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Up the Dumbwaiter

Brennell bravely ascends the tiny shaft that formerly held the dumbwaiter. At the top of the shaft—several hundred feet up—is a small room that has only an adamantine door and a dwarvish rune carved into the center of the side wall. While investigating the rune it activates!

The rune lights up briefly and the room around you has been changed into a wizard's study, though one that must be deep underground. Before you stands an wizened old dwarf leaning on a adamantine cane. "Greetings to ye, I be the runecaster Dwrim and this here Programmed Illusion is to tell you about what has happened in Yamen'Ia. Unless you've come through the rubble beyond the door, you're familiar with the area known as Yamen'Ia, or as it is translated from elvish, Place of the Void. Between the third and fourth Crown Wars, the Ssri-tel-quessir began turning away from Corelleon and the Seldarine and sought out the dark gods who were ejected from the Seldarine, as well as fiends who promised them power. Those who crafted with the Art put their powers to use crafting items of great power to try and neutralize the Rings which the Seldarine had led the other Tel-Quessir crafters to create in the earlier Crown wars.

Yamen'Ia was one of their work laboratories. Judging by the notes I have read, there are at least four artifact-class boxes, thought I believe only one of them was crafted here. Most of the tomes in the library yeild much detail on the experiments conducted but the final notes for the item has either been hidden away or destroyed.

I was hired by the Ssri-tel-quessir to contain what lies beyond the barrier and I build my strongholds well. To ensure that the shields hold, the altar must be fed from the Weave. It is imperative that the shields not fall, for the evil contained therein is under pressure and it will be even more destructive than it was when it was put there. Unfortunately right after I finished my work some sort of disaster struck the island, an earthquake of some sort. The Ssri-tel-quessir teleported to attend to the issue leaving me alone. After waiting for several days, I discovered that this was to be my prison as teleportation magic no longer worked, as well as most divinations.

I am old, even by dwarven standards and have no idea how much longer I will last. My worst fear is that when I die it's evil will be unleashed upon the land with no one to control it ...

Opening the door causes a series of rocks to spill out into the room, revealing the hallway that once was is now filled with the ceiling and dirt from above it though there is a space just large enough for Brennell to crawl through.

Dead Elven Wizard

At the end of the tunnel, Brennell finds that he can go no further due to the collapsed ceiling, but there is a little clearing in the debris that reveals the top half of an ancient elven skeleton in tattered robes. Brennell begins to investigate but before he even starts he is swarmed with spiders! He takes off down the crawlspace, and the spiders doggedly pursue him, even down the dumbwaiter shaft.

Crying out that spiders are following him, the party breaks from their meal of snake and get ready to pounce on the venomous villains as soon as Brennell is out of the shaft. Robhim summons a cone of frost that stops most of the spiders cold, and the rest of them are smashed underfoot by the brave heroes.

Brennell then returns up the shaft and inspects the elven skeleton, finding an adamantine spider brooch unharmed, as well as a broken staff, indicating that this may have been practitioner of the Art.

And Your Guide is "Ren"

During the night Robhim had an uncomfortable rest. After breakfast the party discovers someone in one of the library's reading nooks. As the party prepares to parley or attack, the figure turns around and it is Ren Tidebringer! "Ren" introduces himself as a spirit guide from Anhur who has taken the form of Ren Tidebringer to show the party the way to being true Champions of Good.

"Ren" leads the party back towards the teleportation circle, though it has been replaced by stairs. Dmitrii grabs the body of Winslow, and "Ren" tells him to leave it as the party will be returning here. Angered, Dmitrii promises to kill "Ren" if he returns them to the Rabbit Hole. "Ren" laughs.

The top of the spiral staircase releases the party into the Plains of the Purple Dust, an area in Mulhorand that has faintly magical sand that is inhabited by purple worms. "Ren" tells the Robhim that they are there to see if everyone has what it takes to be Champions of Good. This opportunity is only being granted to them because of their bravery in recovering the Ring of the Waves. They are going to be shown the three things that they have to fix to become Champions. "Ren" waves his hand and there is a doorway that leads into the abandoned house in Lone Rock City ...

Strike One: Cold-blooded Murder

As the party walks into the abandoned house, they hear the sound of battle on the second floor. As they go up the stairs they hear the thump of a body hitting the floor and the sounds of battle go quiet. As the party opens the door to the room on the second floor, they see a small feral halfling they recognize as Abendago over the body of the halfling cleric, bloodied thinuan dagger clutched in his hands. He turns to the party and asks, "Are you going to let me get away with cold-blooded murder again?" as he and the undead corpse of the cleric attack the party.

After Abendago is neutralized, "Ren" appears and leads the party back into the Plains of the Purple Dust where they are allowed to rest overnight.

Strike Two: Cowardice

"Ren" leads the party through mist into a forest. After traveling the wood for a while, the sounds of the forest quiet down and the silhouette of a elf can be seen with the setting sun behind her, obscuring her form. A soft feminine voice calls out "Why didn't you save me?" and a moment later a globe of blackness is placed around the party as drow become visible and attack!

Strike Three: Coveting

"Ren" leads the party through mist again the next day, into a clearing that has the funeral of Blue. Blue sits up the in casket and looks at Robhim and asks him, "I was sent by Anhur himself to help you. From the day I appeared you coveted Glory. Did bringing the favored of Anhur back to life interfere with your possessing it?"

Robhim attempted to give the apparition of Blue the falchion, but Blue said that this was not the place to do so.

You've always had the power to go back to (Lone Rock City)

"Ren" tells that party that what they have seen must be fixed within a year's time, if they desire to be Champions of Good. If they do, they will have the blessing of Anhur. If they choose not to, no harm will come to them by Anhur, but neither will they be blessed in the Great War between Good and Evil.

Turning to Robhim, he says, Anhur smiles upon you and the work you do, even if you choose not to be a Champion of Good.

As the Plains of the Purple Dust fade away into the Rabbit Hole, Dmitrii, angered that he is once again trapped, swings at "Ren" with his fist going straight through the apparition.

Back at the Meadmaker Mines

Due to the unknown evil that is contained in the Rabbit Hole, Robhim and Brennell elect to stay behind while the rest of the party goes back to Lone Rock City with the intentions of notifying the Harpell family before the King. They take with them the remains of Winslow.

The teleportation circle takes them back to the room with the angel Azriel, who greets them as champions, then promptly begins packing his things, commenting that he has been here far too long and now that his service is up, he is leaving.

At the Meadmaker Mines the party finds that Hegan Armorcarver has no love of the new King and offers to sneak the party back into Lone Rock City in a cart of rocks. Uncomfortably the party rides the Meadmaker Road, and as soon as they are back in the city they take off for Scarletstone. Once there they tell Nyles about what has happened and Nyles says that he will assemble a crack team of Harpells to investigate.

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