Wes Temple, Vaeriasa, Vaeriasa Spells, Vaeriasa Special Abilities, Dragonform, Brave Iron Man (Guy),

Warriors of the Morning Breeze: Brennel, Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Dookette, Nan'lhach, Dmitrii, Ist'Vaech, Grim Greycastle, Sir Valans, Vaeriasa,