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LRC:The Guards Kill Lemures Without Dying

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And Robhim doesn't kill any guards.

Starring: Robhim, Vaeriasa, and Wes Temple.
Guest Starring: Simon, Grim Greycastle, Duncan McBride, Azriel
Date Played: 29 Jan 2009

Hell pours forth from the Temple of Kelemvor

It must be noted that Wes rolled three 1s, AT THE SAME TIME!

Robhim and Vaeriasa arrived to see Wes and Grim fighting against a group of lemures, a retriever, and a lilitu. The lilitu appeared to be the leader of the group and was able to turn Grim (more so) against Wes for a brief period of time before Robhim stepped in. The group soon took control of the combat and forced the lilitu to teleport away. It seems she didn't get far, though, as Duncan arrived with her head in hand.

To quickly seal the gate until the non-retarded Harpell mages arrived, Robhim constructed a near-masterwork picket fence to hold off the masses on the other end of the gate. Soon afterward, Robhim and Vaeriasa found that the mission at hand was to find Muir before he causes any more damage.

This search led them to various pubs and dives, mostly those in the port area of the city. Unfortunatelly, their search led them nowhere.

Lady Lori is officially named the Hand of the King

Secret Debriefing Missions

  • The treasury is running low, very low and needs an influx of gold quickly if a war is to be funded. Fortunately there is a dangerous mission that may prove bountiful however it will require the assistance on the most dangerous person on the island. Harlann volunteered to scout for Levistus' location and has not been heard from in over a month. He must be tracked and found. Lord General Dac'Angelo and others have been assigned this mission.
  • Johnathan Nightbringer has agreed to assist with the Boxes of Orden. They will have to travel to where Nightbringer's texts are. Assigned to this mission are Duncan and his crew.

This is not a drill, lemures and devil swarms attack

Vaeriasa returns after skipping Azriels week of remedial good. She naturally decides to kill two guards with one stone and tries to sneak over the gates in the form of a skulk. While climbing the gates unnoticed lemures are spotted and the guards mobilize.
Vaeriasa was initially going to watch the guards until she and her familiarwere enveloped in a devil swarm. Inside the keep Wes and Rohbim awaken and check out the disturbance.
Wes is silently stabbed within his room by a shadowy blade. Assailant and Wes are equally surprised that he is 'alive'. Wes double retreats. First from the shadow blade with a familiar nose and second from swarms. He was next to worthless for both encounters.
Outside Rohbim, Vaeriasa, and familiar are trying not to inhale any of the swarms. Surprisingly they are being defended by Vaeriasa's Ghostly Tails as spells seem to fail against devil swarms. Simon provides some last minute assistance with chained magic missiles.
The guards successfully convince Vaeriasa that they had seen her the whole time and were just playing along. Obviously they had a clever plan.

2-3 Months of downtime

What is your PC doing?

  • Robhim: With Simon, summon Azriel for "remedial moral readjustment". Scribe scrolls. Chauntean spring planting. Guild activities.
  • Vaeriasa: Find a new god, bring horde to island, and spend time with son.
  • Wolfdale:
  • Wes: He will scry on the location of Jayne. IF found he is going to go after him. If this proves to be fruitless, he will take Asa home as he first requested of WotMB. During this time, he hired local hands (mostly from those he has helped in the past) to build his "community center."
Robhim asks that Wes use labor from the Contract Workers Union (the guild he manages) to build the facility.
  • Simon: Scribing scrolls and deciphering the writing on the bowl.

Runes on the bowl are deciphered

The summoning bowl from the Deep Dragon's lair has a spell etched onto it's surface. When cast, the spell is a faded and incomplete image of a robed figure. The only words that can be made out are "...must use the coral to...water elemental. ...it's path will lead you to my library...managed to expand on the spell Mondar's Amanuensis...all work...guarded by a...speak the pass phrase The..."

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Warriors of the Morning Breeze: Brennel, Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Dookette, Nan'lhach, Dmitrii, Ist'Vaech, Grim Greycastle, Sir Valans, Vaeriasa,