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The Lady Who Smiles Temple and Taproom

After just having fought for your life with Asper and a dark-skinned Practitioner of the Art, you quickly help Teela, the woozie beauty with whom Roscoe is enamored, even though only a few moments ago she was Asper and leading the attack. Roscoe waves to Dmitrii to carry her, saying "We have to get to the Tymoran whorehouse and see if anyone else has been bewitched." On the way Huklin excuses himself to go and finish his preparation for the day.

As you walk through the Holg, the sounds of revelry carry through the evening air and it is to this sound that Roscoe is leading you. You turn a corner and you see an inn whose sign bears the coin, the symbol of Tymora, goddess of luck. "Welcome to The Lady Who Smiles Temple and Taproom gentlemen. Here, everyone gets lucky!"

As the party walks through the door they are met by an almost attractive half-orc woman who blocks the way. Roscoe whispers something in her ear and she takes Teela away to another room where one of the "clerics" can heal her. Roscoe leads the party to a private room and once inside Roscoe comments on what Asper had said during the fight, "I've been on three jobs in the last month, and one of them was apparently in Asper's place. I think that perhaps I'll include the authorities in on this search, as Asper is a wanted man, and I know the right people" he says while throwing Brennell a knowing wink.

Time for some makeup

After the sun has set there is a knock on the door, 3 then 2 knocks. Roscoe says that it's safe to open the door. Huklin has returned and brought Tony with him. Tony greets Brennell and asks where the costume party is that they are going to. Roscoe will tell them that it's being held at Hofflepuffs and Tony comments that Hans has been selling some of his more outlandish garb for the party, though rumor has it that there is a bonefide halfling fashionista in Lone Rock City.

At Brennell's request, Tony makes up the party to look like gnomes except for Huklin who is made to appear as a different human, and Dmitrii. Dmitrii is made to look like a stone golem and Tony takes his time while applying makeup, enjoying the presence of the massive man.

After everyone has been made up, it's time to go to the palace. Roscoe's plan to enter the palace? The front door.

Inside the palace

As the halfling crew approaches the palace the guards perk up, moving their hands to their weapons at the sight of the stone golem. Roscoe gets their attention and says that he has an appointment with Lady Delicious. The guards check the log book and allow the party into the palace. Roscoe tells them that he doesn't need an escort, he knows where he's going.

Roscoe leads the way to the royal kitchen, where the staff and be seen cleaning up the kitchen for the night. By a row of ovens is Delicious Harpell, smiling while she pours brownie batter into a pan. Leonid, asking for thirdfeast, is surprised when Delicious begins to make a meal that she guarantees will be finished in 30 minutes or less.

Over the course of the cooking and the meal, Delicious tells Roscoe that most of the treasure was lost in the wreck on the Pirate isles. Roscoe tells Delicious that he forgives her for losing it. "More treasure can be imported from Cimbar, but I recommend that a powerful group serve as a vanguard for it this time, to deter pirates." Delicious nods and says that she appreciates him being so forgiving. Roscoe tells her that when Jack went back to the wreck that he confirmed what she had told him.

At the end of the meal Delicious offers everyone brownies, and everyone takes one except for Dmitrii, who attempts to eat the metal tray while pretending to be a stone golem. The brownies give the halflings a feeling of eurphoria and reduce the clarity of their thoughts to a small degree.

As Roscoe leads everyone out of the kitchen, he turns them down a hallway that the group did not come up from...

Meanwhile, the guards...

Wolfdale, Simon, Lukas, Althea, and another guard are blocking the two sets of double doors to one of the many known treasure rooms. None of them have been inside, but they have been warned that the wards on the doors will destroy any who dare enter.

In the distance they hear spellcasting and suddenly a ghast pops into the hallway. More spellcasting is heard and it is obvious that there is a wizard attempting to reek havoc! Lukas comes around the corner from his post and sees the undead thing and believes that Janus has sent creatures after him. Being the only one who can see the villain, a bare-chested man with scars all over his body, Lukas moves to confront the villain.

The fight is long and the villain summons a owlbear skeleton from a wand to dispatch Lukas. Lukas, caught unaware of the summoned creature, his lifted from the ground and his neck snapped. Directly down the hall is Althea and she screams a bloodcurling scream that alerts the nearby guards more than the bell she was ringing. Quickly moving to grab Lukas' body, the villainous caster snaps a small jeweled rod and he and the body are gone.

The Heist!

Roscoe leads the group through the palace as if he had spent his entire life there, despite the palace being a giant maze. One of the hallways contains large obsidian pillars that contain magical writing on them, and Roscoe tells you that he believes that they were once community spellbooks from some distant culture.

Continuing down another hallway, the sound of people talking around the corner can be heard. Quickly the group darts into nearby rooms, all thankfully empty. Keen ears hear a man talking with a woman, "I have also heard that she is now in Elena'Talant. It is no matter. We know where to find her when the time comes."

You come to a stairwell and Roscoe waves to Huklin, telling him that it is time for him to play his role. Huklin nods and continues down the hallway while Roscoe leads you up the stairwell. Down the hallway a bit, Roscoe asks Sweetwater to pick the lock on the door.

Inside the room, Roscoe begins carefully unpacking his backpack. He lays out several knotted ropes and asks that they be secured to the support beams in the room. Gingerly Roscoe withdraws a large vial and asks everyone to stand back. He pulls out a funnel and begins drawing a circle, large enough to fit a large table in it. With the last of the liquid he pours it in the middle, setting the empty vial in the center. From his pocket he pulls a small black stone and tells Dmitrii that when he gives the signal, strike the edge of the circle and to brace himself. Roscoe says "Nicktu" and the area around him goes silent. He gently places the rock into the circle and leads everyone but Dmitrii to a FAR corner of the room. Roscoe then waves his hand.

When Dmitrii strikes the circle, the liquid explodes and cascades around the circle forcing the stone floor to separate and fall into the room below. Dmitrii flies backward into the air and lands with a thump. "Quickly, into the room!" yells Roscoe.

...the eye of the Beholder

Once inside the room, there is a large curtain dividing the room and a large altar against the far wall. As Sweetwater moved towards the altar to check it for traps, a beholder enters through the curtain, beams of energy flying at everyone! Two of the beholder's eyestalks were missing, apparently cut off at sometime in the past.

Despite the combat, Sweetwater gets the trap disabled, right before a beholder beam of energy puts her down. Roscoe grabs the gem inside and says that it doesn't match the description that he was given. Brennell sneaks behind the beholder's curtain, finding a nest, and inside the nest a familiar box. The same box that brought him to the the island in the first place.

With the goal in hand, the halflings attempt to escape and Tweet falls. Ordered not to leave anyone alive who isn't evacuating, Brennell and Roscoe end the lives of the fallen comrades.

Escaped to safety

Climbing out of the hole proves to be not a problem, but getting out the window of the room above is tricky. Brennell is stopped by one of the beholder's beams and Dmitrii, having Huklin cast fly on him, goes to rescue him. Blasted to death in the attempt Dmitrii falls, taking Brennell with him. Fortunately, Brennell survived.

Over the course of the next week, Roscoe and Brennell hide in a safe house, waiting to hear word if they were discovered or not. Brennell is questioned about Dmitrii by the Iron Men and he tells them the story about how Dmitrii was sent to kill Lukas and apparently pretended to be one of the group so that he could do the vile work of Janus.

After another few days have passed, Wolfdale and Brennell go to sleep considering that they may have to go after their lost friends. That very same night the door is busted open wide by Duncan, who says while stepping into the room, "Your friends are in danger. We have to leave NOW!"

Lone Rock City: Gaming Sessions

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